Omni Inviter 1.0 v1.0 beta 2

Release Notes


  • This is a beta release.  Not all features will work as expected! 
  • Upgrading users *MUST* visit the tools administration page to trigger an upgrade before the stats will work.  This page may take a while to load if (against suggestions!) you've used this on a live site!
  • Messages are *NOT* sent immediately--They are queued and sent in batches to keep server congestion down.  This means that you must have a working cron installation!
  • Check out the new, in progress stats!  Comments and suggestions are requested!
  • This version includes easier viewing of invitations.
  • See CHANGES section at bottom for more changes.



Omni Inviter creates and sends custom invitations to friends.  It is easily
extendible with plugins.  Default plugins include:

    * Friends -- Invite friends with email address.  After registration,
      the inviter and the invited users are marked as each others' friends.
    * Secret -- Invite friends with email addresses secretly.  This method
      requires the invited user to sign up before it will reveal who
      sent the invitation.
    * -- Invite friends from other social networks and
      email accounts.  This uses OpenInviter <;
      technology to log in to 3rd party websites and send mass
      invitations.  *See note in README file.

Once installed, activated, and configured, you will find the link to
invite users on the left side of the friends list page.  You can also
go directly to it at



Invite LinkInvite Friends

Open Inviter



This software is governed under rights, privileges, and restrictions in
addition to those provided by the GPL v2.  Please carefully read the
LICENSE file for more information.


** TODO **
        * Open Inviter's "Check all/none" is pretty dodgy.  Functional, but
          needs to be rewritten.
        * Sorting in admin listing.
        * Secret method: option during invitation creation to have custom
          notifications sent to the invited user.  (Is this important at all?)
        * On very (moderately?) large sites the stats will run into OOM errors
        * Add invitation expiration using expiration date.
        * Separate the awful pagehandler function into bit-sized chunks.
        * Revamp stats to give additional information such as time
          between creating and new user joining, etc.
        * Pull the mass iterating functionality out into a real function.

v1.0b2 (2009-05-26)
        * Updated README.
        * Corrected bug with JS and i10n (Thanks Colin Tate <@colintate>!).
        * Non-success and empty method content will return an error on AJAX
          loading.  (Thanks Ash <;!).
        * The enter key now works as expected when adding users, logging in to
          Open Inviter sites, etc.
        * Added "Check all/none" for Open Inviter method.
        * Prettied up some formatting issues and made errors more noticable.
        * Added user settings for receiving a notification when an invite is
          used.  Metaplugins can extend user settings can be extended the same
          as site settings.
        * Added transparent support for the PHPMailer plugin by Cash Costello.
        * Fixed saving settings for metaplugins.
        * Fixed occasional problem in setting when the language file wasn't
          loaded and default email subject and body were language stubs.
        * Interface for admins shows basic stats on invitations allows
          invitations to be resent.

v1.0b1 (2009-05-12)
    * Initial release.

  • @Breet can the statistics and list invitation be distributed to the entire website, for instance if this was made as a group plugin 

  • @Ash -- The stats and this list are currently admin-only.  Later I'll be adding options for users to review the invitations they've sent but I wouldn't give site-wide access to that list for security and privacy reasons.  Stats will improve later on, and there will be some user-specific stats that the users will be able to see.  Stats by groups might be possible, but it is something we would discuss once the base has matured enough to be at 1.0 final.

  • looks good but its not working for me.  Its not sending out the invites, and if i try to manually send then it goes to white screen.  The message says that it stalled

  • Anybody knows how to set that cron???

  • @antifmradio -- I understand the concern because I share it.  Your solution would work well for low-volume sites, but on mid- to high-volume sites it would be nearly impossible for the admin to manage so many invitations.  I'm not sure I understand what you mean about having the sender verify the email addresses.  There is a basic check for properly-formed email addresses, but there is no way to check that the email addresses go to the person intended.  If I've misunderstood this please explain...

    @Fusion -- Do you have either the twitter plugin or the PHPMailer plugin installed?

    @GermanKlf -- Cron installation is covered in Elgg's README.txt file.

  • @Brett...  not using the twitter plugin for elgg. twitter is in the openinviter, not sure which you are refering to.

    i tried the phpmailer to see if it would work with that but i got the same resuts so i disabled it.

  • @Fusion -- There's a plugin for Elgg called twitterservice that interferes with OpenInviter's Twitter plugin.  It will give you a white screen if you try to use both at the same time.  Do you have error loggin turned on in your PHP installation?

  • @Brett.... 

    yes error looin is on but its not giving me any errors for this...  and i do not have the twitterservice plugin activated.

  • hey brett - no luck with phpmailer integration?

  • @Fusion -- I will have to troubleshoot more and get back to you...

    @Sunirmalya -- PHPMailer should be working...have you tried it?  What version of PHPMailer do you have?



  • I get a blank page after configured my user name and private key in tool admistration page

  • @Ken Yeap -- Please provide more information about your server set up, which plugins you have installed and enabled, which methods you are trying to use, and if you have downloaded and configured the Open Inviter package correctly.

  • @ Brett--- I think is ok now because my user name and private key is stated on config.php correctly . Anyway,I also hope they can  change the big banner "open inviter " to a small link and set the link as "_blank" 

  • Sorry everyone--I left in a debug call to a function that only exists in my development branch of Elgg.  It was breaking everything.  I've uploaded a new, hopefully working copy to

    Please download and try that version instead. And props to Colin Tate for tipping me off to this error.


  • Thanks for the good work, great plugin. It requires some tweaking in some cases to get it work though.

    Here are some tips which would have helped me:

    If you are not running PHP 5 >= 5.2.0 and do not have json_encode and json_decode support in php, there are classes you can find using google that implement those functions. You can use bool function_exists('json_decode') to determine if you need to include the class or not.

    I ran into a problem that when I added contacts using the openinviter tool and had the 'friend' email inviter tool as a default I didnt get any confirmation that the users were actually added and the view defaulted to the friend view for some reason, which would have been very confusing from an average user's point of view. Editing file /mod/omni_inviter/views/default/oi/js.php and adding next two lines under the function declaration function oiUpdateMethodContent(method) fixed this for me:

        var inviteWho = $('select[name=oi_invite_who]');
        method = inviteWho.val();

    it's a dirty fix but it works.

    also in the same file the following lines were missing the "echo" and were not actually writing data into the javascript

    var oiInvitingCountMsg = '<?php echo $oiInvitingCountMsg ?>';
    var oiInvitingCountMsgSingular = '<?php echo $oiInvitingCountMsgSingular ?>';

    Joni Aaltonen

  • Joni,

    Thanks for the comments, I've integrated the missing JS for the count messages into the next beta.

    Good tip about using emulating the json_decode() function, but this is a dangerous game as Elgg really should be running on a PHP 5.2+ server.

    I'm not really following the first thing you mention, though.  There is no way to set a "default" method to use.  When you're done adding using in any method, if you click the "Done adding users" button it gives you a flash that no users were invited and you have to push send invitations.  Please make sure you're using the latest version of this plugin...


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