Friend Request v1.5

Release Notes

I have helped many users here who came up with problems but never done any pluggin. This is the first and I believe it is good.

This is a very good pluggin originally created by Zac Hopkinson for Elgg version 1.0 which I have modified a bit to be compatible with Elgg version 1.5 . I have seen the Friendship moderation pluggin by webcubes which was suppossed to do the same job as this one will do (Which actually didn't cause I have seen all the frustated users and their comments  here . Well, All the features are listed below:

  • When you request someone to be your friend he/she will get internal visible notification on the topbar and an email will be sent to the use as well to notify about the request.
  • Trying to add the same person again while the add request is pending will throw a message saying "You've already requested to be friends with -username-"
  • Clicking on the link on the topbar will take users to a friendship accept/deny page where he/she can approve or deny to be the other persons friend.
  • If he/she approves then a two way friendship is created between both users.
  • If he/she denys the request is simply dropped and remove the hold on "add freind feature" so that the user can send a friend request again.
  • River notification for new relationship(friendship).

Hope that describes the pluggin and I will be very happy if this is of any help to the community. Any feedback is most welcome.

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