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Hello Friends, as I said earlier that EDESIGNERZ.NET is going to provide free Elgg templates, we are presenting you our first ELGG template. This template contains many features. Fully Compatible with ELGG 1.5.  

The screenshot shows the basics of the template.

Download it freely and use into your website.

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If you have any problems in editing the template, you can chat with me,  at any time using  SKYPE.


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  • Baltej Singh

    this is the new version of the template after changing some additions on the custom_index.php file.. It will help you a lot..

  • Great Effort, Nice looking theme, Light and obvious!!  very nice

  • Baltej Singh

    thanks.. lively..this template is with tabs and the new version without tabs is also available...

  • i can not see demo please add Screen shot

  • Baltej Singh

    akshay only blank comment????

  • hi

    i test but in group topics not show comment editor and show this code



    /** * Plugin for the tinyMCE editor * * NOTE: This script is based on the media plugin for tinymce, needs cleaning... **/ tinyMCE.addI18n('en.kaltura',{ plugins: 'kaltura', desc : 'Add videos from Kaltura' }); // Create a new plugin class tinymce.create('tinymce.plugins.KalturaVideoPlugin', { init : function(ed, url) { var t = this; t.editor = ed; t.url = url; function isKalturaElm(n) { return /^(mceItemKaltura)$/.test(n.className); }; ed.onPreInit.add(function() { // Force in _value parameter this extra parameter is required for older Opera versions ed.serializer.addRules('param[name|value|_mce_value]'); }); // Register an example button ed.addButton('kaltura', { title : 'kaltura.desc', onclick : function() { KalturaModal.openModal("TB_window", "http://localhost/ifootball/mod/kaltura_video/kaltura/editor/init.php", { width: 240, height: 60 } ); cwWidth = 680; cwHeight = 360; //Kaltura.animateModalSize(cwWidth, cwHeight); }, title : 'kaltura.desc', cmd : 'mceKaltura', 'class': 'mce_kaltura' }); ed.onNodeChange.add(function(ed, cm, n) { cm.setActive('kaltura', n.nodeName == 'IMG' && isKalturaElm(n)); }); ed.onInit.add(function() { var lo = { mceItemKaltura : 'flash' }; /* ed.selection.onSetContent.add(function() { t._spansToImgs(ed.getBody()); }); ed.selection.onBeforeSetContent.add(t._objectsToSpans, t); */ if (ed.settings.content_css !== false) ed.dom.loadCSS(url + "/css/content.css"); if (ed.theme.onResolveName) { ed.theme.onResolveName.add(function(th, o) { if ( == 'img') { tinymce.each(lo, function(v, k) { if (ed.dom.hasClass(o.node, k)) { = v; o.title = ed.dom.getAttrib(o.node, 'title'); return false; } }); } }); } if (ed && ed.plugins.contextmenu) { ed.plugins.contextmenu.onContextMenu.add(function(th, m, e) { if (e.nodeName == 'IMG' && /mceItemKaltura/.test(e.className)) { m.add({title : 'kaltura.edit', icon : 'kaltura', cmd : 'mceKaltura'}); } }); } }); ed.onBeforeSetContent.add(t._objectsToSpans, t); ed.onSetContent.add(function() { t._spansToImgs(ed.getBody()); }); ed.onPreProcess.add(function(ed, o) { var dom = ed.dom; if (o.set) { t._spansToImgs(o.node); tinymce.each('IMG', o.node), function(n) { var p; if (isKalturaElm(n)) { p = t._parse(n.title); dom.setAttrib(n, 'width', dom.getAttrib(n, 'width', p.width || 100)); dom.setAttrib(n, 'height', dom.getAttrib(n, 'height', p.height || 100)); } }); } if (o.get) { tinymce.each('IMG', o.node), function(n) { var ci, cb, mt; if (ed.getParam('kaltura_use_script')) { if (isKalturaElm(n)) n.className = n.className.replace(/mceItem/g, 'mceTemp'); return; } switch (n.className) { case 'mceItemKaltura': ci = 'd27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000'; cb = ',0,40,0'; mt = 'application/x-shockwave-flash'; break; } if (ci) { dom.replace(t._buildObj({ classid : ci, codebase : cb, type : mt }, n), n); } }); } }); ed.onPostProcess.add(function(ed, o) { o.content = o.content.replace(/_mce_value=/g, 'value='); }); if (ed.getParam('kaltura_use_script')) { function getAttr(s, n) { n = new RegExp(n + '=\"([^\"]+)\"', 'g').exec(s); return n ? ed.dom.decode(n[1]) : ''; }; ed.onPostProcess.add(function(ed, o) { o.content = o.content.replace(/]+>/g, function(im) { var cl = getAttr(im, 'class'); if (/^(mceTempKaltura)$/.test(cl)) { at = t._parse(getAttr(im, 'title')); at.width = getAttr(im, 'width'); at.height = getAttr(im, 'height'); im = '

  • hi baltej , great template ..butt i have a two Problems
    1. i use the vazco_video and i the plugin put in the custom_index a nice widget that show the most Popular video the top viewed in a tabs , now after i install your temp the plugin show only the link to the video Without Thumbnails ,(2.) also in the profile i cant see the Thumbnails album in  tidypics plugin.. ?


  • ok..i am sorry but i found the problem , its not from your template :)

  • Hi there, how do you add the polls to the custom_index?

  • @kobi31  Hi, is it working for you now? do you use Vazco main_page? and topbar_extension? they don't work with this template, i had to disable them.

  • @Baltej Singh Hi and thanks for the great job. what modifications have you made to this version? Also, I am using Vazco main_page? and topbar_extension and they don't seem to work with your template, i guess i have to look more into it, probably something minor.

  • Baltej Singh

    yeaa... i will try to work on that soon.....  After examzz.. i will install all the apps into my System.. will make all the templates compatible with all plugins....

  • Don't need exam lah,here is more important. :)

  • pls sir can we see a mobile theme? thanks

  • Hi can anyone help me to replace back1.jpg in the welcome message with a video from vimeo?

    for example


  • Sat Siri Akal

    I just have installed the Theme on . It looks awwsome . Baltej ki tusee sade layee kam karna passand karoge ???

    Singh Is King .


    I tried many Themes but all of them takes too much time to load But Your Theme is awwsome Pajee


    Daljit Singh




  • Baltej Singh

    hi... janokary... u can change the background image using  the CSS file . just change body {bacground: url(your new image path)}

  • Baltej Singh

    Thanks..... Daljit Singh...    thanks for the comment.... and always... Singhs are one step ahead of everyone.. lolz  Singh is Kiiiiing...

  • You mean /mod/web1/views/default/custom_index/css.php

    Line 45

     background: #fff url(<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>mod/web1/graphics/back1.jpg) no-repeat;

    But what I want to do isn't replace the image with another one but replace it with a video clip embeded from another service lets say vimeo

    For example this one



  • I am getting a 500 internal server error after installing. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Hello. This is a great theme I fell in love with it immediately. The original works fine - though the tabs don't show anything, yet. I already changed a few things, translated button labels, etc.

    This new version doesn't work for me, the body part (between the buttons and the footer) of the index page is blank without login and the nice image. Is this what we are excepcting to show?

    The other package - the one "without tabs" doesn't want to work for me, either.

    Ohh, just one more thing. Is this theme compatible with the Modified custom index plugin? I tried to install that but than all the screen turned white and i had to delete it.


    Thank you for your work and time! ;-)


  • Baltej Singh

    Hello Crashedata,  hmm... There is some problem with your Apache server.. Check your mod_rewrite settings... 

  • Baltej Singh

    NO.. deni it will work properly... with Modified Custom_index.. but..  tabs will not be present .. only same as earlier.. no tabs... as i have modified this custom_index file in it...

  • Okay, I got the installation working, but it is still using the default register and login buttons. How do I set it to use the ones in the graphics folder?


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