Geotagging and geolocation maps for Elgg [vazco gmap] v0.6

Release Notes


  • It adds location select capabilities to google-map, form and related plugins
  • It adds reverse geotagging capability
  • It can display locations on forms, group and user profile
  • it can be easily adopted to add location (map/address) to any content
  • It can be easily used to add geotagging to any Elgg element (photo, event etc.)


  • guess user's location by his IP address when selecting new location
  • display maps straight on the user/group/custom form
  • display all site users on a map
  • take user's location on registration
  • work on a large sites

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You can view this plugin in action on this page. You will also find more detailed description of the plugin and it's extensions there.




  • cleared the code and it's structure
  • fixed numerous minor bugs
  • no hacks to forms plugin needed now
  • faster loading time
  • User's city is shown instead of 'Show on map' (didn't work for US before)
  • address links are no longer clickable until they're fully loaded
  • minor CSS improvements
  • integration with google-map 0.92
  • commercial extensions


After installing the plugin ,you're able to add a new fields to user profile, group profile and custom forms. When such a form is edited, user is presented with the 'select location' button.[plugin also adds this button for the google-maps widget] After the button is clicked, a location selector appears:

[buttons: 'jump to address', 'clear selection' and 'save location']

User has to choose his location on map, or by inputting his address. Afterwards, location is presented on user's or group's profile, in a form of a link with address:

After the link is clicked, the lightbox with map centered on this address appears:

To see more screenshots, got to this album


  • Elgg 1.5
  • google-map plugin, ver. 0.92
  • form plugin and related (flexgroupprofile, flexprofile), ver 0.82
  • siteaccess plugin (only for the 'location on registration' extension)


  • install the required plugins from the list above
  • place this plugin below the required plugins, and enable.
  • go to the Administration->Forms management, and create user or group form
  • add a field to this form, and name it 'location'. Choose the type of this field as 'Google Maps'
  • save the form, and edit your group/user profile. You will see a location selector on edit page
  • in case of any trouble, please refer to the forms documentation
  • Hi vazco
    I have a question.
    I am using the plugin in a form
    I have a field with the google map type.

    I dont know if this is a malfunction or is the way the plugin is suppose to work

    1. I create a new register . I fill the location field with the google map. I get a google map, i fill the location inputbox, I save the location

    2. Save the register


       3.1I consult the register
      3.2 Clcik on Show address on map

      3.3. Elgg now shows a google map in a google page (,-58.3930321&spn=-34.5986851,-58.3930321&z=14) but dosen´t show any pin nor buble text whith the address ive set in 1. 

    what can I do to show the pin and the bubble text?



  • Jose,

    this is because you have the javascript bug somewhere on your page (probably in some other plugin of yours). Before the google code is executed, your browser is blocked by this bug and displays the address in a new page, instead of in bubble. Try using firefox and firebug to trace the bug.

  • Hi vazco

    As I told you I am using the form plugin and also de flexprofile and flexgroupprofile.
    In both of them the plugin works ok ( only does not show the bubble, does it have to show something in the bubble like full address?), But in the form, it replaces de elgg page with the one I ve sent you before., and also without the bubble and the pin.
    I ve tried to decet something with the firbug. but i didnt found anything ( I  do not know very much about javascritping)

    Can you giveme any tip? 
    thanks again




  • Jose, try disabling plugins one by one. This is certainly a javascript bug. I will be able to help you with the custom development to fix this one, though only from monday. This is probably some simple thing which is easy to fix.


    In case you use the full version, you can also try using different types of markers and see wether they work.

  • Hi vazco

    Ive tryed to disable the plugins ( most of them but nothing happened) but I ve debuged this java script error, in two situations - May be you can tell me waht is going on
    Thanks José 


    1- I get into a form  created with the form plugin ( kevins)

    1.2. In this form I have a 'location' field.

    1.3  A soon i ve get into the page i get  this error on the firbug


    uncaught exception: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [@name='generic_comment']

    anonymous("gfc_iframe_49715331_0", Window display_object.php?d=216)friendco...ied&v=0.8 (línea 600)

    anonymous("gfc_iframe_49715331_0", Window (línea 600)

    anonymous("gfc_iframe_49715331_0", "<html><head><style type="text/css">body {background:transparent;}</style></head><body><form onsubmit='return false;' style='margin:0;padding:0;' id='gfc_load_gfc_iframe_49715331_0' method='post' ' action=''><input type='hidden' name='container' value='' ><input type='hidden' name='mid' value='' ><input type='hidden' name='nocache' value='' ><input type='hidden' name='view' value='' ><input type='hidden' name='parent' value='' ><input type='hidden' name='url' value='' ><input type='hidden' name='communityId' value='' ><input type='hidden' name='caller' value='' ><input type='hidden' name='rpctoken' value='' ></form></body></html>", "post", Object container=friendconnect mid=0 nocache=0 view=profile, div#fc-opensocial-api.gadgets-gadget-container, "<div id="gfc_iframe_49715331_0_body"><iframe id="gfc_iframe_49715331_0" name="gfc_iframe_49715331_0" style="width:100%;" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe></div>", "363850347")friendco...ied&v=0.8 (línea 601)

    anonymous(div#fc-opensocial-api.gadgets-gadget-container, "<div id="gfc_iframe_49715331_0_body"><iframe id="gfc_iframe_49715331_0" name="gfc_iframe_49715331_0" style="width:100%;" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe></div>")friendco...ied&v=0.8 (línea 587)

    anonymous("<div id="gfc_iframe_49715331_0_body"><iframe id="gfc_iframe_49715331_0" name="gfc_iframe_49715331_0" style="width:100%;" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe></div>")friendco...ied&v=0.8 (línea 584)

    anonymous(function())friendco...ied&v=0.8 (línea 593)

    anonymous(function())friendco...ied&v=0.8 (línea 584)

    anonymous(div#fc-opensocial-api.gadgets-gadget-container)friendco...ied&v=0.8 (línea 584)

    anonymous(Object divId=fc-opensocial-api)friendco...ied&v=0.8 (línea 614)

    anonymous(Object)friendco...ied&v=0.8 (línea 622)

    anonymous(Object site=13892532479236447129, Object)friendco...ied&v=0.8 (línea 631)

    anonymous()friendco...ied&v=0.8 (línea 541)

    anonymous(function())friendco...ied&v=0.8 (línea 625)

    anonymous(Object site=13892532479236447129)friendco...ied&v=0.8 (línea 626)

    setGFC()mipicadito (línea 88)

    anonymous()mipicadito (línea 105)

    anonymous()jquery-1....2.min.js (línea 19)

    anonymous([function(), function(), function(), 3 more...], function(), Object name=F)jquery-1....2.min.js (línea 12)

    anonymous()jquery-1....2.min.js (línea 19)

    anonymous()jquery-1....2.min.js (línea 


    2. Now I click in the link , and I get this error


    GBrowserIsCompatible is not defined

    gm_setMap([ ie=UTF8 lat=-34.6058344 long=-58.3765511], Object name=priv value=false)gmlightbox.js (line 159)

    gm_ShowMap(a.address_link, Object name=priv value=false)gmlightbox.js (line 96)

    anonymous()gmlightbox.js (line 25)

    [Break on this error] if (GBrowserIsCompatible()) {\r\ngmlightbox.js (line 159

  • I have just installed this plugin, together with the Forms 0.82, and Google Map, but when I try to create a location field in a User/group form there is no Google Maps option in the field type... any help please?

  • Try placing vazco_gmap at the bottom of the plugin list.

  • curious and interested. think i am going to look at your code ... I am much more interested in using google earth on my site (and have done so rudimentarily), but i have to take a peak at this.

  • abandoned

    I have the same issue as Poeticnite. An empty location field is shown on the members listing. I have disabled all plugins except:

    • Friends
    • Members
    • Flexprofile
    • Form
    • Google-map
    • Vazco_gmap (placed at bottom)

    As far as I can tell, I don't have any plugins (even though they are all deactivated at this point for testing purposes) that mess around with the way listings are displayed.

    Also, as Jose Br mentions, there are missing translations as my tabs all now read:

    • members:map
    • members:sort:newest
    • members:sort:popular
    • members:sort:active
    As I am evaluating this free plugin with an intention to upgrade to the paid plugin, I need to know that these issues are addressed in the paid plugin.
  • abandoned

    Btw, I am using Elgg 1.6.1

  • Anna,

    the users listings should work in the free version, you may have some issue with your views... The full version is updated more often and all the issues you're having (and a few more) are taken care of in the full version. In case you find a bug in a paid version, it will be removed free of charge. I will be able to debug the plugin straight on your site then if needed.

  • i hope for the next release, everything is in 1 plugin. Much friendly user.

  • Project Info
    Plugin/project homepage link in this page returns 


    You don't have permission to access /vazco_gmap on this server.

    Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Server at Port 80

  • With Elgg 1.8.18 it is not working

    Select location button in edit profile page or google map widget on profile does not work.
    So location cannot be entered or diplayed.

    All fresh install, all fields done correctly, no other plugins (other than core/default)

    Also, like to know is this working Google Maps JavaScript API v3?

    Any demo link with Elgg 1.8.18?

  • Kanha, this GPL version of the plugin was not updated for a few years. There is a separate version which we're updating constantly, however it's commercial. It supports latest Elgg and maps API v3. It's however paid, and available at

  • Thanks Vazco.
    The paid version page says it needs google-map plugin, ver. 0.92 - please note that this is buggy with Elgg 1.8.18 -constantly gives "deprecated-in-17-extend-view-was-deprecated-by-elgg -extend-view" error messages.

    If possible, please let us know if a basic working GPL version will be available soon. USD 75.00 is actually very high price, considering that entire scripts like phpfox can be purchased with a liitle more. Similar Oxwall plugins prices have been kept at USD 5 to 25. And Buddypress and Elgg Events have bundled this into core. However, this is just a personal opinion and not a criticism. I understand the amount of time and labor that goes into making a plugin. Thanks for your support.

  • Kanha, newest version of the plugin is standalone and don't require any other plugins to run. Thanks for notice, we didn't change description yet.

    We don't plan to release a GPL version of this, or other Elgg plugins. We have too low number of Elgg plugins being sold in order to launch free GLP versions as we did in the past, or to lower prices. This is mostly due to the fact it's impossible to advertise on In fact, we will probably increase prices.

    Development and updates of this plugin in total took a cost of approx. 4k USD (for over 3 years of updates), and proffit from new sales barely cover upgrade costs. As you can see, we even halted sell of new plugins.

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