Tasks Management v1.1

Release Notes


  • More informative task listing
  • Task listing includes filtering option
  • Added more fields which are controlled via the Tool Admin plugin settings


  • Upon plugin enabling save the plugin settings


Useful as a Tasks, ToDo, Notes kind of plugin for users.
Currently support the following fields:

  • Task Name
  • Task Description
  • Task Start Date
  • Task End Date (including due time calculations)
  • Task Priority (values defined in Tool Administration)
  • Task Assigned To (values defined in Tool Administration)
  • Image file attachment


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task listing screenshot

  • uhh... that screenshot attachment ended up way too big than I expected :-)
    anyway, here's the new version, test it out and lets continue from there.

  • Looks good, but the add date section is all messed up now (see image)


    I tried with editor switched on and off with same results

  • I imagine this would happen only due to particular CSS configuration.
    Has anyone else experienced this bug?

  • Liri, thanks for the updated plugin. I tested the new plugin, everything was ok. However, I found the following prblem(s):

    If the administrator sets the following:

    Task Priority
    Task Assigned To

    fields, the system locks the information and does not allow the Users to set those fileds. Furthermore, the names and information set by the administrator in Admin Tools show up when Users try to create a task and cannot be changed by Users.

    Other than that, the plugin works well and I did not experinece the problem chamboo67 said he had.

    Could you please extend the plugin to Groups as well and have the following links:

    1. My Tasks

    2 Friends Tasks


  • Could you please extend the plugin to Groups as well and have the following links:

    1. My Tasks

    2 Friends Tasks

    3. Site Tasks

    Please allow the Group owners and members to be able to create Tasks. Finally, please also allow the users to join/Subscribe to a Task just like the Event Calender Plugin.

    Great Plugin

  • Nice work Liri, thank you.

    I notice 2 bugs :

    - The overdue information doesn't work for me

    - In the en.php file on line 50 the program expects task:unavailable and not tasls:unavailable

  • Sorry, it works fine now, i needed to remove cache. You should remove line 36 in listing.php to avoid the repetition of tasks:day in the $taskOverDue string.

  • Also noticed in IE.8 when you click on the claender you get this


    Also checked the css file in the plugin and there is nothing in there for the calendar?

  • @chambo67 - this plugin requires Event Calender to be active (sorry for not mentioning this) for the dates chooser to be working.

  • image@liri, Event calender is active, the previous version of this plugin worked fine!!!

  • @chambo67 -  Uhmm, I would say that maybe this is an issue with the CSS view extending but it's probably not because I'm only extending it for the listing view.
    Are you able to provide me with more debug details? I suspect it might be something with your theme? maybe you have made some changes to your Elgg setup? (i.e: plugins order?)


  • Just did a clean install, eveything is working fine now, May have been some corruption my end???


    All is well

  • @chambo67 - yes, probably should've cleared the cache, as another user suggested.


  • One big problem I see with it as a task list is you can't check a task as "done". That might be a really important feature for a task management system.

  • @benkadel - good point, I'll add a "status" field with options of open/closed/etc

  • @vantel @liri

    did you find a solution to the problem with "Task priority" and "Assigned to"? I have edited them both as admin and now it is impossible to change this values for any user. How do I reset this?

    Btw. There's also a bug with Tags not showing when I click on a created task.

  • @terje ן can verify both bugs you mentioned are indeed present. I'll fix and release a new version in a couple of days.

  • I really don't see any use for this unless it can be made for groups. There has got to be an easy way. 

  • Hi @liri this plugin is working as descriped.

    Very nice, thank you.

    Did you ever release the bug fix you mentioned 20 days ago to @terje?

    Like others have said having this for groups would be fantastic, and the assigning of task to self, users friends or group members would be even better.

  • need assistance in installing new to this. thanks all

  • I'm pretty close to integrating this with groups. I'll let everyone know when it's done.

  • Sorry guys, haven't had time at all to get back to it, nor to other plugins just until now due to prior engagements. Hope I'll find the time to get this with group integration.



  • Hi!

    I have been hacking the tasks plugin, and added some features:

    • group tasks
    • tasks widget
    • changed "assignedto" to just the user or nobody for his own tasks, or group members for group tasks.
    • improved search on the main tasks listing.
    • spanish translation provided.
    • added comments to tasks.

    You can get a patch for 1.1 at: http://dev.artelibredigital.net/elgg_patches/modules/tasks.diff

    Full modified tasks package at: http://dev.artelibredigital.net/elgg_patches/dist/tasks_hacked.zip

    I haven't released the code elsewhere, and would rather collaborate with the original authors on getting something together with best features than fork the module. I'm willing to discuss available or future features (there are a few things i still would like to add).

    Greetings and thanks for the great work!

  • @caedes - good work. I'll apply the patch or jus integrate my changes with your released version, either one and release a new version. Good job!

    Good decision on not forking to a different version. It's actually my mistake to not put it in SF/GoogleCode in the first place which would have been easier for us. How about we add it now?



  • Hi

    Iam experiencing some problems to show task in the widget.
    If the task is group task, and the access is set to the name of the group, then the task does not apear in the widget. It must be in public or logged users.
    Can you tell me where to correct this?

    Another point
    I dont am not receiving a notification when a new task is assigned to the group.( but i am receiving for example when a new calendar activitie is post) , do you know why it can be?




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