Friend_Invitation v1.2

Release Notes

Sends invitation email, text can be edited by sender, default text is configured in Admin part. Very similar to "Invite_Friends" standard Elgg 1.5 plugin. Have minor differences (like admin-configured invitation text).

Plugin is developed by Web100 Net Technology Center, Ltd. under the assignment of Lorinthe,BV.

- Fixed setup new message issue

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  • can this be intergrated into the group feature so we can invite friends to join groups outside of elgg

  • Uh.... i just installed it and the friend setup message is still broken...

  • Thanks for this. As the admin, I've changed the default language and saved it. But now I can't find how a user sends an invitation. Please help ?

    I was hoping that this would address a problem I was experiencing with the invitefriend plugin native with elgg 1.5, i've found that if you enter more than one e-mail address (one per line as instructed) the e-mail invitations are not sent. If you input only one e-mail address, the invitation is sent. And yes they are valid e-mail addresses when more than one is input.

    As well the instruction in the invitation that once the new user logs in they will automatically be a friend of the person that invited them seems false. I haven't seen this to be the case.

    So, I guess I was hoping that those two issues would be addressed by Bogdan's plugin. But I can't even find a way to send the invitation ... so can't test for those.

    Thanks in advance.


  • I've installed this and get the menu item in the admin section, but when I click it I can't edit anything. i get a heading that says "friend invitation message" and a large blank space that I can't access or edit.

    Do I need to have "newest members" installed for this to work?


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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