Geotagging and geolocation maps for Elgg [vazco gmap] v2.0

Release Notes

In this release:

  • support for Jeroen's Profile Manager plugin
  • a large parts of code were rewritten, increasing the performance of the plugin
  • new functions and settings were added
  • support for a multiple extensions
  • search engine for geotagged entities was implemented

As many users requested this, the zip contains google-map plugin, also available here.


  • Midkniht, of course we keep support to the GPL version (as I already mentioned, we're planning new release soon). There are a few reasons we're temporarily delaying release of updates to this plugin though:

    1. the commercial version of this plugin is being rapidly developed. We want to release new GPL version once we have stable commercial version, with all the new features that we plan to implement. Once we have this version ready, we'll decide which features should be used in GPL version.

    2. some of the users complained about complexity in installing this plugin. We plan to release GPL version after we simplify the install process.

    We plan to intensively test the new version before release. This takes time, though less time than debugging after plugin's release.

    We plan to release a completely rewritten code, that's why we don't correct incompatibility issues in this version. This however don't prevent you or anyone else from bugfixing. As I mentinoned, I'll gladly include any stable bugfix to this version.

  • Looking forward to the v1.7 release!  Keep up the good work!

  • Hey

    Just installed the google maps app. Unfortunately the marker never shows up. Whenever I look up a location it will only show me the area of the location but not point out where exactly on the map it is. Any suggestions?


  • Sven, please make sure you choose the right field (location with marker). Also, please make sure you use the correct version of google-maps (0.92).


    This plugin wasn't updated for some time. Just for comparison, the commercial version was completely rewritten 3 times already since this version was released. We plan to release an update soon, to make GPL version compatible with all the newest plugins.

  • @vazco, anyway you can provide a link to a demo site where Profile manager and this plugin are enabled? would be nice to test the search feature integration with this plugin.

    I now you have fixed the error on the full version and i await the fix on the free version, But i might just buy your full version if i could test it. 

  • Dante, you can try our test server:

    login: vazco

    password: testsite

    The server is being restarted every 2 hours. It's not very stable, since many people are using it.

  • @vazco Thanks i tried to run the search feature with profile manager and vazco_gmaps enabled and it doesnt seem to do anything. Select location option on search members does nothing. No map pops up to select location.

  • Dante, the location map is rutned off on search listing of profile_manager, since both functionalities (map and search listing) use AJAX. Maps can work on this search form only with livequery script. Since livequery could cause conflicts if other plugins implemented it, we decided to leave location as inactive text instead of link on this search listing.


    It's fairly easy to plug in address search from vazco_gmap to profile_manager's location search though (I wonder why I didn't think of it earlier ;) ). If this would work for you, we can code such functionality.

  • @vazco Well what i really need is an intuitive search that works with profile_manager. Just something that allows members to search for other members via different fields specified on profile_manager. Giving members a more dating oriented search. 

    Search via Age 
    [18] to [27]
    Search via location

    Relationship status, Looking for, Orientation, sex, and so on.

    The really important one i need is Member search via Radius.
    like below


    [blank] Miles from this Zip [75089]

    Any idea what this would take?

  • Good evening!

    Congratulation for this great work! This is a very useful plugin.

    I have a particular necessity. I must take the localization of some commercial activity (like pubs, disco, night club) when I insert its name on the form to "go" in a locality. If I insert "Via Dante, Milano" for example, everything work, but if I insert "Club Mike" that are in Via Dante in Milano, I can't see it on my map.

    Any opinion about this problem?

    Thanks to all




  • Sgiansa, this feature is implemented with Google interface. There is unfortunately no option to modify this search mechanism.

  • Good evening Mike!

    I search for some solution to solve my problems that I explained to you in my post.

    Do you think that is possible to have a result like this:

    using this instrument

    with a map?

    Thanks for your work and your great kindness.



  • Hello,

    I'am newest on elgg, i still using phpizabi and dolphin but i think that elgg's verry powerfull.

    So, let's back on my problem, i've been install, i using profile manager. but when i try to use one of any format (link, map... with ou without marker), in the profile, i got only de lattitide and longitude, someting like it ((50.6456005, 5.5758213) ) you can see it at:

    what's problem?

  • Choukran, please put vazco_gmap plugin below profile_manager plugin.

  • Hello Mike,

    Is the commercial version allow users to modify their geoposition (if they dont want to display their exact location.. : something like : modify your position on the map => ery usefull for dating sites).

    If not, do you think it's possible ?

    Thanks by advance. Karim

  • directly from the map, I mean (by moving the bubble position..) ?

  • Toumi, yes, there are two options to modify position. you may set a setting to not to place marker at all, just to center map on a given location. Users may modify their position on the map as well.

  • soooo .... how does any of this show up on the website?

  • Nevermind. :) I figured him out.


  • Hey, anyone knows if it is possible to create groups map with this plugin?

  • Martinez- I have heard they are working on a group geo map. You might stop by and see what is going on.

  • Not working with 171, are you waiting with update until most of us will buy the paid version? your GPL version is not compatible for many weeks already...

  • Martinez, not working plugin is certainly not going to encourage anybody to buy the full version. We simply have too much work on our current projects to release GPL-versioned plugins at this moment. We have a few plugins, including enhanced event calendar or plugin manager, which we plan to release as soon as we have some time. We will be busy for at least two weeks though.


    How exactly incompatibility of this plugin with Elgg 1.7 manifests?

  • I see, well will be waiting thou. At the moment instead of the location names i can only see latitude numbers ... it used to work very well before before ve i updated my site to 1.7.7

  • Martinez, there's a good chance location field is wrongly displayed because of plugin order, please try putting plugin on the bottom of the plugin list (it certainly has to be below profile plugin). If location field will work then, it means probably some plugin of yours overwrites location settings.

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