Custom Blue Theme 0.9 (Elgg 1.5 Only) v0.9

Release Notes

A simple blue theme based off of Pete Harris's Elgg example theme framework.

It requires Elgg version 1.5

Tested on local install with Firefox 3.0, IE 7, and Chrome 1.0

*Notes - Renaming the theme will cause it too break. Also if you are adding text to the front page in Administration>>External Pages>>Frontpage, the information pages are reversed e.g. Lefthand is Righthand and Righthand is Lefthand 

Full Size Screenshots - Custom Blue Screenshots 

custom blut logged in viewcustom blue logged out view

  • The only option I see is too link to images offsite. If a admin wants to host a screenshot locally here I'll take the link down.

  • Test screenshot.


    I like it, espcially the little buttons at top.

  • Very nice. Please check your manifest.xml syntax i.e. the use of the ampersand.

  • beautiful,Thank you!

    i am wondering about the buttons atop the page, how can i add other buttons? aka. groups, files, ect.


  • Thanks Jeremy, a welcome addition to themes (now if only more people would contribute their work back ;)
    I did leave you two comments on your blog - but neither displayed (unless you moderated them).

    Anyhow, thanks again for contributing your work back, and congrats on a smart theme.

  • Well, Thanks. This was quite some way towards where I was heading with a theme. Wish I'd seen it when you posted it I would have saved a day and a half of messing about with the same base theme you started with.

    Only thing is the image navigation icons do not show. As I hover over them I get a white space where they should be which is linked - but no images.

    I will have a recheck and see they got uploaded Ok but I think they did.

  • Cancel that, it was because I renamed the mod custom blue as I already had the theme_elgg_example in there. This broke the paths.

    I'll get around to renaming the paths and the mod in the folder...soon.


    thanks for the plug in - great work

  • Sorry - me again.

    Where is the background that the nav icons sit on please? I can't find it. I have changed the background colour and need to match this.


  • @Pete Harris - I found the comments you left in my spam box. Askimet must have thought the link to the elgg community site was spam. I hope it's not! When it comes to free software, it would be a crime to not pay credit to the author. Thanks for releasing the 1.5 framework, it saved me a ton of time and effort.

    @tradenet - Thanks for the heads up on the syntax error, I'll note that for future releases.

    @Kipper - I should have noted that renaming the theme will break the links, I built the theme before following Pete's instructions on renaming the theme. For the nav bar background; In the default css on line #2544 the div named "#navigation-bar" controls the nav bar background. Near that line is also where the nav icons background and images are loaded. Hope that helps a bit!

  • Cheers Jeremy, that is a big help. And again a big thanks - both you and Pete saved me a heap of work.

    I don't suppose you have any ideas on 2 outstanding tasks I am trying to tackle.

    1. Showing some elements (like blog and wire on the front page to non logged in users.

    2. Making use on the left hand margin and adding comments/links to it. (I am going to try to join it round into the header like a facebook style)

  • By the way Jeremy, if I may offer a very small bit of minor feedback on the theme.

    You have switched the default external pages from left to right and right to left but the admin input panel doen't reflect this. Not a big hassle, just got to remember this when inputting text.

  • @antifmradio - There are two syntax errors in the manifest.xml file. I incorrectly used the "&" symbol. To correct it you can replace the two & symbols with and.

  • I only found 1 & in the manifest?

  • Line #3 should be - <field key="author" value="Curverider and Jeremy Winter" />


    Line #7 should be - <field key="copyright" value="(C) Curverider and Jeremy Winter 2008-2009" />

    If you only found one, you probably downloaded the theme from my site.  I have been updating the file on my site and you probably grabbed it before I realized the second & symbol. The theme file here still needs the two corrections.

  • Cheers Jeremy

    I have a question please. The log in box is on the right hand side of the home page. Where do I look to change it so I can place it at the top of that column. As content is put in that box it is sliding down the page and I'd like to keep it on top.


  • Great job! Did you create the icons or are there more available somewhere? I would like the use them to replace the ones in the canvas menu plugin.  

  • @Kipper - As far as I know, that is how all themes so far have worked with Elgg. Too me it seems like the information should be added below the box, but insted it is displayed above. I think this has more too do with elggs core then the theme. 

    @bpcourson - The Icons I used were a free set. I added a link to download them on the post on my blog. New Elgg Theme: Custom Blue (Elgg 1.5) (dl link is towards the bottom of the post)

  • Thanks for the answer, I agree.

    Once I understand the make up of the script a bit more I may look into this myself.

  • Wow, nice one! Thank you!

    But when will appear a new version? ))

  • I get an error message saying it's a misconfigured plugin. I downloaded, and copied to my mod folder without changing anything. Has anyone else had this problem? I'd love to use this theme.


  • so, I got it installed and I'm having a hard time changing the background color. I changed it in the theme's views/default/css file, and the main views/default/css file and neither is working for me. Any help would be appreciated.

  • how do i change the background colour..


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