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Specialized plugin, indeed is a set of tools to manage news, campaigns, spotlight element and user notification delivery
News elements are created in admin part. Those elements can be used in different campaigns. Then Campaigns are created. Campaigns include News elements and are configured to deliver information to user in predefined time by predefined mean (show in widget, show in spotlight, email)
Also plugin customizes spotlight to show active campaigns and provides interface to forced opening/closing spotlight panel for users.
Made for advertisement campaigns
Plugin is developed by Web100 Net Technology Center, Ltd. under the assignment of Lorinthe,BV.

  • great plugin ... is it possible to remove the spotlight feature ? i have my own custom spotlight plugin and dont want it overriden ....

  • Thank You for this plugin!!!! I have been looking for a plugin like this for a long time, but as madshark said, how to remove the spotlight feature?

    Again thanks

  • I think the simplest way to remove spotlight feature is delete newsletters/views/default/page_elements folder with all files. This will remove spotlight customization.

    Please try this and tell me if this way not working.

  • @ Bogdan, you have read my mind of what I was going to post and see if anybody was actively developing something like this. Brilliant, whether it's a hobby site, a part time site or a full business to business site there is always a need to build a user database and enable to send newsletters of updates, competitions, sticky content and other things to our site users... thank you.

    Will try it out now, the same as the above two posters I will try to remove the spotlight portion of the plugin, as I am happy with the spotlight as it is currently.


  • @ Bogdan - I have deleted both the file(s) you mention above and any others I found that had "spotlight" in the filename, however after disabling the newsletter plugin and then running upgrade.php and re enabling the plugin it's still active.

    I still get the 3 options in my Tools Admin list to the left side and for e.g. I still get in "Manage Campaigns" > "By Spotlight" etc

    Would the above mean that in the left of the Newsletter files, any reference to "spotlight" would have to go = be deleted to remove any and all references to spotlight, before it will work without spotlight whatsoever?

    Still a great plugin but as some will want to take this plugins spotlight features and the same goes for those who won't, is there a way to be able to turn on / off the spotlight feature at all in any coding of a future version?


  • @ Bogdan, regarding a different issue to the above and what I am finding out the more I am playing about with this plugin;

    I have created a test campaign and test newsletter, firstly I selected widget delivery and I just can't get it to show on the dashboard or profiles via default widget plugin. It's listed in those pages with default widget plugin but doesn't show live on my site?

    So I decided to edit the test newsletter / campaign and selected "internal messages" delivery and voila it delivered to my site's IM system but then when I clicked on the actual link to be taken to the test newsletter content I had quickly created, it just took me to my index page.

    Any ideas why the above maybe happening or can you replicate these instances at your end?


  • One problem I see is that if you are just a user and not an admin it freezes and slows down the site to a stop...  What is the conflict?

  • I noticed this too...  site was unusable, slowed to a crawl and could not login,

  • I got a conflict with the "User-Online" plugin.

    Since i installed it all users are shown as online on my site. I also used the /upgrade.php function but i still have trouble with the 2 plugins.

  • I had some issues with this on my site slowing down also, looks like it generated 500megs of error log, be sure and check, engine, handelers, directory for huge error logs.

  • Ahhhh, I now have the answer why when I installed this plugin suddenly all my test accounts showed up as online when I knew they weren't. Also I had a colleague in Canada log in to his test account for me on a seperate occassion to show him a different plugin (Toksta Chat IM) and it slowed his pc down to a crawl being a Vista user *yuk* , I haven't noticed such a bad slow down but enough on my system.

    I believe that if the above mentioned bugs / issues and any others that we can find, can be ironed out it will be a much needed and frequently used plugin by most. :)


  • We've found  a serious bug here causing the Errorlogs and massive site delay. We'll update the plugin shortly.

  • Hello All !

    I fixed issue with errorlogs and problems with site slowdown during plugin using.

  • @ bogdan - Thanks for the update, will give it a whirl now and let you know if encounter anything untoward. :)

    Can you let me know if you know the answer to my last 2 queries above posted "6 days ago" (So you know which one's to look at) regarding the removal of Spotlight, as I still can't get my original spotlight back.



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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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