Remove Widgets v1.1

  • New version with the code cleaned up. No new features.

  • Widgets-plus plugin has an issue that it duplicates widgets on the dashboard when it propogates default widgets if the user already had that widget on the dashboard. Thought the use of the remove widgets plugin was a brilliant idea and tried it.  Here is what happened:

    Removed all widgets on the member dashboards with remove widgets plugin, recreated the widgets on the adminstrator dashboard and propagated them using widgets-plus, went back to a current member and the member had nothing in it's dashboard. It should have had the widgets that were propogated. Added a widget that was supposed to be locked and it was not locked after adding it to the member's dashboard.  Logged out and back in and still nothing.
    My guess is the remove widget plugin did something to widget_plus. Disabled the remove widgets plugin and still nothing.

    Would you have an idea what type of conflict would occurr between remove widgets and widgets plus? Any assistance on this matter would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • @Fred - I just tried this with Elgg 1.7.2 beta, the newest version of remove widgets and the newest version of widgets plus and it worked for me.

  • Cash - Problem turned out to be a conflict between widgets plus and site access. I am able to use remove widgets with widgets plus fine. Your plugin is a good solution to the widgets plus issue with duplicate widgets. Thanks.

  • wow this plugin still works in 1.8.9 lol. great job cash

  • I have removed widgets options from my Admin panel and users are not longer to move widgets around on their profiles. Now when one user goes to another user profile cannot post anything there is no any option or status thing where other users can leave their comments same as people leave on facebook.


    Please help me, I want one users go to other users profile so that they can post something on that profile. I have no idea is there any plugin for that or something?


    Many thanks in advance and appreciate your assistance.




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