Omni Inviter 1.0 v1.0 beta 3

Release Notes


  • This version of Omni Inviter is not compatible with the latest SVN of Elgg.
  • You MUST disable the Open Inviter method's Twitter plugin or the Open Inviter method WILL NOT WORK.
  • This is a beta release.  Not all features will work as expected! 
  • Upgrading users *MUST* visit the tools administration page to trigger an upgrade before the stats will work.  This page may take a while to load if (against suggestions!) you've used this on a live site!
  • Messages are *NOT* sent immediately--They are queued and sent in batches to keep server congestion down.  This means that you must have a working cron installation!
  • Check out the new, in progress stats!  Comments and suggestions are requested!
  • This version includes easier viewing of invitations.
  • See CHANGES section at bottom for more changes.



Omni Inviter creates and sends custom invitations to friends.  It is easily
extendible with plugins.  Default plugins include:

    * Friends -- Invite friends with email address.  After registration,
      the inviter and the invited users are marked as each others' friends.
    * Secret -- Invite friends with email addresses secretly.  This method
      requires the invited user to sign up before it will reveal who
      sent the invitation.
    * -- Invite friends from other social networks and
      email accounts.  This uses OpenInviter <;
      technology to log in to 3rd party websites and send mass
      invitations.  *See note in README file.

Once installed, activated, and configured, you will find the link to
invite users on the left side of the friends list page.  You can also
go directly to it at



Invite LinkInvite Friends

Open Inviter



This software is governed under rights, privileges, and restrictions in
addition to those provided by the GPL v2.  Please carefully read the
LICENSE file for more information.


** TODO **
        * Open Inviter's "Check all/none" is pretty dodgy.  Functional, but
          needs to be rewritten.
        * Sorting in admin listing.
        * Secret method: option during invitation creation to have custom
          notifications sent to the invited user.  (Is this important at all?)
        * On very (moderately?) large sites the stats will run into OOM errors
        * Add invitation expiration using expiration date.
        * Separate the awful pagehandler function into bit-sized chunks.
        * Revamp stats to give additional information such as time
          between creating and new user joining, etc.
        * Pull the mass iterating functionality out into a real function.

v1.0b3 (2009-05-29)
        * Changed get_entities_from_metadata_by_value() to
          oi_get_entities_from_metadata_by_value() to avoid function name
          collisons with other plugins.  (Better solution forthcoming.)
        * Added config option for max attempted sends.
        * Added config option to disable cron (and enable manual send).
        * Open Inviter method's link to opens in a new
        * Adjusted the rate limit defaults and upped the time to 5 minutes
          minimum since users can set the max_send_attempts to 10.
        * Code cleanup for cron.

v1.0b2.1 (2009-05-28)
        * Removed call to debug log function that was breaking everything.

v1.0b2 (2009-05-26)
        * Updated README.
        * Corrected bug with JS and i10n (Thanks Colin Tate <@colintate>!).
        * Non-success and empty method content will return an error on AJAX
          loading.  (Thanks Ash <;!).
        * The enter key now works as expected when adding users, logging in to
          Open Inviter sites, etc.
        * Added "Check all/none" for Open Inviter method.
        * Prettied up some formatting issues and made errors more noticable.
        * Added user settings for receiving a notification when an invite is
          used.  Metaplugins can extend user settings can be extended the same
          as site settings.
        * Added transparent support for the PHPMailer plugin by Cash Costello.
        * Fixed saving settings for metaplugins.
        * Fixed occasional problem in setting when the language file wasn't
          loaded and default email subject and body were language stubs.
        * Interface for admins shows basic stats on invitations allows
          invitations to be resent.

v1.0b1 (2009-05-12)
    * Initial release.

  • @Ash--I have never used (or heard of) Plaxo before.  Why didn't I use them for what?

  • hi, i install this plug-in but i couldn't send e-mail with open inviter.Other functions works fine for me.(friend, secret)(with open inviter; facebook etc. works). I can get my maillist(msn,gmail) but when i tried to send mail, it shows me this error; "Could not send invitation. Please check the details are correct, the method is available, and the maximum send count hasn't been reached.". How can i fix it? Is it about cronjob?

  • @Sametd -- Please paste the details of an invitation that wouldn't send.  There is a "log" field that will display more information.

  • it says


    2009-06-09 17:14:56: Sending as email...
    2009-06-09 17:15:00: Sending as email...
  • it says sending as mail but it doesn't send. I haven't got a cron, but normal site invitation works well with commas. I don't know how to create cron with directadmin for elgg and don't understand the elgg's narration about cron.

  • @Sametd, can you copy the entire invitation and its details?  You can censor out user names and email addresses if you want...

  • i am getting this problem

    does any body tell me how to fix it


    Invite friends from other social networks or common web-based email accounts using Openinviter.

    OpenInviter is not correctly installed. Please refer to this plugin's README file for more information.
  • Hi Bret,
    Thank you!!!
    All working great with no errors or problems.
    However, I couldn’t find how to setup the cron job what file should I execute?

  • @sametd -- Are you using Cash's PHPMailer plugin?  Does Elgg have problem sending standard email notifications?


    @suresh -- Omni Inviter does not distribute Open Inviter because of its licensing restrictions.  Please see Omni Inviter's README file for information on how to download and configure Open Inviter.


    @Kaspelon -- Cron installation is cover in Elgg's README.txt file.  Once you set it up for Elgg, it will work for Omni Inviter.

  • Ok I am getting:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getURL() on a non-object in /home/content/t/e/x/texbooked/html/mod/omni_inviter/views/default/object/invitation.php on line 46

    This is the code: $used_by_link = '<a href="' . $used_by->getURL() . '">' . $used_by->username . '</a>';

    Any clue on this problem

  • anybody got this working on a hosted site? I'm getting a blank stats page with no options to configure anything when I click Omni Inviter link from the admin page.. 

  • Move it to the top of the list I am using them but getting the error above

  • thanks for the tip, but I'm still stuck..


  • @Sirganya -- What version of PHP are you using?  Omni Inviter (and Elgg) require 5.2+.  You can get by using < 5.2 on Elgg, but it is not supported and will result in unexpected behavior.

    @Perrylang -- This could result in having a user join from an invitation, and then an admin disables or deletes their account.  Was this a possibility?

  • For some reason when I enter the API key and username for the OpenInviter setting in the Tool Adminstration it won't save it.  have uninstalled it and reinstalled it and still the same problems. Any ideas?

  • Hi Brett, I installed correctly openInviter until to setting username and apikey

    then when i select friends from socialnetwoks

    i read No plugins for OpenInviter were found.

    i have OpenInviter directory on 755 chmod

    config and plugins on 750

    thanks in advance


  • @lord55 -- I'm not sure about your owners and groups on these directories, but you'll likely need at least plugins to be 755.

  • hi brett,

    if i put it on 755 i have:

    There is an error with the method you selected. Please select a different one.


    is there a method to check what kind of error it is?

    i search on openinviter forum but no discussion about this error on plugin.



  • I am getting this error:  


    Unknown Omni Inviter method. Cannot continue.



    Any reason behind this?


  • I also get "There is an error with the method you selected. Please select a different one." I CHMODed & configured everything :/

  • @lord55, @nino - This message indicates that there has been an error on your server when trying to load the method.  Does this only happen trying to use Openinviter?

    @corky - What is the URL you're going to and what method are you trying to use?

  • When I click " list invitation " will get msg -  Fatal error: Call to a member function getURL() on a non-object in /home/username/public_html/mod/omni_inviter/views/default/object/invitation.php on line 72

    How to fix it ?


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