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There is a newer version of this plugin!

Check it out here: Quoteoftheday version 1.0

This plugin adds a quote of the day/week/month feature that is driven by the users.  Users can submit their own quotes and rate other user's submitted quotes.  Each day/week/month (admin can choose) the quote with the highest rating will be featured.  You can display the featured quote anywhere on your site (for example, the index page) by calling "get_featured_quote_entity();"

Screen Shot:

Quote of the day screen shot



Thanks to all the users who tested out the previous versions and made suggestions.  Here's what's new in 0.4:

New In this version:

  • Added a widget that displays the current featured quote
  • Fixed the rating buttons under IE6/IE7 (no longer shows the button name over the icon)
  • Modified the "Recently Submitted" section to include quotes that have already been featured



- Jonesy

There is a newer version of this plugin!

Check it out here: Quoteoftheday version 1.0
  • Great! I will try it soon. thanks for sharing.

  • Great!! Nice as a widget. I have still a problem with vote more than one's in Firefox and my users ask for comment on a quote. Maby it is an idea.


    Thanks for sharing.

  • Ro

    Very cool.  I will test this out tonight and get back to you.  Thanks for all of your hard work.  Any plans for a polling mod?

  • Blognetwork, you can vote more than once if you're an admin.  Otherwise, it prevents you from voting in succession, i.e. if you've already voted on a quote, someone else has to vote on that quote before you can vote on it again.  The only way to completely prevent double voting was to make each vote an annotation which would be overkill on the database in my mind.

    Ro, a polling mod is on my list of projects.  Might be a while before I get to it though.


  • @Jonesy

    OK thanks that was the problem i am an Admin :D


    That polling mod i was try to find but it is here already active on the .org

  • Ro

    Jonesy, great improvements!  You've definitely got something VERY cool going on with this mod!

    Couple of things though.  I noticed that the info that displays in the river, though correct, doesn't have an icon like the other river items.  For instance, "UserID submitted a new quote (2 days ago)" shows, but it has no river icon.  Is there a way to add this in your mod?  That would be great!

    Second, the widget is wonderful and I am glad that you added it to your package!  What is supposed to display though?  I don't see anything coming up on the user page.  Does it only come up if their quote is chosen for the day?

  • Ro

    Okay, I noticed something of great concern.  Did you know that the page for submitting a quote displays, when you go to: http://mydomain.us/pg/quoteoftheday .  That's not good.  I wonder if other pages display too.

  • Ro

    I meant, "...displays even when logged out, when you go to..."

  • Ro

    Also, I think there should be a way to edit the quotes too.

    And, I think there should be two fields, one for the quote and one for the person who originally made the quote.  Maybe a third field for the date of the quote, or the option of "unknown" if it is not known.  All with formatting to make it all fit nicely.

  • Ro

    And is there a way to link to the quote from what displays on the widget, so that the users can go directly to the quote to vote?  I see that the widget displays what the rating is, but no link to go vote.  Also, it would be nice if the rating was graphical instead of text/numerical.

  • Hello

    I will try this mod it's a great one i will give you a deedbakc later

  • I've been trying this mod and it works great.

    Good work! And I'm lookinf forward to more usefull plugins. :-)

  • how does  Search Quotes works?

    maybe you can insert tags for every single quotes.

    in last activy there is no margin-bottom:10px for a better graphic

    for character you can use a system like the wire 250 to 0

    it's a well done plugin,thanks

  • how is it possible to insert quotes for every single group like file,pages,discussion?

    thanks in advance

  • I will try to use this plugin , thanks!


  • Category: Misc
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 5054
  • Recommendations: 5

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