CustomStyle v1.0 RC1

Release Notes

Use in production at own risk!! Or better... don't use in production :)

Gives users the possibility to customize the look and feel of their profile pages.

- Change background image (default or uploaded)
- Change background layout (position,repeat, fixed/scroll)
- Change a number of colors (background, widget background, header, fonts etc)
- Live Preview when changing colors and background
- River events on update of profile style

If you need to change the colors that can be configured (and know a little php), check out the views/default/customstyle/colors.php file. In it you will find an array of all the elements that can be configured by the user. Delete entries or add as you see fit.

Version History
1.0 RC1:
 - added: river event when changing style (option in admin tool setting)
 - added: option for enable/disable custom background upload (admin tool setting)
 - added: option for configuration of max uploadable image size
 - added: customstyle now saved as object instead of metastring
 - added: lightbox preview of backgroundimages
 - added: thumbnail creation on upload custom background (small performance issue)
 - added: !important flags on background properties
 - added: some extra default seamless backgrounds (all free to use), removed metal background (wasn't seamless)
 - fixed: font color previews
 - fixed: "reset to normal design" not working in Safari/Chrome
 - fixed: Background filesize limit not handled (cant upload, but no error message)
 - removed: saving of customstyle as metastring (you need to reconfigure your style when upgrading from previous version)
 - new version jscolor 1.2.3 included
 - included lightbox js (packed only 7k!)
 - added: admin setting to allow/disallow customstyle for background and/or colors
 - added: "show in normal design" when customstylesheet is loaded. Allows switching to default style if customstyle is a little too artistic :)
 - added: some extra default seamless backgrounds (all free to use), the ducks are sweet
 - fixed: remembers previously uploaded background (didn't show when it was not the current)
 - First release to the public
 - color management
 - Use images uploaded in files and tidypic as background
 - Create color presets (red style, green style etc) -> sets all colors
 - enable sharing of personal theme (allows copying theme to own profile)

ColdTrick IT Solutions
(C) 2009 ColdTrick IT Solutions

  • I'm working on a stable 1.0 release so i release a Release Candidate for you to test. It has a complete different configuration style storage system so customstyles made in a previous version won't work in this version.

  • Love the new features Jeroen, having problems with uploading images, I have the file plugin enabled, but nothing happening for me yet, will dig the code later and see if i can suss it out.

    Other features like river feed, light box working fine.  Looking forward to the stable release. 

    Thank you for this awsome mod :)

  • This is very exciting. Can't wait for a stable version. Love to Pimp my style. Now I use Piccaso's 'Guernica' as background! Hope he won't mind....

  • Much improved since the previous version Jeroen, this is gonna be worth the wait!

    Still having the "Show in normal design" issue using Safari though, Didn't see it initially, but when I disabled my theme it seemed to appear. A missing image icon with the link text show in normal design" in the top right corner of the page. Wont go away now either.

    Background colour's doesn't seem to be working for me either. I can select them, but doesnt save/preview them at all. And just now, instead of the home page, ive got a black screen..... this is my 3rd messed up index page in about 2 weeks using elgg :P

    Any chance of a colour picker instead of typing hex?

    Could a default style option be added for every user?


    Good work though, looking forward to seeing this progress.

    Thank you.

  • I love this plugin. It works great on my end. Great Job :) and Thank You!

    What I would really like to see is a way to organize backgrounds that admin's upload for members to use. You know, how they all load on one page right now? Could it possibly be set up for a set amount to be shown on a page.. for example 10 on one page ... then another page with 10 and so on?

  • Great plugin. For some reason, the registration gave me a black page. I reverted back to your old version and it seems working fine now.

  • Can we get a Screen Shot of this mod.

  • Just noticed this : when someone goes to register now. this error is shown :

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getObjects() on a non-object in /home/tnblue12/public_html/mod/customstyle/start.php on line 70

    Suggestion please

  • @misty, kraken, derek i fixed the blank page issue (or i think i do)

    @derek fixed the palette icon on "show in normal design". Which version Safari are you using? And is it on Mac? I tested Safari 4 on windows with no problems. There is a colorpicker, if you click on the input field. But with some ppl it doesn't seem to work. Looks like it happens on mac's.

    @excel144k screenshot in the making

  • Awesome! Ill test it and will give you feekback. Again this is a great plugin specially when you are building network for those who love to customized their profiles. Great work!

  • That was quick Jeroen! yeah its a macbook, safari 3.1.2 on mac os x 10.5.6 

    If it helps, I performed a clean install of elgg, new database...etc and disabled all default plugins, then i turned on customstyle and it worked fine under safari and I can see what you mean now about the colour picker, it wasn't there before, but everything worked fine!! after a couple of hours though, messing about with themes, I logged out and got the blank page again.

    I'll test out this release and report back, excellent work! Thanks again!

  • Hi Jeroen how do i make the background repeat checkbox checked by default?

  • @Jeff default if you don't choose a repeat, the background will be repeated (standard html behaviour)

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