SuperID:login with your email,IM,website,mobile/用Email,QQ手机或网址来登录 v0.1

Release Notes

"it will *always have a problem with any kind of OpenID, CAS type of enabled Engg-site." -- Dhrup

I dont suggest install this plugin on non-testing site until I have time to resolve the conflict problems.

This plugin requires ImprovedProfile to work

"I think this plugin activates so you can login with for example, email instead of only username (and with mobile /website), + password." -by Simox

With it enabled,user can type her/his email,QQ,mobile,website or username in the login form when login.

If found two or more user have the save same field value,such as website.It will report exception.User still can user another field to login.






  • I dont really see what this does

  • I think this plugin activates so you can login with for example, email instead of only username (and with mobile /website), + password.

    Still not sure ^^

  • @snow, hmm i installed your plugin but i am not locked out of my site. Even if i delete the plugin, i am not able to return to my old setting

  • oh,  little boy  ~~~


  • @ash OMG...I'm sorry to hear that.Any more details?I not sure what happened in your site as it works fine all the time in my site.

    Please mail me,as I may not see your comment

  • Ash,

    Deleted the PlugIn folder is okay, but also need to know how to patch (double bypass surgery lol) on yr DB tables using cPanel to remove the plugIn's traces. I thought I told you.. not to play around too much with BkRaiser  ;-O

    Elgg is still trying to load a now non-existent PlugIn because but the real login code is not beng loaded.

    Ping me when U R online.

  • @Snow

    The idea behind this PlugIn may be fine

    But it will *always have a problem with any kind of OpenID, CAS type of enabled Engg-site. Users will have pronlems and *not be able to log in because Elgg will *automatically invoke the OpenID code before going to the SuperID login code. If users are not too savvy with respect to some of these aspects -- they *will damage their site.

  • @ash if BkRaiser is a testing site,try this:

    create a .php file and put it in the elgg root,edit it like this:

        echo '<h1>Welcom to Neverland</h1><br />';
        global $CONFIG;
        $plugins = array();
        if ($handle = opendir($CONFIG->pluginspath)) {
            while ($mod = readdir($handle)) {
                if (!in_array($mod,array('.','..','.svn','CVS')) && is_dir($CONFIG->pluginspath . "/" . $mod)) {
                    $plugins[] = $mod;
        $CONFIG->pluginlistcache = $plugins;
        $result = get_plugin_list();
        foreach ($result as $plugin) {
            echo $plugin.'<br />';

    than visit this file in browser via your elgg site's url.U may see the deleted plugin doesnt display in the list.

    Tell me if this work.and I'm sorry for the trouble bringed to u by my plugin.

  • @Dhurp I'll annotate if my plugin is experimental from now on.

  • Hello guys.. n especially ash..

    if you r stuck with the plugin like me too, just replace the plugin's files in the respective directories




    with the ones below




    AS A TEMPORARY REMEDY and then you'll be access the site n then in admin cp, DISABLE THE PLUGIN ok?

  • also, forgot to say, then delete the superid folder and wait for Snow.Hellsing to make a working one :D

  • I'm sorry for this troubles...and I'll improve superid when found a way to resolve the conflict


This cat has travelled far far away and dont know when will come back.I still remember my promises.Sorry,guys.


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