Friend Request v1.5

Release Notes

I have helped many users here who came up with problems but never done any pluggin. This is the first and I believe it is good.

This is a very good pluggin originally created by Zac Hopkinson for Elgg version 1.0 which I have modified a bit to be compatible with Elgg version 1.5 . I have seen the Friendship moderation pluggin by webcubes which was suppossed to do the same job as this one will do (Which actually didn't cause I have seen all the frustated users and their comments  here . Well, All the features are listed below:

  • When you request someone to be your friend he/she will get internal visible notification on the topbar and an email will be sent to the use as well to notify about the request.
  • Trying to add the same person again while the add request is pending will throw a message saying "You've already requested to be friends with -username-"
  • Clicking on the link on the topbar will take users to a friendship accept/deny page where he/she can approve or deny to be the other persons friend.
  • If he/she approves then a two way friendship is created between both users.
  • If he/she denys the request is simply dropped and remove the hold on "add freind feature" so that the user can send a friend request again.
  • River notification for new relationship(friendship).

Hope that describes the pluggin and I will be very happy if this is of any help to the community. Any feedback is most welcome.

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  • @bosssumon,

    Approve and Deny are hard coded in listing.php, they should be in the language file.

    Great plugin. Thanks

  • Thanks for a great plugin. Does it also overwrite friendrequest mod ? Perhaps it should if possible. A user added through friendrequest does not appear to be automatically a friend of the user who invited the new user. Making such friends reciprocal would be a great thing ! I'm not even sure if the statement in the invitation e-mail to the new user is correct that they are automatically friends with the user who invited them ? Anyone else ?

  • @ jbvk "Does it also overwrite friendrequest mod?"

    I am confused cause this is the Friend Request mod.

  • Awesome update, worked straight out of the (box) file ;)

    One Q though and just to make sure, I take it the original


    Licence: GNU Public License, version 2

    Provides friend widgets for your profile

    Version: 1.5

    Author: Curverider ltd

    Copyright: (c) Curverider 2008-2009

    The above is kept, as this is what provides the Friends Activity widgets etc, where as this one you have created / updated is purely just for Friend's Request?


  • @bosssumon: sorry, miswrote, i meant does it overwrite the invitefriend mod. Friendrequest makes "friending" a current user reciprocal. But when inviting a new user to join the site via e-mail, there is a notification sent which states "You will automatically add them as a friend when you create your account." As far as I have been able to test this is not true. Making this automatic would be a great thing. Making it reciprocal would be a great thing. As it is now, I am going to delete the language in the notification unless someone can tell me that it is in fact true.


  • @Rob,

    Yes, you are right. Infact you must keep the friends mod for friend_request mod to work. Cause a hook from friends mod is used to update the river for friend_request mod.



    the invitefriend mod works seperately from my plugin. Your concern can be a feature request for invitefriend mod if it is not currently doing what you want.


  • Hi Bosssumon,

    This plugin is awsom, thanks for this.

    I have small concern,

    say a and b are friends

    b decided to delete a from freindlist....then it should be removed from freind list of b only, but some how it is deleting from friend list of a also.....

    this is not true in case of default elgg setup without this mod

    let me know your feedback on this

  • hey there...

    nothing is happening when i add this plugin. no green box, no notifications, nothing. actually, i was having problems adding friends so that's why i added this plugin, but now i think something is wrong with my site.

  • nevermind it was the 'moderation' plugin... everything works ok...

  • @ bosssumon - I have only just noticed bit it was incredibly difficult for me to get to Friend Request's in the current plugin, I found it and inputted it in to my browser directly and it showed up with (domain/pg/friendrequests)

    However, in all Friend Request features down the left hand side of an end users page / screen, "Friend Requests" seems to be missing as a linkable option to find easily.

    Is the above correct or a bug do you know?

    Any guidance will be appreciated.


  • @ankurdhoom

    That is the expected behaviour of this plugin (A two way friendship is created between both users). And when removed from freindlist of either of the concerned user there should not be any relationship at all.


    Hard to understand what you are trying to say. If you mean that in the profile page you want a link for this plugin saying "Request Friend" like "add friend" then you dont really need any because both of them will do the same thing. This plugin just adds some actions to default elgg behaviour which are only visible to you when someone else adds you as a friend (For example if I add you as a friend in default elgg you are added in my friends list straightaway but with this plugin enabled when I add you as a friend I will just see a message which say something like "friend request sent & wait for approval". You wont be in my friendlist untill you approve the request.)

    Hope it helps...........

  • @ Bosssumon - Thank you for the detailed reply :)

    I understand the majority of the workings of this plugin but what I don't understand and believe we do all we do for our end users where possible. As you have re-iterate above, as opposed to the default elgg friend request which automatically adds each other; yours doesn't and physically has to be accepted for end user approval, which is just how it should be.

    However, whilst the user who is being asked to add a user as a friend gets a private message and email notifying them of the following;

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    Eco Share Admin wants to be your friend! But they are waiting for you to approve the login now so you can approve the request!


    You can view your pending friend requests at (Make sure you are logged into the website before clicking on the following link otherwise you will be redirected to the login page.):




    (You cannot reply to this email.)

    Again the above is great but doesn't quite cover all angles for ease of use for the end user, I believe there is one more addition to make it complete;

    Take a look at the two screenshots I knocked up below to complete my query to you;














    and then....














    The reason I ask the last Q in the last screenshot above, is that if users don't turn on their global notification's to recieve private messages on the site, that leaves just the email and then if they delete one or more friend requests emails, they would not be able to locate "Friend Requests" within our elgg sites.

    Just a thought fella, not a negative criticism at all, hope you don't feel it is. Just have my own personal surfer head on as well as elgg own site creator head on too and hence thought would run the above past you.

    Appologies too if my first attempt earlier didn't quite explain it well, think I will do screenshots of all my queries or help on here, as graphics often speak a thousand words lol.

    Look forward to your thoughts.



  • @Rob,

    Thanks for doing the hard work to make me clear. Yes, I understand your concern but I think you got it all wrong. The notification system of this plugin is unique. You get one email notification when someone add you as a friend but the other one which you thinking is an internal message is not really an internal notification. You will get the second notification even if you opt out of all notifications from "settings->notifications". the notification you see on the topbar is actually a metadata pullup. when someone adds you as a friend the request meta data is saved and pulled up the sameway as your profiles personal details(name, address, location etc) when you login. there is no way to get it deleted accidentally. The only way to delete the request metadata is to accept/remove the requst from "domain/pg/friendrequests"(url).

    Hope that answers your query and thanks again for taking time to explain the problem in details.

  • Is there a way to disable the acceptance dialog?  What I want is for users to be friends automatically whenever someone "adds" them. I'm desperate! Thanks!

  • @bben

    The feature you requested is the default behaviour of Elgg. Deactivate my plugin and that will do what you want .....

  • Hi,

    I install this and I get the right email notifications going out when people click "add friend" but the link goes to a blank page, the freindrequest page is blank.  if we re-click add friend it says we have already requested that.  Meanwhile, if person A "adds friend" on person B, and person B does it to person A, should i expect them to get added as friends, or is the only way for person A to go to the email, click the link to /pg/freindrequests and click something there (which is totally blank for me and not sure why).

    I have no themes activated.


    The plug "more info" box says:

    Warning: This plugin requires a later version of Elgg!
    Version: 1.5.0
    Author: Bosssumon and Zac Hopkinson
    Copyright: (C) Sumon 2009
    Licence: GNU Public License version 2
    but, I am on 1.5, freshly downloaded:

    Basic site statistics

    Elgg version :
    Release - 1.5, Version - 2009031301

    any ideas for making this work?
  • @tmcguire47

    You need to be logged into your site before you click on the link in your mail. the link to /pg/freindrequests is only for logged in user and if you are not logged in you will see a blank page.

    Hope that helps.

  • hi, i'm getting an issue with vasco_topbar, the friend request icon is pushing all menu items that come after it off the topbar. in my case this is the "Message" icon, "Chat" item and the "Administrator" item.

    I've decided to try and put the friend request icon as the last icon on the topbar so that hopefully it won't have anything after it to push off the topbar. Currently it's sitting just before the message icon. How can change it so that the friend request icon shows up as the last icon on the topbar instead of squeezing in between other menu items?


  • So this is a much cleaner/intuitive interaction.  Most users would struggle to grasp the differentiation of the "Friends" and "Friends of".

    Speaking of this, is there a way now to merge the "Friends" and "Friends of" links in the profile?  With this new plugin, these links are redundant.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi, I would like someone could help me with this problem.

    I am using the “friend request” plugin. It worked great, until i install de invite friend plugin. Both seems to work properly when they are not working together (both install and active at the same time). But when both are install at the same time, the plugin “invite friend” start to have this problem.

    When “invite friend” was working in a properly way it does this. When a user invited a friend by mail (the plugin send the mail trough the elgg) to someone that don’t have a user already created, and this person creates his user automatically he appear as a friend or the user that invite him trough “invite friend” plugin.


    After I install de “friend request” plugin, this doesn’t happened anymore. If I disable the “friend request” plugin, it start to work again.


    Anyone know how this problem could be solved? Or could someone give me an orientation where I should look or what I could do with the code to solve this?




I am just a coder. Have got an MSc in Computer Science. Working with Elgg for about 2 years now. I love open source and I love elgg. I have worked in many webdevelopment projects that used open souce applications. A brief portfolio of current websites I am working on can be found at


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