Ralf Fuhrmann's Plugin UserValidation Elgg1.5 mod v0.7

Release Notes

New version released in plugin pack from snow.


edit start.php,line130,change it to

case 'byadmin':

then,validate by admin will work.

What's new in 0.7

  • Now select validate method in admin,email and non works
  • Validate by email works
  • Validate by admin works
  • Tips fix

===below is Ralf's description about this plugin===

This is a replace- and enhacement for the uservalidationbyemail plugin.

Features :

  • Choose the validation-method in plugin-setting
    • none - no validation
    • bymail -validation by mail
    • byadmin - validation by admin
  • Pendingusers screen to view all registered but not validated users (or banned users) and activate or delete them
  • Setup admin-notification for user-registrations (to site-email only)
  • Auto-delete un-activated users after x-days

Special Features :

  • Load of admin-functions only if an admin logged in
  • Load of admin-translations only if an admin logged in

Changes to Release 0.4 :

  • Auto-delete only runs if an admin logged in
  • Fixed the admin-link behavior
  • General code-cleanup
  • Does thissend an email to the user when you manually validate them?

    (more importantly) Does it use the phpmailer plugin?

  • @jededitor yes to the 1st question.and it send mail by the elgg core's notify_user() function,and this function use mail() function to send a mail.

  • @Jed

    func mail() works pretty much all the time.. unless your host has scrd you up..

    I use this func on *many client sites..

  • Does anyone know what the 'toggle_details' function appearing under a pending registration is supposed to do?

    I would think that it would show all details about the pending registration (email, etc), but when I click on it, nothing happens. Any clue? I'm using Elgg 1.5, Firefox 3, Mac OS X. Thanks!

  • @ugo God,'toggle_details' function relys on my ImprovedProfile plugin to work.Later I'll make it work without ImprovedProfile.

  • Hi! I think, some additional changes are needed in start.php:

    Function "uservalidation_bymail_validation()" uses "uservalidation:admin:validate:body" and "uservalidation:admin:validate:subject" in line 188. As I understand, that should be "uservalidation:email:validate:body" and "uservalidation:email:validate:subject".

    When an email was sent to an new user with uservalidation_bymail_validation that user does not show in pending registrations. Are there still some changes?

    Thank you!

  • @Thkrohn You're right.That's my mistake.

  • I crashed my site because I ran the upgrade.php .It has something to do with me not useing the default email validation app.Can anyone let me know how to get back into my site?This is the error message I'm getting.

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare uservalidationbyemail_validate_email() (previously declared in /home/content/u/s/a/usaguns/html/network/mod/uservalidationbyemail/start.php:88) in /home/content/u/s/a/usaguns/html/network/mod/uservalidation/start.php on line 226

    Any help will be appreciated.

  • @snow.hellsing

    in line 130 of start.php i can't found where to change in 

    case 'byadmin':

    perhaps the change must be done in line 156 where there's a:

    case 'admin':

    thank to whom can help me


  • i've installed it in a fresh 1.5 installation, but the plugin don't works : when i enable the plugin a blank page appears.

    To make elgg running again, i must delete the plugin from mod folder.

    when the plugin is installed it shows "06" version instead "07".

    No way to setup what kind of validation method is needed.

    I've applied @Thkrohn suggestions and bug fix described at the top of this page without correct the problem.


    ...a question : why the plugin "uservalidation" is not present in comunity plugin search form????

    Thanks a lot to whom will be helpfull !!!!!!!

  • @patriot disable plugin uservalidationbyemail.

    @maxz at line 125-137

    switch ($validationMethod) {
        case 'byadmin':
        case 'none':

    maybe your editor count word wrap as new line?

    @Max2 I need more information to findout why this plugin broke your site.I guess u didnt disable uservalidationbymail?The version problem caused by I forgot to modify the manifest.xml.:P

  • Hi

           I can work well with your plugin, but one problem. if a user is not approved , he is also listed in dashboard and all. why???????




  • Lovegin John


    I use this plugin and it works great. But I find some issues with this plugin.

    1. I get unvalidated members in the latest members, users list etc. So, is there any mechanism to restrict it?

  • Hallo Ralf, nun drei Tage nach der Eröffnung meiner Seite habe ich 78 Aktiv / 86 Gesamt User.

    Leider hatte sich am Anfang das Plugin einmal resettet, so dass die Mails aktiviert werden mussten. Da mein Server aber keine mails an Yahoo gesendet hatte, sind diese User nun nicht aktiviert. Wie kann ich dies nachholen? Ich weis auch nicht welche User es sind nur das es 8 Stück sind die sich nicht aktiviert haben, weil sie die mail nicht bekommen hatten. Ich wäre dir sehr dankbar wenn du mir helfen könntest. Lg Ben!

  • und noch etwas sobald ich einstelle, dass er unbestätigte user löschen soll nach x tagen bekomme ich gigabyte große logfiles weil:

    [Sun Jun 14 17:42:47 2009] [error] [client] WARNING: 2009-06-14 17:42:47 (CEST): "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" in file /var/www/web0/html/footballdeutschland/community/mod/uservalidation/start.php (line 63), referer: http://footballdeutschland.de/pg/admin/plugins/

    bei jedem view auftritt

  • außerdem ist der links falsch und aktivieren geht auch nicht...

  • not interested in bugfixing...?

  • Thank you, this is great and working well. so very much needed this on my site!

  • This seems to be only HALF working for me. The user gets the email, they click th elink and they can approve their email address and login BUT I cant see nothing on the Pending registrations page. I get this ...

    Not Working

    Anyone know wht this is happening?

  • ... by the way, above is the view before the person confirms their email address.

  • Hi everyone !

    Does anyone encountering some troubles with this plugin with Elgg 1.5 like me ? Some of my members who are already enrolled and who have been logged successfully in the past, can't connect anymore => I have to reset their passwords so they can connect themself.

    When this bug appears, my members receive this error message : "Your account will be confirmed by the site-administrator. You will receive an email, when your account is activated. !"

    Thanks for replies.


This cat has travelled far far away and dont know when will come back.I still remember my promises.Sorry,guys.


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