Tasks Management v1.0

Release Notes

Useful as a Tasks, ToDo, Notes kind of plugin for users.
Currently support the following fields:

  • Task Name
  • Task Description
  • Task Priority (medium, high, low)
  • Task End Date
  • Image file attachment

The idea is to extend this plugin much further but I figured first I'll post it publicly to get some feedback for improvements and concepts.



  • This is a must for groups!!!  ,,, great plugin!

  • What can i do with the mod?

    I uploaded it, activated in my ACP, upgraded my version but all i can do in the Tool Admin is click the "Save" button in the prefences (inside of your mod).

    On the rest of my site i see no change.

  • @Zeronix it lets a user manage tasks, seems to be straight forward.
    Regrding the Settings option in the Tool Admin please disregard it, it's not currently working and there's nothing to setup (no preferences to change).

    For the rest of your site, it should add a Tasks entry in the drop down Tools menu.

  • Great Plugin.

    Can you add it to groups as Lively suggested?

    Also, Task Start Date will be useful for tasks taking more than one day.


  • Thanks for the plugin. I just installed the plugin and works perfectly. However, it would be nice to extend it functionality to the groups. Futhermore, could you include the following fields:

    1. Start Date

    2. Assigned to

    3. Progress

    4. Issues

    5. Goals

    6. Reports

    7. Costs

    8. Budget

    It would be nice for projects too

  • @vantel - What does 4,5,6 mean? provide example values for these fields.

  • 4. Ability to enter any issue/problem confronted with Task at hand

    5. Goal(s) or target set to achieve on the task or project

    6. Final report on the task whether (a.) completed (b.) partially completed (c.) not completed

    Liri, again, thanks for the mod. Great plugin. Came right on time. It was as if you read my mind.


  • I think 4 and 5 are a bit of an overkill unless you're aiming for some project-management-based elgg website. The 6th is indeed a good idea though Reports is such a bad name :) I'll use a Status field instead.

    Also, what information/fields do you think should be printed in the listing page?

    Are you working on a project-management based website or something?


  • Great plugin! I like vantels suggestions, and want to add one myself. I would appreaciate it if you could include a function that allows users to "sign up" to the task. So that everyone knows what tasks are being done, and by who. :)

  • @pilt - a task's ownership belongs to it's creator user, so true, it's currently not printed anywhere but it's simply a matter of printing it on the listing page and view task page to figure out whom is the owner of a specific task. Is this what you mean?

  • No, what I meant was sort of the same as vantels second point, but a little different. What I need is for admin to create a task, and then the users that feel they can do the task to be able to "sign up" for it. Sorry if the english is a little poor..

  • Thanks Liri, actually, Status field can replace Report field. It can be a drop down field which will enable the Task Owner to update task when needed.

    I also agree with Pilt. You can make number 2 (Assigned to) an option and hidden field that the task owner can use and you can enable members to Join the Task, just like Event Calender plugin, indicating their willingness to participate in the Task. This way, Assigned To field would only be used optionally.

    Basically, the group owner should be able to assign the Task, but if it not too much for you, Pilt's suggestion of allowing the Administrator to optioanlly be able to assign Task would be fantastic too.

    Finally, on the listing page the following fields would be good:

    • Task Name
    • Task Description
    • Task Priority (medium, high, low)
    • Task Start Date
    • Task End Date
    • Task Status
    • Task Cost
    • Task Budget
    • Image file attachment


    Progress should be a hidden field and needs not appear on the Listing Page




    I'm currently Using Elgg 1.8

    Is there any Task plugin for Elgg 1.8 Version.

    I'm searching Task plugin for 1.8

    Please help me

  • Is there a Task Plugin for Elgg 1.8 ???


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