iZAP Recent profile visitors v1.1

Release Notes

Feature List

  • If user is online, Border of this profile photo become green.
  • You can enable the widget on profile page also.
  • It will record all visit to user's profiles. On your dashboard, you will find all users who visited on your profile.

Installation of  izap-profile-visitor 1.5-1.1Simply copy and paste this plugin in mod directory and enable it from admin panel.

ImprovementIt will not override any of your customized functionality.

For screen shot and more detailsIf you want to see screen shots and working demo, than kindly visit here.

I just noticed, users were getting lots of bugs and as i investigate this issue. I found, uploaded zipped file should be extracted as "izap-profile-visitor" but it was extracting like "izap-profile-visitor-version-1.1". That was not expected. I just rezipped this version so extracted plugin folder should be "izap-profile-visitor". it should work for everyone now.

  • Some interesting phrasing there...

    Anyway, thanks for fixing the DB issue.

  • it is working perfectly, ty so much :)

  • Yes, now it working, many Thanks :D

  • Ya it nice, now its working fine. Many more thanks

  • I Just thought I'd let you know.

     After testing We have put this live on our site with over 12,000 users with no issues. It looks and acts the way it should

    We very much appreciate your time and effort on this

    Thank You for your work


  • Hi.


    Does it require activation of any specific plugins? Cause I got:

    "This widget is either broken or has been disabled by the site administrator."



  • No. it has no dependency on any other plugin. It seems that, Widget of recent profile is activated but you have disabled the plugin from administrator. Please re-enable izap recent profile visitor plugin back. I hope it will solve this issue.

  • <B>izap</b> Before writing my post I've tried enabling and disabling plugin in many ways and placing it on the top and bottom of the plugin list and it hasn't help.

    After unzipping, the folder is "izap-profile-visitors", so as you suggested I changed the name to "izap-profile-visitor" but it didn't help either. After enabling the plugin I get the error message both on the dashboard and profile page.

  • @maslak:
    Well there shouldn't be such problem. Do one thing, Try to install this plugin on fresh elgg 1.5 script. and let me know the results. If this works, than we will investigate why it was not working with your previous script. It might have some confliction with other plugin. Please post results here. It will help us to fix this, if there is any such confliction issue. By the way, there is not need to change the directory name. Keep it as it's as you unzipped it.

  • @izap:

    I solved the problem by using my stable version of elgg instalation from a week ago with fewer plugins. Then I installed a few missing plugins so I got the exact mirror of the configuration I tried to install your plugin before.


    Then I simply enabled your plugin and everything is working nice. :) Anyway, I Still have no idea what caused that problem.. Probably that instalation was messed up.


    I like your plugin but it would be really nice if you could see when somebody visited your profile in a profile widget! Maybe it could be a "river style" panel. :)

  • i think this is a great concept. however, i don't completely agree with taking up yet more screen space. it is especially inconvenient for netbook users. 


    i am wondering, would you be opposed to moving it back up to the menubar? it seems pretty empty ...

  • great plugin ... but i'd love to see it on the dashboard, where it would be private?

  • It seems there is a problem with this plug-in which I would want to ask if anyone has experienced this too.

    I'm using Elgg 1.5 and im using Firefox 3.5.  I created 3 dummy users, which are Dummy1, Dummy2 and Dummy3.  The three dummies are all friends and have Recent Profile Visitors in their profile displayed.

    I logged in using Dummy1 and visited Dummy2 and Dummy3's profiles.  I logged out Dummy1.

    I logged in using Dummy2 and visited Dummy1 and Dummy3's profiles.  I saw Dummy1 had visited me but the problem was, it had a color green surrounding its avatar which I was not expecting because I already logged out Dummy1.

    Now I logged out Dummy2 and logged in Dummy3.  I saw Dummy1 and Dummy2 had visited my profile and both of them had green surrounding around their avatars which indicated that they were online which shouldn't be the case.

    Has anybody experienced this problem?

  • im a noob to this elgg. can u take me step by step on how to get to mod directory to install? thanks!!

  • hey, i wanted so much such a plugin, thanks!

  • Does this work on elgg 1.6 ??

  • with some minor tweaking it should

    right now all im seeing is this tho xD

    Recent Visitors

    :( No one visited me yet.

  • i lied, it works perfectly fine, no need for modifying anything

  • can any body tell me how when i add profile widgets i added the site wide wire widget to it it also give me the error like This widget is either broken or has been disabled by the site administrator.

    looking forward to response

  • Get the wire widget above of the izap-profile widget and both further down the tools, just before any individual template mods (which should be at the end)

  • How can i hide to show admin visits to user profiles

  • @dozenhost: I'm using it on Elgg 1.7.4. I've not noticed any problems. It runs fine.


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 3760
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