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Release Notes

This is the third version of the template1 from edesignerz.net. This template is witout tabs

Hello Friends, as I said earlier that EDESIGNERZ.NET is going to provide free Elgg templates, we are presenting you our first ELGG template. This template contains many features. Fully Compatible with ELGG 1.5.  


But in our Demo we are using Tabs. but without tabs it also looks great..

Download it freely and use into your website. After using this template dont forget to submit your websites on www.edesignerz.net [ Website Showcase ]

Also Register @ www.edesignerz.net for all the latest news and downloads.

If you like that, dont forget to donate us.

If you have any problems in editing the template, you can chat with me,  at any time using  SKYPE.

MY SKYPE ID : edesignerz.net

Log onto www.edesignerz.net and put the desired amount in in Donate Us module under the Polls module on the main page. Put your amount and click on the Paypal button to donate us.


  • i can not see demo please add Screen shot

  • the zipped folder has a name that is too long

    it will not work like that

    please rename folder to shorter name

    else .... when extracted

    it will NOT give access to sub-directories of the zipped folder (deeper than the views folder)



  • wow, you took out the nice image in the front page

    that shows when not logged in?

    but it looked so cool .....

    is it possible to have it in this version (no tabs) ?



  • Baltej Singh

    yes.. prito... you are right.. Next time i will use Small Folder Names

  • can this version -- without tab -- be available with the nice sqaure image that showed on front page when not logged in?

    that would be awesome

  • Baltej Singh

    yes.. it can be done... just add... Follow these steps

    1. open new_index.php





                //include a view that plugins can extend
                echo elgg_view("index/righthandside");


    and after this Paste the given code below from <?php  to    } ?>


         if (isloggedin()) {

    <!-- somethin here -->   

    <?php } else { ?>

    <!--this displays the image when the user is logged out -->   

    <a href="Your link" title="anything"><img src="Your Image Path here" width="" height="" /></a>




    Hope this will solve your problem...

  • Baltej Singh

    Put  your image path and Link you want in your image.... 

  • baltej singh how i can help you for make a new template ?

  • nah, that code did NOT work at all

    but if I put the chunk of code you had in the original (ver 1.0) THEN it will work


  • Baltej Singh

    yes... that will also work prieto.....  u can add that...  that will work perfect....  and instead of image  use a text .. like in that file... use that........freely.. by the way.. on which site are u using this template

  • this is a VERY good template -- you ARE very talented

    It is the BEST template I have seen yet for ELGG

    Thank You

    ps:  i no give my site since people will just join to see tempate at work, not for real embership

  • @ Baltej , For me this template is to busy, i really like petter harise super natural templates. What i like about this template is that the layout and color combo work well, there are no conflicts and you can see everything clearly. Baltej, if i may make some recomendations, keep it simple dont use strips, use one or two colors.  

  • @ Baltej, went over the site again, it is an excellent start. Very few people attempt to come up with template for elgg, i am assuming it is hard.  Take a look at this site http://www.mysocialup.com/ , look how they where able to remove all boxy features of elgg and make everything blend like a regular website. Let me know what you think 


  • Baltej Singh

    Dont worry ash.... this is just a starting...   more templates are coming soon in future.. Keep checking www.edesignerz.net for more templates in future...

  • @Baltej will keep an eye

  • Baltej Singh

    @Marco_Black.. Dont Spam the website... As u have already shown it into many discussions. Wat do u wanna tell???   please... sumbit your post only on one topic and dont spam the website....and wats new in the template on www.revolutionteam.info.

  • Hi -- great template

    BUT ...

    When visitors arrive at my site it would be better if they only see the "HOME" and "REGISTER" menu link at the top .... since the other menu links are for logged in members only.

    WHICH file, and line, can i edit to make this possible?

    Other than that .... as i said before, it is the BEST template i have seen listed here.


    ps: do expect a donation from me, it is worth it. I do this on my next pay day. And I encourae other to do dame if template has been a benefit. A worker is worthy of his wages.

  • Baltej Singh

    you can change the header_contents.php from


    and remove these lines

    <li class="navlist"><a class="groups-icon" href="<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>pg/groups/world/"></a></li>
    <li class="navlist"><a class="blogs-icon" href="<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>pg/mod/blog/everyone.php"></a></li>
    <li class="navlist"><a class="files-icon" href="<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>pg/mod/file/"></a></li>

    from   <?php } else { ?>

    dont remove from

         if (isloggedin()) {

  • Has anyone else experienced an issue when clicking "invite a friend" button from inside a group with this theme? Works fine from "Friend" but not from "Groups". Just wondering if I need a separate/different friend plugin to make this one work.

    By the way, this is definitely the best theme I've seen so far. Very well done.


  • Also curious how I can get rid of an icon. I won't be needing the "files" plugin, so I do not need the icon either. Is there a way to remove it without breaking anything else?


  • Just wanted to add that I only seem to see the "files" icon when logged out. Otherwise, files is only in the drop down tools menu. I would prefer to remove both if possible.


  • I also would like to remove the Files icon and am having trouble finding the code to remove yoguys from the registration page

  • please disregard my questions, each have been answered. Great theme!


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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