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Description: adds inscription "online" on avatar. Inscription hides part of avatar.
Plugin is developed by Web100 Net Technology Center, Ltd. under the assignment of Lorinthe,BV.

Download from

Fixed issue with icon drop-down menu.


  • Working now perfect.


  • Working perfect now.

    The dropdown arrow is still available but if you try to click it you have to be very fast ;)

    ->Mission Impossible like ;)

  • Very nice, I just felt it's better to set the online image to the tight bottom of the avatar, this is better not to hide a part of the face :)

    I just made these changes to the style file, this is just a suggestion , Thanks a lot!



        right: 0px;
        /* top: 0px;  */
        bottom: 0px;

  • Works great.  Does it not show on all avatar's?  Like when you visit a friends profile page is it supposed to show on the big profile avatar?  The only places I see it is on the small avatars on the index page and when I view all members.  Great job again Bogdan.

  • @ bogdan - I have installed this new version, done everything in the usual way, even created a new user incase it doesn't show on users currently in an elgg site's database but still no joy at seeing the online inscription. Does it have to be positioned in any particular order in the plguin list within admin at all?


  • @ bogdan and above post by me that it won't let me edit.

    I have re ordered the plugin list in my admin and it's now appearing in the members list section and index page (dashboard latest members). Thank you for a great plugin :)


  • doesn't work correctly in Google Chrome:(((

    the "online" image increases to the all the hight of the page.

  • Problems in IE6 (yeah, I know - it sucks) also.  The "online" graphic is huge until you hover over it - then it returns to normal.  Anyone else have this issue?

  • @Crusader:  I am having this issue also.

    Does anyone know of a work around, or in general what would need to be fixed?  I'm guessing this is a CSS compatibility issue?



  • I've looked into this more and I think that the answer is to modify the  default\online\css such that the various attributes are defined for each main type of browser using the ol' _ and # hack trick. 


    height: 15px;
    #height: 15px;
    _height: 21px;

    , wherein the first attribute applies to all,

    the second (w/ the # prefix) applies to IE 6+, and

    the third applies to IE 6.0 and older

    I know this is an incomplete solution, I've been dinking around with it and have made some progress, but I think this might be the right track.  Maybe one of you fine folks will beat me to it!

    I'll definitly post a fix if I find one.

    Good luck all!

  • In Safari - the online image bled all the way down the page.  So, in the CSS block:


    .online_status_online img{
            width: 100%;
            height: 100%;

    I deleted the height attribute and things were fine in FF 3.5, Safari, and IE7

  • In arora it was the same like Ed Lyons said. Removing the height helped for arora as well. Thx

  • Hi all,

    new verion of this plugin is available at

    I changed layout and styles and I hope now it must working on all browsers.

  • how to plugin in my website please detailed


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