Replies to me (The wire with a new feature) v1.0.1

Release Notes

This module add the 'show replies to me' feature.

It is necesary to replace the module 'the wire'


  1. Fixed error in translation


like always feedback is welcome


  • What is new in this version? :-)

  • @Simox

    Nothing. But if you think it would be good I can add:

    The wire friends - friends of View posts
  • You know the wire would be really good if we had the ability to also post it in our facebook/myspace/twitter pages as well (hint)

  • @jededitor

    I will investigate to post on facebook

  • Pedro & jededitor,

    The facebook/twitter thing can be done with what is available - am using it on my site right now!  Basically, at present, you have to post to facebook THROUGH twitter.  Enable the "Selective Twitter Status" App in facebook, and fill in your twitter info.  Then, load the "Twitter Service" plugin into your mod folder in Elgg and enable.  Login to your Elgg site >> Settings >> Set Default Access to "Public."

    Next:  Settings >> Configure Your Tools >> Set your Twitter Info Here. 

    Done!  All of your wire posts will now update Twitter.  Any post with "#fb" at the end of the post will also update Facebook.

    Not sure about MySpace - Don't use it.

    This is kind of a work around, but it works well!

  • Just been and checked it out - not so sure about the #fb thing on the end of every message and it would be easy to forget but there are plenty of twitter apps on facebook so maybe pedro would just have to concentrate on making the wire appear on facebook and myspace?

  • you guys are getting a lot of value for $0.00\

    How about the 50 or so people who have downloaded this PlugIn

    • Send Pedro $1.00 each thru PayPal,.

    Would that be a NICE gesture ?

    Or am I preaching to the heartless ?

    Give me and all other PlugIn coders a break! !!!

    • Send your $1   ==>  to Pedro
    • Make him feel you all are all humans who pay $$ for groceries too.. just like he does ;-O
  • Hi Pedro,

    the dolwnloaded file is giving me the size of 0 KB !

    Any solution ?

  • when I installed the plugin then the "show replies" thing did appear BUT _MACOSX plugin also appeared in my list of plugins. I enabled that just to check what it was and the site went down. On loading the site only one message was being shown. "_MACOSX plugin misconfigured"


    When I deleted the _MACOSX folder and thewire folder from mod directory then only the site started to work BUT NOW the green bar which is displayed once you install a new plug isn't displaying :(


    its gone??

  • Hi ,

           if i post  a message in wire, can i see it in my twitter inbox?

  • It would be great if there could be a function for the wire similar to Twitters Trending Topics.

  • Is there a way to view on one page mine and wire posts from my friends.

    That sould be necessary AFAIK, because I could than follow all wire and select "friends" or I sould say a interesting authors to follow them on that page...

    I think that this is more usefull than a page where I can follow just my wire posts (apart from everyone.php that is great option to track all users...)?

  • works perfectly, thank you

  • Is there any way to show the replies on the wire dashboard as well. I just want to show the replies on my dashboard widget? Also, I just manually edited mine since I made mods to my "thewire" module. Basically I just took the "thewire_functions.php", and "replies.php" and edited the "start.php" page to require the "thewire_functions.php" page and add the menu and copied them over mine. Is there any other files I should be concerned with?

  • @nofullstop this is probably because you uploaded files that you deflated on your computer.

    You'd better upload the archive on your server and deflate it from here (unzip), so filles will keep their initial files permissions.

    The _MACOSX folder is a generic mac system folder and can be safely deleted.

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