Geotagging and geolocation maps for Elgg [vazco gmap] v2.0

Release Notes

In this release:

  • support for Jeroen's Profile Manager plugin
  • a large parts of code were rewritten, increasing the performance of the plugin
  • new functions and settings were added
  • support for a multiple extensions
  • search engine for geotagged entities was implemented

As many users requested this, the zip contains google-map plugin, also available here.


  • Works nicely with profile manager. Good job once more

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    Something i hadn't noticed before vazco.The advanced member search at /pg/members that jeroen has modified tries forever to load a map page and doesn'tdisplay anything if i have your plugin enabled...

  • I'm getting the same error as Nikolas... keeps trying to connect to

  • It seems to be an issue with the Google Maps plugin as disabling vazco_gmap doesn't fix...

  • Hello,

    I'm new to elgg and have a little problem with this PlugIn. The maps are shown correctly, but if I try to edit a profile and click on "select location" nothing happens.

    I'm using profile manager, and installed the plugin the way it is described above.

    Thanks for your help!!

  • Stoni, you must have a javascript bug on your site, or you didn't install the required plugin (gogole-map). Please check your site for javascript bugs first, as this is the most likely problem.

  • @vazco, I get the same error as ghostchild504 and Nokolas,  it tries to load and times out. When I turn off vazco_gmap the problem dissapears any ideas? Vazco_Gmap and the members search are both features that are really cool and want to use them both :)

  • I have the same error as jimmy45455. On a side note, is there a way to find out the distance between two locations? Furthermore, gather the directions between two locations?

    Thanks vazco. This plugin is great!

  • Marcom, currently there's no way to find out distance between two locations or display directions, though it can be added as a custom development.

  • thanks for the response vazco, it should be something to consider in future releases...I think it could help more than one and it doesnt seem to be too hard to implement. Have you happened to look at the problem many of us are having when clicking "Members" and having a timeout with static.googlemaps?

  • Marcom, this problem is already fixed in the full version and will appear in the free version in the next release.

  • Hi Vazco,

    Is there any chance to use this plugin (the paid one) without any profile plugin?  I don't like indeed to rely on a plugin (for upgrading reasons) for a  critical thing like profile management.


    Thanks in advance,


  • Rufuz, currently it's impossible. It can be added as a custom development though.

  • Thanx Vazco for the quick response,

    you can send me a msg with your offer, I'll better consider it if you later plan to implement it in the standard package.

    another question: I can see that the map of all members on your site is only accessible to logged in users. There's an option in the plugin to make it public?


    thanx again,





  • Ricc, sure, I can include the changes in the full version of the plugin, so you won't have to care for updates.


    btw, the map of members is accessible to everyone, please look here.

  • ok Vazco, I'll wait for your message,



  • SIlverlight, one of them is just older version of the same plugin.

  • SIlverlight,

    ad 1. as I rememeber, the width of the map is always the same on user's profile. The difference is only in groups when using the forms plugin.

    ad 2. you can quite easily set the width of the map yourself. Alternatively, I can add a feature as a custom development. This is a not complex feature.

    ad 3. not in demo version. We've developed a map input in a newest version though, it can be released on request. Right now we keep adding new features.

    ad 4. unfortunately, the extensions work only with the full version of vazco_gmap plugin.

  • Profile type

    thanks you,vazco.

    I just installed and almost work fine,only some problem.

    After active the your plugin, go to profile_manager.

    1. I have select <profile type> to

    "Google Maps location,  map with a marker" | "Google Maps location,  map without a marker"
    "Google Maps location,  wide map with a marker" | "Google Maps location, wide map without a marker"

    all these 4 option is not work , i change the profile with location then save.
    And i review the profile, it show blank on location, the map not show up.

    Then i select  "Google Maps location,  link with a marker", the show "Show address on map" and the location is correctly.

    2. Will next version can be custom the size of map?

    3. When user edit profile, it need to click a button and show up a map to select location, is it possible just show the map instead of click the button and show map?

    4. I would buy your other commericial plugin - vazco_gmap_friendmap

    But on the website say "Plugin required to run this one: vazco_gmap"

    So, is the friendmap plug-in work with this plugin in this page (Geotagging and geolocation maps for Elgg) ?

  • Silverlight, I answered to most of your questions in a comment above.


    ad 1. did you save data after changing input? I will look into this. I'm not getting the same bug on the full version right now, maybe it's the matter of the configuration, or the bug is in demo version only. Since we upgraded a lot of features in the map (and added a few new ones), we will probably update the free version with the bugfixes as well soon.

  • I notice on your elggdev page that is says Supported Elgg versions: 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, yet there is no download.  And here you are saying that the bugs for 1.7 and the members map are fixed in the new version.  Where is this version? If it is not available what is the fix?


  • midkniht, Elggdev offers commercial version of this plugin. You will get access to the download button of a full version once you purchase the plugin.

    I wrote that the commercial version is compatible with Elgg 1.7, this version is not yet compatible. It will be when we release new version of the plugin under GPL licence, what may take a few weeks.

    A few weeks ago we completely rewrote the code of the full version. Making it compatible with Elgg 1.7 took about 4 hours, the list of changes is long. Unfortunately there is no easy fix. I'm affraid you will have to wait for the next release.

  • I'm not understanding why the bugs previously mentioned have not been fixed?  Are you not intending to support this release as well as your commercial version?  I understand I can modify the source and I do but I am not gathering why you can rewrite the commercial version in 4 hours but can't add simple fixes to the community version.  Are you giving up on development of this and would rather someone else pick it up and rename it and add the features and fixes that you only add to your commercial version?


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