CustomStyle v0.8

Release Notes

Use in production at own risk!! Or better... don't use in production :)

Gives users the possibility to customize the look and feel of their profile pages.

- Change background image (default or uploaded)
- Change background layout (position,repeat, fixed/scroll)
- Change a number of colors (background, widget background, header, fonts etc)
- Live Preview when changing colors and background

Todo / Known defects:
- Color preview fonts not working correctly
- Background filesize limit not handled (cant upload, but no error message)
- Let admin configure available color options
- Create color presets (red style, green style etc) -> sets all colors
- more efficient saving of color configuration
- enable sharing of personal theme (allows copying theme to own profile)
- enable "show in default template" on profile (if someone would mess up his colors)

The background changing is very stable. Colors is still not ready, but hoping for some tips for improvement or other ideas.

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  • wow sounds like a great plugin for a user to be creativity with their own profile. i'll try it out on my dummy account

  • This listens awesome! Good luck developing it! :-)

  • Kudos for this plugin - Installed it this morning and played with customizing my profile

    Looks like if you have a custom theme installed then this plugin will not over all the elements of it. If you want an idea of what I mean install the theme for 1.5 that is available then install this plygin and customize your colors etc and you will see what elements do not get over written when you customize your page.

  • Great plugin !,

    Have you considerd the option for when a user visit you page/profile that they can choose to swith your template to the sandard template. It is possible that the owner has made such dramatical changes that it is not viewable for visiting users(everyone has different taste) , hense the option to switch to standard layout (but your changed layout stays for you)

    but love the idea of personalizing your profile, succes with the development, and feedback on my suggestion is welcome


  • This is major, we do need some kind of color picker for the colors section.

    Heres are some sources for scripts you may be able to integrate.

    Yess,awesome, I love this,good work

  • @chambo67 Currently there already is a colorpicker in use. Just click the textfile and a nice one will appear. I use jscolor for it.

    @Anand Sueman i'll add your suggestion to my todo list :)

    @The Father you're correct on the issue of different theme's messing up the current color choices. Im trying to find out a way that the coloroptions can be somewhat universal or can be configured based on the current theme.

    To all: thanks for the quick comments

  • Edit: i meant click the input box (where the hashcode is display) in stead of 'textfile'...

  • Sorry to sound dumb, what text file?? I see nothing i can click

  • When i click input box nothing happens? maybe i should reinstall

  • i don't know if you just know jquery theme roller but maybe you can improve your plugin with it

    nice work

    thanks byebye

  • still cannot get the colorpicker to pop up, background works awesome though

  • Now if i type in colors, either the hex or actual color name like "blue, orange,pink ect" it works, just cant get the script to pull up the colorpicker

  • very nice, My kids will love it

    Thank You

  • I love this ... although it will not work with my tweaked theme ... but I still love it!!!  Excellent job.

  • @jeroen  ---  Just to let you know what I found out. I am using this plugin on a site 55 users.  The only problems I really see is this. If the admin uses a theme that includes background graphics then any customization an individual does to their page conflicts with the graphic. - I removed the graphic and the customization of the profile page worked perfect.

    The only aspect that does not or is not allowed to be customized is the widgets. And by this I mean the content background inside the widget box. For instance if it is the Event Widget the text does get changed but the text backgroun that explains the event does not. Also the top background color of the box. Like where the words Event Calendar is located.

    Further some of the profile fields has the same behavior. Wire posts has the default blue background and some of the profile questions background stays the default grey/white color. The text for both of these does change according to how the user has defined it under custom style.

    But for the 1st plugin written that allows users to customize their profiles this is absolutely the best widget my users have tested out and given positive feedback on.

    Thank you for your time and for making this a free contrib to the Elgg Community. You are extremely close on making this just about perfect.

    Other then the few minor things I mention above everything else works like a charm!

  • Awsome mod!

    I only have one problem, i'm using elgg 1.5 the problem  I have is when I try to upload an image everything seems to work but  I end up with no background image, any ideas?

  • you have to click save before it shows.

    I dont get the colour picker when i click on the text box though.

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