CustomStyle v1.0 RC3

Release Notes

Use in production at own risk!! Or better... don't use in production :)

Gives users the possibility to customize the look and feel of their profile pages.

- Change background image (default or uploaded)
- Change background layout (position,repeat, fixed/scroll)
- Change a number of colors (background, widget background, header, fonts etc)
- Live Preview when changing colors and background
- River events on update of profile style

If you need to change the colors that can be configured (and know a little php), check out the views/default/customstyle/colors.php file. In it you will find an array of all the elements that can be configured by the user. Delete entries or add as you see fit.

Version History
1.0 RC3:
 - some css adjustments
 - fixed: loading of js files in colorconfig
1.0 RC2:
 - added: dutch language file
 - fixed: blank pages on some pages (page_owner was 0)
 - fixed: palette icon not showing
1.0 RC1:
 - added: river event when changing style (option in admin tool setting)
 - added: option for enable/disable custom background upload (admin tool setting)
 - added: option for configuration of max uploadable image size
 - added: customstyle now saved as object instead of metastring
 - added: lightbox preview of backgroundimages
 - added: thumbnail creation on upload custom background (small performance issue)
 - added: !important flags on background properties
 - added: some extra default seamless backgrounds (all free to use), removed metal background (wasn't seamless)
 - fixed: font color previews
 - fixed: "reset to normal design" not working in Safari/Chrome
 - fixed: Background filesize limit not handled (cant upload, but no error message)
 - removed: saving of customstyle as metastring (you need to reconfigure your style when upgrading from previous version)
 - new version jscolor 1.2.3 included
 - included lightbox js (packed only 7k!)
 - added: admin setting to allow/disallow customstyle for background and/or colors
 - added: "show in normal design" when customstylesheet is loaded. Allows switching to default style if customstyle is a little too artistic :)
 - added: some extra default seamless backgrounds (all free to use), the ducks are sweet
 - fixed: remembers previously uploaded background (didn't show when it was not the current)
 - First release to the public
 - color management
 - Use images uploaded in files and tidypic as background
 - Create color presets (red style, green style etc) -> sets all colors
 - enable sharing of personal theme (allows copying theme to own profile)

ColdTrick IT Solutions
(C) 2009 ColdTrick IT Solutions

  • Problem: this plugin breaks when the plugin views cache is on. Further, profiles break when the views cache is off and the plugin is left on. Namely, the user only sees their own widgets on every other profile unless they hit refresh.

    Not quite sure how to fix this myself.

  • -.- er, whoops. Early save clicky. What I mean by "breaks" is that while users can edit their styles, the changes are not preserved.

  • i am having trouble even seeing this plug in work.

    i have it enabled, how does a user access its ability? i can find anywhere it can be accessed other then enable/disable in the plug ins.

  • GregKeys

    same here no link to use it

  • GregKeys

    looks like you have to goto settings and save once to get it visible in tools

  • What I would sure like to see is the admin ability to set the plugin so it shows personalized design only on profile page.  but this plug in is awsome and the main reason why I went with elgg. so thank you very much.

  • Hey Everyone,

    can someone explain me how to disable the transparent option for link color, all font color and widget title color ?? some users become realy confused when they cant see text anymore xD.

  • How can it be set up for non members to view a profile running customstyles

  • this plugin only works if the theme you're using doesnt use any background image.

  • Legend, I was trying to work out for ages why my program tidypics and customstyle did this.


    I updated the site www.siteurl.upgrade.php which fixed the customstyle but not tidypics, until I disabled big brother. Now it works perfectly. Grrr.

    Curious thing was only .jpg was affected.

  • InstallationException
    Type is not supported. This indicates an error in your installation, most likely caused by an incomplete upgrade.


    I get this error when attempting to change colors, background changes work.  I too have the BigBrother addon installed.  When I disable BigBrother, your addon works.  I'll also notify the Bigbrother developer. 

    TIA :-)

    details below for php log:


     *** FATAL EXCEPTION *** : exception 'InstallationException' with message 'Type  is not supported. This indicates an error in your installation, most likely caused by an incomplete upgrade.' in C:\wamp\www\elgg15\engine\lib\extender.php:52
    Stack trace:
    #0 C:\wamp\www\elgg15\engine\lib\metadata.php(58): ElggExtender->get('value')
    #1 C:\wamp\www\elgg15\mod\bigbrother\start.php(96): ElggMetadata->__get('value')
    #2 C:\wamp\www\elgg15\engine\lib\elgglib.php(1486): bigbrother_filter_entity('update', 'metadata', Object(ElggMetadata))
    #3 C:\wamp\www\elgg15\engine\lib\elgglib.php(1533): events('update', 'metadata', '', NULL, true, Object(ElggMetadata))
    #4 C:\wamp\www\elgg15\engine\lib\metadata.php(319): trigger_elgg_event('update', 'metadata', Object(ElggMetadata))
    #5 C:\wamp\www\elgg15\engine\lib\metadata.php(221): update_metadata('156903', 'body|background...', 'FFFFFF', 'string', 3, 2)
    #6 C:\wamp\www\elgg15\mod\customstyle\actions\savecolors.php(42): create_metadata('8058', 'body|background...', 'FFFFFF', 'string', '3', 2)
    #7 C:\wamp\www\elgg15\engine\lib\actions.php(65): include('C:\wamp\www\elg...')
    #8 C:\wamp\www\elgg15\engine\handlers\action_handler.php(19): action('customstyle/sav...')
    #9 {main}

  • ok pretty big issue you might look at... what if someone puts an inappropriate background image on there page how can an admin remove it...

  • 116 days ago this was going to be made for production. arrr if I had the money to donate to make it happen, :-(

  • I did find 1 more thing you could look  into. The border is staying active around the body not going transparent? Not a big deal just thought I would let you know

  • i've install this plugin and works well and i wonder this plugin..

    but when i try to change the background, the background doesnt appear because it blocked by the background of theme.

    i use elgg 1.5 with darkelgg theme.

    how to make it works jeroen?

  • @cutez7boyz@ You have to use the invisible funtion in the color part to make the background visible through your elgg theme.

    edited:  stray code in the DB after our move caused this plugin to break not the fault of the plugin but it receved collateral damage However we fixed it This i one of the best plugins on our site Thanks for all your work on this :-)


  • the problem isnt on there.

    but i have background picture bg

    the background make custom style disappear.

    anything resolve this problem?

    you can check on my elgg:


    thanks :)

  • Hi, Jeroen Dalsem

    Great plugin, i'm using it on 1.6.1, until now no problem with changing background image.

    Just using bg image because of the warning above:

    Use in production at own risk!! Or better... don't use in production.

    I hope soon you will say can use it with all settings.



  • Looking forward for this to be a 1.0 download soon.

    An IDEA for may be v1.1 ??

    If I as a user/or as the site admin create a great Profile look, id like to give that look a name, save it so others can pick it from a list in say their settings menu and then it will update the look of their page automatically. On the bottom say of each page will be the title of the page profile look that the person is using so i can go find that look and use it for my profile or just say, Personal Look as its just a look the user has made but not saved. If that makes any sense. Would be greate to use as i could create nice page looks for my users and they can choose to use it or not, or have members making my site pages look better.

    When its done, let me know if you woudliek a donation for your hard work. Sure many people cant be to hard up to give $1 or $2, i woudlnt mind.

    What do you think ???

  • Hi, Jeroen

    Where i can change the custom style link from dropdown (Tools) to settings link (Configure your tools).



  • I got some Data truncated for column 'value_type' errors but I fixed it by editing savecolors.php, savebackground.php - change 'string' to 'text' in create_metadata method calls.

  • Is it possible to do it for the 1.6 version or not?

  • hi i love your extensions but i have a problem whit this one everytime i upload a background image it shows me a link text instead of the background thumb and when i save it it shows juts a white background :(

    Does anyone know how to resolve this problem ??

    BTW im using elgg 1.7

  • does the uploaded background image problem have something to do with the upgraded database for v1.7 ?

    just trying to figure it out.

    i really like this plug-in.

  • Great plugin!~
    Is it possible to change the <div id="profile_info"> background image instead of <div id="body">??

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