Facebook like river dashboard/模仿Facebook的river dashboard v0.22

Release Notes

What'new in 0.21

  • Fixed a problem when toggle comment show.We won't jump to #neverland or some where like #osj3ot462362 when toggling comment now.

A little modified to the riverdashboard and thewire.

  • Comment on a river item right on the riverdashboard.
  • List comments of a river item
  • Toggle the comment list and input form show/hide


  • 修正显示/隐藏注释时页面跳动的问题


  • 在dashboard回复river中的一个条目
  • 显示一个条目的所有回复
  • 展开/折叠所有回复

Here comes the screenshot:

ImprovedRiverDashboard riverdashboard

ImprovedRiverDashboard widget

  • yeah keen to see it as well

  • Just tried this and im not sure if you have uploaded the correct files, it's no different than the core versions.

  • This needs to be tightened up before use ...  but otherwise, it's an excellent start!

  • In your 1st screenshot every small profile icon shows on the left of river items but in mine profile icons comes on top of river items. Any idea  why?

  • Sorry ignore that. it was my theme conflicting.

  • this is good but when someone adds a person or comments on message board, the time is displayed wrong. instead of posted just now, it would say posted 35 days ago. do you know what's wrong with it?

  • @cim is 35days ago the time of that people register?

  • hmm, maybe? i'm not sure but it's not showing the message board object's correct time it was posted. do you know why it's showing 35 days and not like hours ago?

  • Plugin is exactly what I wished for my site. Have problem I think. I have two users, my admin and a regular user.  When logged in as admin I can "Add a site wide message to the river page". When logged in as a normal user this option is not there. Tried refreshing, etc. Is there something I'm missing? Site is www.islandgab.com - thx.

  • so far, it shows the incorrect friendly time for message board, adding friends, and commenting on an image. and i think everything else works fine

  • Other question. Is there a way so that the "Add message..." box is always visible - without having to click on the link?

  • i figured it out why the posted time was off, it was a small line of code that was wrong. instead of

    <?php echo friendly_time($object->time_created);?>

    replace it with this code

    <?php echo friendly_time($vars['item']->posted);?>

    in the file wrapper.php, that should fix the small glitch of why the time posted was off. but yeah i'd like to know the answer to IslandGabSite's question as well. i've been trying to figure it out for a while now. any help? if i figure it out, i'll post it here

  • I was looking through the code and it appears (I think) that only the Admin can add a site wide message. Is there a reason for this? Can it be changed to all registered users?

  • @IslandGabSite

    that would be pointless because site-wide messages are meant for announcements made by administrators. it should only be meant for admins, if users wanna do a site-wide message, they can just use the wire.

  • @IslandGabSite. I think that it is really designed for "Admins only" to post a site wide announcement, and  should be used only for site related updates, just my thoughts of why. I am not sure if its a good idea to let members sends out a site related updates.

  • If you want a "Facebook" type interface, FB has a "What's on your mind/Share" field at the top of the activity. Users enter their links, breakfast menus, whatever. To me, FB sets the standard, millions use it and know how it works. With Elgg, you have The Wire, and The River sort of combined - but you have a max 140 characters. Am I missing the "What's on your mind/share" feature?

    I think then, wouldn't it make sense to have a "What's on your mind" unlimited character field for registered users at the top of the "Friends" tab in this plugin? This would be like Facebook.

    Thanks for the quick responses.

  • @Snow.Hellsing

    Dude, this is a great mod. I posted a comment on an item (new photo album) in the river and it also posted it directly to the photo album page. COOL. There is a few tweaks that I did. ie. I combined this mod with the "replies_to_me" modified river plugin, I deleted the double postings of the user name, and tweaked the css for the comments so it was different than the river item.

    Great plug-in. Thanks.

  • Hi snow, nothing shows to me after adding the plugin.

    Any suggestion?

  • @LKLaRose

    Could/would you like to post or share your mods? What you did sounds great.

  • @Snow

    It is working fine now but I have some problems:

    * The activities on the riverdashboard are now displayed from the old to the new ones i.e. older ones are the first and on the top followed by the new ones.

    * Also, any activity done is dispalyed with doubling the username. Example:

    Anas updated their profile
    Anas 2 days ago




    What you did is a nice modification. Any possibilities of sharing?


  • @Anas

    read my post up there, there was a line of code that you need to replace because it showed the wrong posted time

  • @Cim

    It worked fine but there was something extra in the code that broke the dashboard

    It should be

    <?php echo friendly_time($vars['item']->posted);

    instead of

    <?php echo friendly_time($vars['item']->posted);?>

    BTW do you have any idea about how to remove the repeated posting of the same activity?

    For example: if I edited the profile 10 times at one time, it will say " Anas updated their profile " 10 times after each other in the river !

  • Sorry, another comment:

    At your site, the activity time display is done by showing an icon of a clock and when the activity was done. I like the way you did and the modification of deleting the username repeated again beside the time the activity was did.

    Can you share how you did that?

  • @Anas and @Demyx.com
    Great job on the time fixes. Much appreciated.

  • @IslandGabSite


    Delete line 33 in the wrapper.php file. This gets rid of the double postings of the user name.

    I will get back with some of the css changes I made.


This cat has travelled far far away and dont know when will come back.I still remember my promises.Sorry,guys.


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