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This plugin allows for administrator to upload avatars that everyone can use. This can save some brandwidth and disc space, and creates better user experience.



After enabling the plugin, a new link to user avatars page is created in the left menu on the administration page. The main administrator (the one whom you registered after installing your Elgg site) can add public avatars to the site by this page:




Administrator can also view and delete avatars that were already uploaded:




After clicking on an avatar, it's enlarged version is shown in the lightbox:




After administration has uploaded avatars, a new section appears on the 'edit profile icon' page. Users can view existing public avatars there, and choose the one they want to use as their own:




This plugin don't block the private avatars (the ones that user uploads). It adds the possibility to use both private and public avatars.


This is the GPL version of the plugin. It has a limit of 3 avatars that you can have on your site at once.


  • Elgg 1.5



  • copy the plugin to mods folder and enable
  • if you use vazco_profileup plugin, make sure it's below the vazco_avatar plugin on the plugin list
  • Woohoo, thats great idea! Thanks a lot, I`ll test it!

  • OK I'm not sure whats going on. I uploaded, enabled, saved settings, browsed to file, then tried 3 times, but I keep getting this message


    any clues

    The plugin looks good and & we could really use this on our site


    I'll do a little more investigation to see if there is a conflict with something else

    Thanks for your work on this


    Unable to save new object's base entity information!

  • I reordered, saved settings, and tried to upload again, but with the sme results.

    I noticed that the file size said Maximum file size in kilo bytes (KB): 10485760 even though i had set it to 500

  • I just registered on your site. If you give me admin access for a second, I may check what's going on. The login is vazco.

  • Vasco this hasn't been put on my site it is on my test site I'll pm you the details

  • Only a main site administrator (the one that was created during installing Elgg) can upload new avatars. Maybe this problem appeared when another admin user tried to upload avatars.

  • OK

    as you said only the main admin, the very first one, can do this. Unfortunately I think our first admin account on our test site was deleted during a test, so there was no way I could do it on our test site. I took a chance on this and put it on our live site.

    Everything worked well, the plugin looks, and acts good. I will do, and should of already done further testing before I went live. but there you are it is live and working. looks good


  • Hi there, thanks for this plugin! 

    Is there a way I can just place a bunch of avatars in a directory somewhere instead of uploading them via the upload tool?  I have a ton of them to upload so it would be nice if I could just place them in wherever you keep them on the backend manually.




  • I tested with install admin with no success. Blank white screen after upload. Upload is successful, but avatars are not showing once selected for a profile.

  • @sr123 No, it's impossible. The avatars need to be in 5 sizes. They are resized and cropped during upload. It would take more work and a lot of trouble to copy them to a folder manually. If a lot of people request this feature, I may add it later.


    @elggHopeful This is the bug that appears on some servers on the GPL version (it don't appear on the full version). It seems the plugin works well on english-language servers, but there are some troubles on other servers. I'm already investigating this.

  • I just uploaded newer version of the plugin. The problem you encountered was infamous BOM encoding. Now it's fixed.

  • Iz would be great to have option to sort avatars in categories, like, funny, kids, love, etc.

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