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Specialized plugin, indeed is a set of tools to manage news, campaigns, spotlight element and user notification delivery
News elements are created in admin part. Those elements can be used in different campaigns. Then Campaigns are created. Campaigns include News elements and are configured to deliver information to user in predefined time by predefined mean (show in widget, show in spotlight, email)
Also plugin customizes spotlight to show active campaigns and provides interface to forced opening/closing spotlight panel for users.
Made for advertisement campaigns
Plugin is developed by Web100 Net Technology Center, Ltd. under the assignment of Lorinthe,BV.

  • @ Bogdan - I have installed and I can't see any improvement on the speed / loading issues of one's elgg based site when this plugin is installed, will it take a little to settle maybe for the faster response in this release to show?

    Also it is like the last version showing ALL users as online, which I know isn't the case on my test site at present.

  • Your last version worte nealry 50gig of errors last time I installed this, Did we ghet that fixed by any chance???

    If you did this plugin will be sweeeet



  • @Rob: What do you mean with showing ALL users as online? Newsletter does not have anything to do with that; does it?

    @chambo76: yes, the reason for this one is a bug fix - infinite loop containing PHP array() error- creating huge error.log

  • @Tom, that's why I wait and see how the comments shake out before I install any plugins from here.


  • @ Tom - It may not have anything directly to do with "Onine Users" but it's been said by me and another person in the previous Newsletter Version, that as soon as you install this plugin it for some reason somewhere in elgg places all users as online = there is a conflict between one or the other

    I got a conflict with the "User-Online" plugin.

    Since i installed it all users are shown as online on my site. I also used the /upgrade.php function but i still have trouble with the 2 plugins.

    Zeronix 6 days ago

    I was only letting the creator know this is still happening, it's up to him / her whether he / she accepts the feedback from it being installed by others (off only test environments).

    Would like to know how to remove the spotlight feature still, played about with it as much as possible as mentioned in the previous versions postings but still doesn't want to remove for some reason.


  • @Rob: strange enough. We run online-users as well and all is ok. Not sure if the online-plugin we use is same as yours, there are multiple plugins with the same goal, I think. Does it also show all members online/active in the core-members plugin, or is that ok?

  • @ Tom - I've checked which of the two online plugins I have installed and it's this one;


    Show online status in members icons

    more info

    Version: 0.2
    Author: Bogdan Nikovskiy,
    Copyright: (C) 2009, Lorinthe, BV and Web100 Net technology Center,Ltd
    Licence: GNU Public License version 3
    It only seems to place all users as green and online with the above plugin for a short(ish) period of time and has only happened whenever I have installed a new installation of the Newsletter plugin, it must somehow finally timeout or maybe after installing Newsletter plugin, clearing simple cache and running it's at that point it returns all users back to their natural online / offline state?
    It's nothing major don't get me wrong, I just noticed it as mentioned previously and thought I would let the developer know was all. :)
  • This plugin is working excellent now on my server.  No problems at all.  Great work, its a valuable plugin.



  • Did you guys removed the rounded profile mod? When i did that it solved my problem with the Online Status Display.

  • I'm using the default custom index that came with elgg1.5  and default theme.

    I can get the spotlight on the bottom but not on top?

    Is that because my theme doesn't have the code for the spotlight on top?

    TIA :-)

  • Oh yes, and it's also telling me all my users are online.  I know this to be false since it's a test enviroment.  I do not have any other online plugin.  I do have the elgg chat plugin though?  perhaps a conflict there, as that plugin shows a friends online bar across the bottom of the site.

  • Hello

    I have just installed this plugin in my project, however the campaigns are not visible for "not logged in users". Though these campaigns are working fine for logged in users. I have customized the position of the spotlight to be shown as a sidebar to display adverts in it using this plugin. However nothing gets displayed for the not logged in users, I think I need to use the widget option for my requirements as I beleive the widget will be visible for any user group either logged in or not, am I right in thinking this? If so can anyone please tell me how can I display the widget?

    My theme does not have the code block to display the widget from this plugin. I would really appreciate if someone could put me at the right path in getting the correct details of listing the campaigns in the widgets if possible.

    I look forward to your helpful replies.

  • new install 1.5 working like a champ

    Thx for this plugin!

  • working fine on 1.6.1

    compatability error with customspotlight plugin (obvious to some no doubt)

    If newsletters 1.4 is placed below customspotlight in the plugin list any content entered into customspotlight via ACP is not shown in the spotlight.

    Not really a huge problem, although it would be nice to have some standard content for the spotlight and newsletters could override that only when a campaign is activated in the spotlight. When it ends, the spotlight could revert back to what it shows as standard.

    Anyway, great plugin, nice work Bogdan, thanks.

  • I can't find the "notification_newsletters" on the Settings page and any other possible pages.

  • How would you add new user groups?  Say you want certain campains to show only to some groups and not others - or would like not logged in users to be able to see?  Anyone know?

  • @Bogdan  it's working on 1.6.1

    Hope you will continue to develop this plugin.

    echo @trajan coments about having a "default" footer when there are no campaigns either as a feature of this plugin or via compat with customspotlight.

    Thanks again!

  • Just to alleviate any confusion that i seen above.

    PHPMailer is an existing PHP Library. Cash has created a plugin out of this that helps Elgg communicate with PHPMailer without any need for manual intervention.

    Elgg has an internal function called notify_user(). This function will go through all the notify methods available and inform the user.

    This plugin has a plugin setting to override the standard notification method, which is in plain text.

    This notify_user() method will end up calling the plugins own function called phpmailer_send().

    If you manually with to dispatch an email then you can call phpmailer_send() yourself. The function declaration for this is in main.php of the plugin.

    Thanks for this needed integration Cash, i couldn't be bothered writing yet another PHPMailer wrapper function.

    Paul Dragoonis.

  • what does selecting either active or inactive do? i'm trying to use this in 1.7.7 but it doesn't seem to work for me.  i wrote a newesletter, saved it, then went to manage campaigns,  selected a start and end time and date, sellected by internal message, and clicked saved. the message popped up saying the campaign was successful, but nothing is being sent out


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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