Geotagging and geolocation maps for Elgg [vazco gmap] v0.5

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First release of this plugin





  • If I only need to have a location input on a form and not on a profile or group, do I still need to enable flexprofile and flexgroupprofile?

  • @dineshcooper No, you can simply enable the forms plugin and it should (theoretically) work. I didn't test it though, so if you encounter any problems, let me know, and I'll tyr to fix them.


    @chiinook This is quite easy to integrate, and I suppose any developer could easily do this. Right now I work on a different features for this plugin though, as well as on a more sophisticated commercial version of this plugin. If someone is willing to fund the integration to TidyPics and Events, I can implement this. Otherwise, this will have to wait.

  • @vazco  thanks, I have tried it like that now, and everything works great except that when I view a submission I see the label of the field but nothing else - I have re-arranged the order of the plugins in every way but no change.

    What else would cause this, oh btw I checked in the db and the lon/lat pair has been stored properly - just nothing besides the label showing when viewing?

    thanks in advance

  • Look at your javascript errors (firebug addon for Firefox is good for that). Probably the Google Maps libraries are not loaded properly. You may add this line to plugin's start.php and check if it helps (after line 11):

    require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . "/models/field_types_extended.php");


    Also, soon I will release updated plugin, with a few fixes. I am working on it right now.

  • @vazco Dude you are awesome! thanks - adding the require_once did the trick.  Really looking forward to the next release. You work is much appreciated.

  • Hi All,

    I have the standard Google Map plugin working it seems, I have this one ready to upload to my elgg site but as I can't get my head around the whole "how to setup Forms" plugin as yet, I have bookmarked this to return to once I hopefully get Forms in place and to the point Vazco GMap requires Forms to be working before moving ahead with your plugin.

    I am still learning but you guys who provide the plugins amaze me and I am slowly but surely learning all sorts about plugins, elgg and more, it's astonishing.... keep up the good work. :)

  • @Rob

    I know setting up forms plugin seems hard to learn. If you however focus on flexprofile, and flexgroupprofile plugins first, it's a lot easier.

    I may write a location selector that works without forms plugin in the future, if there are people who would be able to fund it, or buy it for a small fee.

    Also, I made a few significant improvements and bug fixes to this plugin. I could make a new release today, but I want to do some additional debugging. The new version will be released very soon though.

    Some features of the new version are:

    - faster and more reliable loading

    - showing IP address's location on map

    - location field for registration form

    - display location on map straight on user's profile

    ...and a few more improvements

  • mike how do you change the default location from the elgg address to some where else ??

  • yikes old thread posting again in the new one sorry ..

  • @madshark There's a whole module I wrote for this purpose. It sets user's default location based on his IP address. If you want to change it manually though, search for string 'Elgg, Switzerland' in the code.

  • Hi,  I am having the same problem as someone else. When clicking on the members map link located in the members list, it brings me to my home page without a map showing. The link it trys to go to is

    I do not have a pg directly in root and its not located in your plugin files either. Plugin is at the bottom of the list.

  • NewsDabber, this is the javascript bug on your page. Please remove the bug and the plugin should start working. Try disabling other plugins and see which one is causing trouble.

  • Xenu, it's hard for me to tell you what may be causing this problem, since there can be many factors. This plugin was downloaded over 300 times and noone reported this problem before, which means that either it's related to the new release of the flexprofile/form plugin, or it's related to a configuration of your site. If you're interrested, I can help you with the custom development to figure out what is causing this behaviour.

  • Xenu, I have intstalled it fine with latest flex profile etc.  and I have not had a problem.  I used both this free one and the paid for version. 

    I do have to say though, that better documentation with the paid plugin to help us customise it etc would be welcome.

  • Mark, the good documentation for the plugin is a next priority. Currently a few new free features and a few new extensions are being created for this plugin, parts of the code are being rebuilt to allow for easier customization and easier extending of this plugin. The plugin will work with the custom_profile_fields which will greatly simplify the installation. Once the new version is tested and released, a more detailed documentation will be a next priority, since with a bit of a customization, plugin's engine can give you much more than what the basic plugin offers. Since you have the commercial version of the plugin, untill the documentation is published, you can use the plugin's forum on Elggdev for some customization and installation instructions.

  • Hi Michal, Many thanks, this is very helpful and much appreciated :) Happy New Year!

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