Geotagging and geolocation maps for Elgg [vazco gmap] v2.0

Release Notes

In this release:

  • support for Jeroen's Profile Manager plugin
  • a large parts of code were rewritten, increasing the performance of the plugin
  • new functions and settings were added
  • support for a multiple extensions
  • search engine for geotagged entities was implemented

As many users requested this, the zip contains google-map plugin, also available here.


  • OK, the problem was caused by profile_manager. If somone also has only numbers instead of location should disable "showing locaion as tag" in location field . This soleved my problem.

  • Did anyone resolve the problem with this plugin vrs google maps plugin vrs Profile Manager plugin causing member search to blank the screen and hang with the status bar showing: Read ? The early comments showed at least 3 users having the problem but no solution offered then it went quiet. I am on 1.7.8 elgg. thanks

  • mdkberry, this problem was already solved. Please place vazco_gmap plugin below profile_manager plugin. In case this won't help (eg. in case you use custom profile_manager plugin), please put set_input('ajax',1); before invoking listing of users in profile_manager.

  • please also make sure you don't have javascript bugs on your site.

  • I dont know enough about php yet to know which of the custom profile_manager files to put 'set_input('ajax',1)' into. There are a lot of files seem to invoke it. (I am learning it fast as I can!)

    Though the issue was temporarily solved by removing the users that had location settings added before I enabled the plugin. so I can see the members search page now, but clicking on the 'select location' button does nothing in that view.  Also when I check for javascript bugs in the members search page I get the error :'map is undefined' and clicking on the link takes me to the source and shows me the line-  map.addControl (new GLargeMapControl3D());


  • mdkberry, clicking on address in members listing won't display map - this is intentional. This is because members list is invoked by AJAX. We could use livequery there to invoke it anyway although then multiple users would report conflicts with their javascript libraries - that's why we decided to not to display map on this particular listing.

    I'm not sure why you receive 'map is undefined' bug, we would have to investigate this. You can comment out this line in javascript code. This line is not used in commercial version I have installed right now and map controls are rendered correctly.

  • Can this plugin work in 1.8?

  • Tmash, currently, no. We're rebuilding commercial version to Elgg 1.8 now. In case you're interrested in commercial version, please send me a PM and I'll give you deadlines for plugn upgrade.

  • Hi Vazco, how do I go about buying the commercial version of vazco gmap plugin? Please advise.


  • Jacob, please go to You can buy plugin with use of PayPal there (btw, we just uploaded newest release yesterday).

  • Hi,

    These are a couple of issues I have been facing with the GPL version 2.0 of vazco_gmap:

    1. Along with my current users, I see their location as a hyperlink: "Show address on map". This happens on each member's profile and correctly takes me there on clicking it. On the other hand, from the list of existing members(members page), I see 'Show address on map' without a hyperlink.

    2. Another strange problem is that while I check the profiles of registered users enrolled on my system, some of these profiles show the correct location with the link whereas other show the link 'show address on map' as said above.

    3. During Registration / Sign-up, I have provided a location text field with a link 'Select Location'. This happens, I presume because I have set "Google Maps Location, link with a marker". The point I am coming to is that the link "Select Location" does work on click. Hence, the Location text box, even though set as mandatory, does not serve its intended purpose.

    Are these issues only related to the GPL version ? Will these be taken care of in vazco_gmap 1.7 commercial version?  If i buy this version, will I have the feature to get the location right from the time of registration ?

    Anyone, please help me to rectify these 'problems',


  • Jacob, ragarding your comments:

    ad 1. it's most likely you used "location" metadata in your project, probably as a profile field name. In this case, link would show up. I didn't receive similar reports for commercial version, although I can't rule out this won't be the case if you used "location" in some other plugin of yours. In case of commercial version, we can help you with support.

    ad 2. it's probably the same case

    ad 3. this feature is working correctly in commercial version and profile_manager. There may be some issues similar to this in case eg. new version of profile_manager comes out. Again, in such case we can help you with similar problems as free support.

    ps. with commercial version, it's adviced to use profile_manager, it's much cleaner than forms and flexprofile plugins. If you use forms, it's possible bugs 1 and 2 will disappear once you switch to profile_manager.

  • Hi Mike,

    Bought vazco_gmap and started using this on our application that is live. Earlier we were using the GPL version and locations were set correctly.

    Now, post the transition, the locations shown in the profile depends on the country been selected. Few countries for example Russia  it shows "Show address on map". For Kazakisthan which is near to Russia it is showing the correct result. For few places the location shown in different fonts.

    Any idea as to why this happens ? I am using the commercial version of the plugin for version 1.7. The plugin behaves in a different way in different scenarios.

    Will there be support assistance for commercial version of the plugin ? What will be the official email id for support ?



  • Please write to, or better yet - on plugin's forums in We treat posts in plugin's forums as priority ones.


    If possible, please send us your website's URL with login details, so that we can check problem on your install. In case you plan to contact with us by email, please provide also your login from

  • The location on the profile section of is still a mess. For many people it says 'Show address on Map' and for some it indicates the correct location and identifies it correctly on the map. Today, I edited my profile to put the correct address and it shows "Show address on map". For many members it is "location. not precise". Kindly help as these are different scenarios.

  • Will this plugin be updated for 1.8?

  • We don't plan to upgrade OS version to Elgg 1.8. There's a version upgraded to Elgg 1.8 here, although it's commercial.

  • Hanzolo, there is a commercial version upgraded to Elgg 1.8, with multiple modifications, available on link below:


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