Remove Widgets v1.0

  • Thank you! You've solved a big problem with Elgg :)

    I appreciate the work you've done on this.

  • Great pluggin Cash, Works fine.

    A question. I'v removed the status widget(in elgg 1.2) with your plug in. But in the pg/admin/statistics page it shows item:object:status=30. Means the status entries are not removed from the database. Could you modify this plugin so as to remove the orphaned entries also from the dtabase when a plugin is disabled? Or could you suggest another method to remove these data?

    thank you.

  • Dear Cash,

                      I want a plugin ,ie  admin can edit dashboard widgets for existing users. Is it possible with your existing plugin ? Any other plugin is availabe for that? Does your plugin can changed in my need? pls help me..

  • @prem - status updates are owned by the user not by the widget so that is a different problem.

    @Kettyking - different problem

  • @ Cash - Top drawer idea, should solve the headache we all had when deleting widgets / plugins, it's much appreciated! :)

    P.S. I am going to ask the creator of Draggable Widgets, if his plugin can be adapted to a new variant, to enable the dragging of all our Admin Tools, as when you have dozens of plugins, it can take many hours to re organise them. Then I think the admin side of things is nailed.


  • Thanks Cash - another seriously needed plugin.


  • This works with Elgg 1.7

    1. But Not all the widgets appear on the list!!!
    2. Thanks for the plugin!
  • THANKS for the plugin it is awesome!

    You are not accidently thinkink of the opposite of the plugin, don't you? :) To add a widget to the existing user's dashboard! It would be great too. Thanks again! 

  • @Cash - Love the plugin...hate the extra whitespace after the trailing ?> tags in the files.  Cleaning out the whitespace and the trailing tag fixed a problem of white screens on just about every page load.

    Funny, this seems to only show up on Windows systems.

    Mike Hedman

  • This was written a long time ago when I was using a poor text editor for php coding. New version being uploaded right now.

  • Thanks Cash! 

    I'll echo the interest in having a version of this 'on steroids', kind of a mix between the Default Widgets plugin and this one.  Specifically, I would like to set up our widget layout and push it out to existing users.  (My site is used in a commercial/medical environment, so our layouts - for now - need to be locked down).

    Hopefully I'll have some time after our launch to work up this plugin.


  • Thanks - very helpful plugin.


  • Category: Site admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 3139
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