CustomStyle v1.0 RC3

Release Notes

Use in production at own risk!! Or better... don't use in production :)

Gives users the possibility to customize the look and feel of their profile pages.

- Change background image (default or uploaded)
- Change background layout (position,repeat, fixed/scroll)
- Change a number of colors (background, widget background, header, fonts etc)
- Live Preview when changing colors and background
- River events on update of profile style

If you need to change the colors that can be configured (and know a little php), check out the views/default/customstyle/colors.php file. In it you will find an array of all the elements that can be configured by the user. Delete entries or add as you see fit.

Version History
1.0 RC3:
 - some css adjustments
 - fixed: loading of js files in colorconfig
1.0 RC2:
 - added: dutch language file
 - fixed: blank pages on some pages (page_owner was 0)
 - fixed: palette icon not showing
1.0 RC1:
 - added: river event when changing style (option in admin tool setting)
 - added: option for enable/disable custom background upload (admin tool setting)
 - added: option for configuration of max uploadable image size
 - added: customstyle now saved as object instead of metastring
 - added: lightbox preview of backgroundimages
 - added: thumbnail creation on upload custom background (small performance issue)
 - added: !important flags on background properties
 - added: some extra default seamless backgrounds (all free to use), removed metal background (wasn't seamless)
 - fixed: font color previews
 - fixed: "reset to normal design" not working in Safari/Chrome
 - fixed: Background filesize limit not handled (cant upload, but no error message)
 - removed: saving of customstyle as metastring (you need to reconfigure your style when upgrading from previous version)
 - new version jscolor 1.2.3 included
 - included lightbox js (packed only 7k!)
 - added: admin setting to allow/disallow customstyle for background and/or colors
 - added: "show in normal design" when customstylesheet is loaded. Allows switching to default style if customstyle is a little too artistic :)
 - added: some extra default seamless backgrounds (all free to use), the ducks are sweet
 - fixed: remembers previously uploaded background (didn't show when it was not the current)
 - First release to the public
 - color management
 - Use images uploaded in files and tidypic as background
 - Create color presets (red style, green style etc) -> sets all colors
 - enable sharing of personal theme (allows copying theme to own profile)

ColdTrick IT Solutions
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  • RC3 is hopefully the last one :) The js fix in this one is important for everyone who has their site in a subfolder. Hopefully those will now see the nice colorpicker when clicking on the input field (when configuring the colors).

  • Does it include an option to to reduce the width of every page of my wpmu site uniformly to less than 800px? I would love to see a single style sheet (style.css) from where I can control the appearance of a site.

  • @shillog this is Elgg and not WordPress MU, but to answer your question: no. To adjust the complete appearance of your site check out this link

  • Oh, sorry, Jeroen, it's a typing error, I meant Elgg, of course :)

    I will check the link and get back to you.



  • so when will this be ever used in a production site?

  • @Cim i'm trying to make 1.0 ready for production in a few days. I'm going to use it on some of my own projects so i need it myself to be ready too :)

  • ok its working now on this version...  only thing is b4 i could enter more css in the color editor and now it will only let me put a color...   for example if i want the profile background black with some transparency i cant do it now because it doesnt let me add the code(gets rid of it as soon as i click out of the box)

    any way around this?  I like the color picker and i like that it saves info in the boxes but i dont like that i cant add more css in the box.

  • @Fusion the idea for the color picker was that you could pick a color :) It wasn't by design that you could do even more creative things with it. Having more advanced options available with customstyle is on my personal todo list. Will develop it in future versions. For now, just the colors have to do. Thanks for letting me know that it works as designed right now :)

  • also the color picker only shows up on the first few boxes.  should it be showing on all of them?

  • Hi Jeroen,

    I installed the plugin but nothing shows anywhere where I can use the plugin.

    Can you please help me by pointing where to check for it?


  • Sorry Jeron, I found it in the tools menu.

    If I want to show in the link at the edit profile page maybe under change profile icon, how can I do that?

  • Is it possible to change the profile area, not just the color, but also to be able to put picture in it?

  • Hey @Jeroen,

    I've noticed some elements (for instance #layout_footer) when inserted into $configArray cause the javascript to break (i.e. var color is "undefined"), though color changes are still honored (metastrings are correctly set and printed in the <style>, etc.).  Do you know why this might be?  I've been banging my head for a while as JS isn't my specialty.  Haha.

  • Here is an Idea...........  How much would it take,, ( Im not a code jockey).... to develop a mod like this one for profiles except for groups?  so he/ she that creates a group can alter the look to match the subject of the group?? ( which could be open source "freebie" version)


    AND... ( A commercial pay for version).. would allow the group creator to insert ad scripts to monetize their group with a revenue share percentage with the site owner,,,, that percentage of share would go up as they created more and more active groups??


    good Idea? bad Idea?

  • @Jeroen how do i get my background to repeat automatically. Let me explain when i click on an image the header fills up with the picture not the body but when i click on the repeat radio button at the bottom then it fills the page. header and body. Is there a way that i can change this.Make the repeat radio button always checked or maybe there is another way. Thanks

  • how can i put

    in two_column_left_sidebar_maincontent_boxes at the top?
    i can't find this part of code...
    thanks in advance and for this great plugin!
  • Getting an error


    Type is not supported. This indicates an error in your installation, most likely caused by an incomplete upgrade.


  • sorry accidently pressed post before finishing...

    happened when i tried to upload a custom back ground .. any ideas ?/ thanks...

  • p.s seems to work even tho the error is displayed :S

  • Are you also using the Big Brother plugin? I get the same error when both are enabled :S

  • @madshark Not sure if this was resolved, but check that the plugin is not inside another folder , that is mod\pluginname\pluginname, should be mod\pluginname. It happened to me when I unzipped and uploaded  and the mod is inside another folder of the same name, that is inside the customstyle folder is another customstyle folder with the actual mod.

  • Hello, I try the plugin now for a few days to activate. Where can I find the link on the user's profile can pimp?

    Neither the Topbar menu nor in the profile itself, I can not find link! Thank you ...

  • There seems to be a conflict with the event plugin js....  What's going is that when both customstyle and events plugin are enabled the event date picker when adding an event there's no background on the calendar just text when disable customstyle all is good... Thanks

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