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This plugin sends an email to all group's members when a new message, comment etc is posted to a group. The idea of the plugin is to provide information about different activities of a group directly to members' emails so that each member of a group doesn't have to login and browse to group to see if there is something new. 

At the moment an email is sent to everyone when:

- a new message is created on group's messageboard

- a new message is posted on group's discussion forum

- a new page is created to group

- a new comment is posted to group


WARNING: This plugin is not fully tested, implemented in a hurry and may have some performace and security issues since it is called every time a new annotation is created somewhere in elgg. But based on quick testing and a few days of usage it seems to work fire on our site. Still, I wouldn't recommend using this on a big website before testing it more in a development environment. 

Install: Just drop it into the mod directory.


  • What's new in version 0.8:
    * Fixed a bug with where email from forum posts were sent to all people (not just group members) or wasn't sent at all. 
    * Tested with Elgg 1.5

  • hi Jussi,

    is it compatible with phpmailer?

    it seems no...and i have phpmailer on.

    thanks and byebye

  • I checked the code and it calls the normal Elgg mail notification code which the PHPMailer plugin overrides. It should be compatible.

  • Presumably the email just providesd a link to the page of the forum/group post?

    Is it possible to turn it off in specific groups?

  • Yes, this uses default mail code. We don't use PHPMailer on our site and therefore I at this point don't have time to make modifications to make it PHPMailer compatible. But if someone else have time to do these modifications, please do so. 

    For the other comment, plugin sents both  the forum post (text user wrote) and link to the post. Not just link. At this version it is not possible to turn it on or off for specific group. And probably not in near future (I have very limited time to work on this plugin). But again, if someone has time to work on this feature (it would be a very usefull feature), feel free to do so.  

  • Correct me if I'm wrong people but doesn't elgg have a feature within it's core platform for users to select in their personal settings to recieve emails or personal IM messages for group messages as standard?

    Maybe I'm missing a link in what this will do compared to as mentioned above.


  • Jussi - It is compatible with the PHPMailer plugin since you use the default Elgg mail code. No modifications needed.

  • thanks Cash!

    by default, now understand ...sorry :), all group notification are disable. is there a method to able all notification by default for all users?

    thanks in advance.

  • As far as I know, there is no method to force default Elgg notifications for a group for all users. But I think the ideal solution would be to develop Elgg's notifications further so there would be no need for this plugin.

  • Wouldn't it be easier to have a plugin which sets group notifications ON by default upon joining a group?

  • Probably it would be. But this plugin was originally created for Elgg 1.2 that didn't have notifications.

  • Ah okay, I see. But do you maybe know which code I would have to change to enable group notifications by default?

    My users are not using the notifications, I think they just don't recognize them. I think the ideal way would be to have group notifications on by default and add a line of text with a link to the notification settings to the footer of each mail.

  • Sorry, I haven't looked into Notifications functionality deeply so I don't know how difficult it would be to implement functionality you described.

    But I agree, that the way you describe it would be really good solution to the basic problem (users don't receive messages to email by default). Unfortunelly I don't personally have to to work on this (current plugin functionality is good enough for my needs), but if someone else have time to implement this, I will gladly use the plugin :)

  • Hi, I think that a very very good notification approach is the one used by Linkedin Groups. There is a daily notification for activities in the group (a digest) and a real-time notification for conversations you are following. I think, this work perfectly, because does not send too many messages if the group you are following is very active and, at the same time, keeps users engaged if they are doing an activity like following a discussion (or working on a page...)

  • Hi,

    How easy would this be to implement this for the pages too?

  • @cash

    You looked at this mod and figured it was compatible with phphmailer. Is order of plugins important here?  Should groupemailer be lower in the list than phpmailer?

  • @jussi

    i find your plugin very useful, but I'm experiencing a problem: the name of the group appears only in the subject of emails about new comments, but not for new pages, posts, message board - even though the function is calling it in the code - am i doing something wrong? thanks

  • i did test this plugin and it works but i found some problems:

    1.- If a user was a member of a group and now is not anymore of the group, the user always get notifications of that group.

    2.- If a  group have a lot of members (maybe 150 or more) not all the users get the notifications

    3.- Some users don't belong to a group are receiving notifications

  • Thank you all for the feedback. Unfortunetaly I have stopped developing and maintaining this plugin. The plugin was originally created for Elgg 1.2 which didn't have Notifications-functionaly. However, Elgg 1.5 have it's own notifications-plugin which is better than my Group Emailer -plugin. I personally use Notifications-plugin, not Group Emailer -plugin at the moment. So, at least for now, I don't continue Group Emailer development.

  • Hi Jussi

    How are you using the Notifications plugin to emulate the same behaviour? ie automatically send discussion forums message posts to all group members whether they have set up notifications or not?

    Thanks, Malachi.

  • I guess Notifications don't do the exactly same thing. I just ask users to subscribe to groups they want. But it would be nice to have some kind of "forced subscribtion" in Notifications plugin.

  • As said earlier, this plugin was originally created for Elgg 1.2 which didn't have notifications. Since notifications came along in later Elgg version we stopped using and developing this plugin and started using Notifications. I don't know if this plugin works with 1.7 and I don't develop it anymore. If someone is interested in this plugin please feel free to test it with 1.7 and continue development.


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