Tag Cumulus v0.11

Release Notes

UPDATE: This update make that the module put the cloud tag automaticly in the owner_block.

All the color and sizes (swf and cloud) configurations are in the start.php

Tag Cumulus is based in


If you want to use it you must do this:

$body .= '<div id="tag_cumulus_container">';
$body .= elgg_view_title('Tags');
$body .= display_tag_cumulus(0,50,'tags','object','','','');
$body .= '</div>';

or you can view the example.php in the mod folder

Here there is a screenshot

Feedback is welcome.



  • to get this to be group specific on group pages ->

    change /views/default/tag_cumulus/tag_cumulus.php

    to be:


    $context = get_context();

       if($context != 'admin'){

    $page_owner = page_owner_entity();

    if ($page_owner instanceof ElggGroup && $context == 'groups'){

    $owner = $page_owner->guid;




    $owner = '';


         echo '<div id="tag_cumulus_container">';// . elgg_view_title('tags');

         echo display_tag_cumulus(0,50,'tags','object','',$owner,'', '') . '</div>';



    to make the plugin totally context specific possibly requires many more lines of code to ensure that the relevant tags are shown, taking into account who is presently logged in, the type of page they are looking at and so on.. i'll post an update when/if i put the code together.. 

  • i have this working about 90% now context specific across the site, including mods such as izap videos..

    you can see it in use here http://www.infiniteeureka.com/community

    i've mailed pedro about adding the code into his release.. the other option is that i make my own version, i'll wait for his reply.

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