Ralf Fuhrmann's Plugin UserValidation Elgg1.5 mod v0.6

Release Notes

I just modified the codes to get pending users in index.php for making it run on elgg 1.5

===below is Ralf's description about this plugin===

This is a replace- and enhacement for the uservalidationbyemail plugin.

Features :

  • Choose the validation-method in plugin-setting
    • none - no validation
    • bymail -validation by mail
    • byadmin - validation by admin
  • Pendingusers screen to view all registered but not validated users (or banned users) and activate or delete them
  • Setup admin-notification for user-registrations (to site-email only)
  • Auto-delete un-activated users after x-days

Special Features :

  • Load of admin-functions only if an admin logged in
  • Load of admin-translations only if an admin logged in

Changes to Release 0.4 :

  • Auto-delete only runs if an admin logged in
  • Fixed the admin-link behavior
  • General code-cleanup
  • does this work with the uservalidationbyemail plugin or should that be disabled to use this?

  • This plugin included all functions in uservalidationbyemai,so just forget about it. }:)

  • I installed this and set "none-novalidation" . My users can register alright, but  after that, newly registered cannot login. I since reverted to uservalidationbyemail.

    Also. why there is no manual approval of pending registrations in Elgg? I find it a little bit concerning since emailing may fail or for some reason it didnt send out  or received by registrants. There should some way to list all pending applications regarless and for admin to have the capability to manually approve disapprove. My 2 cents.



  • In my practise,It seens to setting 'none-novalidation'  only disabling the email to fly.Pending is still needed.

    And,this plugin's goal is list pending users for u to pend them.Go to admin page and the Pending registration(s).

    I hope I did make right understanding of your comment as my English is not very bright.

  • Since elgg1.5 uses a new way to active user,this plugin's 'non-novalidation' setting no longer works.

    If u want to disable pending,there are some hack:

    • go to actions/register.php,line 58,comment or delete  $new_user->disable('new_user');
    • goto engine/lib/users,line 1027,modifiy it to set_user_validation_status($user_guid, TRUE,'admin');


  • Hi all, this plugin gives me a hard time. Without any problem I was using the phpmailer plugin to send emails via smtp!

    After I’ve installed Snows plugin every email function was corrupt. Nothing works (pw recovery, pw reset, pw registration nothing). After that I have replaced the content of the “uservalidation_bymail_validation function” with the content of the same function in the standard plugin “uservalidationbymail”. After this all functions working fine again. I don’t like this solution! Maybe someone could give me some help to find a nicer solution of this problem.

    best indy

  • is there a way to have the pop-up message display text saying something like 'your account will be active once the administrator has approved it'

    at this point it says the account was created successfully and if they try to log in it just does not allow it, but gives them no reason why.

    thank you.


  • Can i add a certain extention of email dat can be accepted for registration for instance you have to have a @gmail.com extention of the email in order to register, if so how can i achief this. if not any idea how i can do this ???

    thanx in advance

  • Its working! thanks a lot and it means a lot infact! it sorted out my problem! Awsesome work!

    Steps to follow:

    1. Disable the default email validation plugin

    2. Enable this plugin (User validation plugin)

    3. After enabling this plugin

    • go to actions/register.php,line 58,comment or delete  $new_user->disable('new_user');
    • goto engine/lib/users,line 1027,modifiy it to set_user_validation_status($user_guid, TRUE,'admin');



This cat has travelled far far away and dont know when will come back.I still remember my promises.Sorry,guys.


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