Custom White Theme (For Elgg 1.5) v1.1

Release Notes

A custom white and orange theme based off of Pete Harris's Elgg example theme framework.

It requires Elgg version 1.5

Tested on local install with Firefox 3.0, IE 7, and Chrome 1.0

*Notes - Renaming the theme will cause it too break. Also if you are adding text to the front page in Administration>>External Pages>>Frontpage, the information pages are reversed e.g. Lefthand is Righthand and Righthand is Lefthand 

Full Size Screenshots - Custom White Screenshots 

image     custom white logged out view

  • This version includes fixes for missing icons. If you are still using 1.0 I recommend upgrading to 1.1.

    I have had a couple users claim that some text is hidden due to miss-color matching. If anybody finds some text missing because of this, it would be a big help if you could detail specifically where the problem is. Thanks for the help everyone!

  • I love your thems but dark colors great a lot of issues with links etc is there anyway you can change the dark color to something lighter. maybe some sort of eco colors here is some color combo green,  light blue, and the nice light brown would be cool 

  • Thanks Ash, I agree with what you are saying. It's always a tough balance between design and usability with web design. I'll look into using more neutral colors with the next theme release to avoid too much light\dark contrast. Thanks for the input

  • That would be great, i will look forward to it.

  • Hi, I added this theme to my test site and when I enable it, all my pages load but with an error " Object doesn't support this property or method" all hyperlinks do not work either.  When I disable everything goes back to normal.  Any suggestions?? Thanks

  • Dear Jeremy, I liked it and have installed it, though I agree with Ash.

    My biggest problem, however, is width change, not color change.

    How to make my Elgg site get displayed in less than 800px width?

    I mean all pages uniformly.

    I am uncomfortable with 70mm websites, to put it cinematically :)

  • In the Group Discription i cant see the text because the fontcolor is the same as the background color.

    This is the only problem i found so far.

  • @Zeronix - Everything looks fine on my local install in regards to the Group Discription text. If you have a link to the problem, it would be a big help to see what is going on.

  • It seems to be fixed.

    I installed the theme again and now i can see ALL texts.

    Great work and thank you for the change!

  • Hello Good Elgg Developers and community users, I'm so glad to know that there are kind people on this earth that have good intention of helping others achieve greatness by using their proffession to assisting others achieve their needs. I'm in  need of an affordable and reliable host that can support multiple domain and also a custom theme to start my first Elgg site... Its very urgent.

    Thank you all in advance as you contribute...

  • @Stanley Agbonifo

    I can point you in the right direction for sure> I host with a company owned by a friend with very reasonable rates. If you would like some contact info and pricing I would be happy to send over some contact info for you to get in touch with him through e mail or his commercial website.

    Message me if you need more info.

    Good luck with future elgg sites!

  • When I switched to this theme my RSS feed is gone? Does this have anything to do with this theme plugin?

    The theme itself is excellent, but if it does not support RSS unfortunately I cannot use it as I wish to get the feed out and attract more users.

    Is this the case?

  • I believe you mean the icon is not showing correct? If that is the case then you can copy the image from /elgg/_graphics/icon_rss.gif 



    The image appears to have not been included with the theme. 

  • no i mean the RSS from the index page. I have RSS for user and such, but no index RSS for some reason? Since it was lost the only change I have made was the theme.

    Thanks for the reply!

  • Hey Jeremy, love this theme! I'm new to Elgg and trying to help my husband develop his website for guitar collectors. We'd like to tweak this theme and add our own header image that would appear where the elgg logo and the navigation icons appear (Home, My Profile, Dashboard, etc). Which file(s) should I be looking in to edit this area? TIA!

  • Hi Fern, sending you a message.



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