Basic Link Plugin (Modified) v0.2

Release Notes

Based on Basic Link Plugin, this plugin allows to have a dropdown External links menu at your topbar.


  • Extract downloaded file directly to your mod folder
  • At Administration-> Plugins settings, activate the plugin and put it under your theme plugin(if you have it).
  • If you use vazco-topbar, put the plugin over vazco-topbar plugin at Administration-> Plugins settings.
  • Set your Links at Administration -> External Links.  Each link must be in a different line, and written like this: Link_name,Link_URL

Included Spanish and English Languages.



  • oh this is just perfect ! exactly what i was asking for when the original plugin was released good stuff !

    is it possible to add just a bunch of single links as well with no drop down ?

  • i have a little problem,

    1st: the links are shown only when logged in, modifieing the start.php was not successfull

    2nd: if i vreate the links with tinymce, there alre always a <p></p> around the links, if i remove them in the html view i have it all in one line

    2nd half: the menu itself shows two rows per entry, the first one is empty and the rollover and link is working, the second contains the text and there is no rollover or link. may that has something todo with the second thing.


    thx :-) i like your stuuff

  • the second thing is solved if i remove the editor and press "save". than the menu looks correct but directly after saveing the holte stuff is back in one line again. so if you add some links later you have to split it up again

  • sorry for the spam, is it possible to create sublinks like


    - mainmenu






  • @madshark,

    yes it is possible!

    Look into your view/navigation/top_toolbar.php



  • well, you should look on this lines:

    ul.topbardropdownmenu ul {
        width: 150px;
        top: 24px;
        border-top:1px solid black;



    to adjust to your template...

  • I too am having the same problem as antifmradio where the "External Links" menu appears just under the menu bar left aligned with the message icon. Any ides why it does not show up in the menu bar properly? I have am still using the default theme. Is there a better theme to use. Thanks for the help!



  • try to rename on languaje files the "External links" to something short, like "menu" to get something like this,


    of course, if you want to use the "External links" word, just use vazco toolbar to join the menu profile with the settings menu to clear the space on topbar.



  • Thanks! Installing the vazco toolbar fixed my problems with "External links" menu showing up bellow the menu bar. I tried changing "External links" to just "Links" but that did not do anything. Thanks again for the help!


  • I hope This plugin also can allow members to set their own external link instead of administrator.Anyone know hjow to do that?

  • I think about interface don't well.

    Have interface you need do:


    change with me

        function blp_init() {
            if (isloggedin()) {
                global $CONFIG;
                register_translations($CONFIG->pluginspath . "basic-link-plugin/languages/");
                extend_view('css', 'basic-link-plugin/css');
                //extend_view('elgg_topbar/extend', 'basic-link-plugin/topbar');
                extend_view('navigation/topbar_tools','basic-link-plugin/topbar');//i Changed
                register_action('basiclink/save',false,$CONFIG->pluginspath . 'basic-link-plugin/actions/save.php',true);

    ok, finish!

  • it seems the editor must be disabled for this plugin to work correctly.



  • Thanks, Kiwis! Disabling the editor fixed it! ^_^


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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