Vanilla forum integration v0.5

Release Notes

This plugin allows Elgg to control login and logout of Vanilla forum (that is, single signon and sign out via Elgg), adds Vanilla forum to the Tools menu, and adds the Elgg topbar to Vanilla. Profile links in Vanilla are redirected to the Elgg profile. Discussions and comments posted in Vanilla appear in the Elgg activity river.

It includes a recent version of Vanilla forum (Vanilla 1.1.7) from

Please read the included README.txt carefully for detailed installation instructions. Do not activate this plugin until you have followed the README instructions!

Note: this plugin requires the PHP Curl extension.

This plugin does not do anything to your Elgg install except add Vanilla events to your activity river. Nevertheless at this early stage it is probably best not used in a production site.

  • Try this out and tell us what you think! The approach I used could be used fairly easily to integrate other applications as well.

  • Wow Kevin This is big

    I'll be testing this shortly

    I'll let you know how it goes


  • should this be installed in the same db as elgg? Or can it go into its own db?

  • @Kev

    You got my eyes lit up ;-)

    I see some nice things happening with Elgg..

    Watch for the Joomla WordPress, Moodle, VBulletin.. SSO's coming soon to Elgg. - -so many poeple have wanted this type of integration..

  • @Fusion - this should go in its own db, not the Elgg one.

  • Great plugin.

    I do however not keep the Elgg topbar when I enter the forum, am I missing something?

    I have tried putting the plugin at both the top and the bottom, but no luck.


  • Works like a champ Kevin.  Spectacular job.  Elgg is my first venture at open source - now, I just need to learn all about Vanilla.

  • oh oh oh another toy

    so far so good

    observations I wasn't sure in the readme file whether to install this to my elgg db or a new one fortunately i came back here and read your comments

    is it alright to add addons, extensions etc I presume yes but will wait for a reply

    Thank You so much for this it is going to be a lot of fun

    The installation was  a breeze and integration looks good so far

    I'll be back to give more observations wherever I think something to be relevant

    This really does take Elgg into another league

  • Couple of issues.  I am getting 403 Forbidden (You don't have permission to access /mod/vanillaforum/vanilla/settings.php on this server. - Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.) errors.  They are sporadic.  There are times when i can access everything, but when I navigate away and return I get the 404 errors.  And oddly it changes what is effected.  Mostly it is under the Settings --> Options menu.


    I just tried logging out and got another 403 Forbidden error. (You don't have permission to access /action/logout on this server.)


    Do I need to change some write permissions?  Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • another nice delivery from Kevin, well done 

  • This is awesome news !!!!!!!!!!!!!   I had given up on the phpbb3 mod as it did not work with the site access mod...... Hopefully this one will.. will report back once I get it all installed


     thank you for this amazing mod!!!!!

  • Crusader (from The readme file)

    Set world write permissions for

    mod/vanillaforum/vanilla/conf directory (777) maybe you missed this or maybe it was something else ????

  • I followed the Readme.txt instructions to the letter.  I chmod the config folder 777 as instructed.

  • It is really weird.  Everything works great until I start clicking on particular links.  What usually starts the 403 error is when I click on the Settings tab then click on Application Settings.  After that, I get the error whenever I click on ANY link.

  • Also, my Tools menu on the topbar is deactivated (won't work).

  • My post is gone I was the first to post LOL works great

  • All works well ,, installed as expected,, select from the tools and I go to the forum,, I see the elgg toolbar, but as soon as I select anything I am told I am not signed in and do not have permissions and the elgg toolbar goes away.

    I disabled siteaccess mod and re-signed into my site ( my thought was there maybe a mod conflict) but I am having the same result.

    In a nutshell it is not recognizing my account

  • @Crusader - are you sure that this have anything to do with this plugin? Do you have the same issues if it is deactivated?

    @Lively - sounds like you are having cookie problems. From your description this suggests that the Vanilla code is reading the Elgg cookie, and pulling over the topbar but is not setting its own cookie properly on the Vanilla side. I have no idea *why* this is happening as everything works for me. Let's see if anyone else has similar problems. When you *do* see the topbar does the Elgg icon link back to the expected user profile?

  • Kevin,

    1. can I ask YOU to repack mod with the latest version of Vanilla (1.1.8)? Update isn't problem for me, but I'm not sure about others
    2. Can you be interested in integrating SMF2 with Elgg (as separate app and maybe as group's forum)?! Conditions of this work are easy discussable

  • @guys...
    are y'all testing Kevin's Vanilla Forum Integration with a plain vanilla Elgg 1.5 install ?
    If you all have ***masses of **other **PlugIns..
    Expect Trouble ;-O
    try a ***test Elgg v1.5 install with just Kev's Vanilla Integ PlugIn...
    ***don't fool around with your **real **live Elgg install.
    That's how testing is done ;-)
    Give this a shot...

  • Hi Alexander,

    Vanilla 1.1.17 was the very latest version a couple of weeks ago when I started coding this. I won't be updating the Vanilla included everytime a new release comes out as that would be an impossible job. That is why I included instructions in the README.txt for upgrading Vanilla so that you can do this yourself.

  • Can't wait to see Gallery2 or 3 integrated as well ;)

  • @Dahaniel ;-)

    So you like Gallery2/3  too ;-O

  • yea, Dhrup, thats it.

    on my heavily modded and customized install it fails...

    on my clean install over at another domain it works as expected....

    soooo  Im gunna have to mess with it to tweak it into submission..


    thanks Kevin this is a great mod!!!

  • @kevin This is the only plugin I have installed, other than the basic default plugins.  I will give you access to the site if you wish.

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