Site Access v2.2

Release Notes

Built to work with Elgg 1.5

Site Access readme can be found here.

Site Access Settings Overview and Configuration details here.


  • Allows for the administrator to approve/reject new user registration on the site
  • Provides finer grain control on activating an account vs validating emails
  • Sub-Menu options have been added to the user profile allowing you to activate a non activated user, Also allowing you to view friends a user has invited
  • Integrates with the "invitefriends" plugin built into elgg 1.5
  • Plugin setting to require that a user was invited with "invitefriends" to register
  • Integrated Coppa, also provides a setting to require coppa to register
  • Plugin setting to require a site password to register, this is definable from the plugin settings.
  • Integrates into the cron plugin and will notify you on a specified time interval if you have users that are waiting to be activated.
  • Will update the River Dashboard upon successful activation on the site
  • Allows for the user to activate their account via the email confirmation link
  • Plugin setting to allow for automatic account activation after account creation (This setting does not enforce email validation)
  • Intigrates walledgarden into the site, allowing you to enable or disable this feature. 
  • Provides an option to enable Wallrdgarden Debug Mode: Which prints out the URI that is being blocked by walledgarden.
  • Provides an access control list to specify which pages are allowed outside of walledgarden.
  • If the user changes his email address it will now send out another email confirmation link requesting them to validate there email address again.
  • Allows you  to browse non-activated users, banned users, users who haven't validated there email address.
  • Provides a page that allows you to customize the email templates that get sent to users for your site. Provides some built in macros to be used inside of the emails
  • Implements a captcha system on the login and registration page.  captcha is required to login after 3 invalid login attempts.  The captcha is site specific.


Screenshot of Site Access Users Page


Screenshot of Plugin Settings


Screenshot of Login Box



Install this plugin into your mod directory.

Goto -> Administration -> Tool Administration -> siteaccess -> enable


I suggest setting Site Access at the bottom of your plugin list so that it functions properly and loads last, for security measures.


make sure to goto settings and click save.  This is no longer necessary unless you want to change some of the options.

For feature requests and issues go here:

Start a thread in my group... Shellcode's Plugins

Anyone that has spent the time to update the language file please send them to me so I can include them in the release. Feel free to send any updates to my language file.. I am by no means a word smith.

Plugins Replaced: (Deactivate the following Plugins)

  • uservalidationbyemail
  • walledgarden
  • coppa

Incompatible Plugins:

loginbyemail  (Remove this plugin)

  • Just thought I'd add that we don't use the email validation option and this plugin has been working fine. Used it today, in fact.

  • I need to do admin validation and need captcha for the registration.

    Is there a combo of plugins available to do that? Can this do it alone?

    I have bots registering all over the place...

    Thank you.


  • I have the same "The text entered did not match the image" issue... a little help would be appreciated

  • I have install photo_cumulus on my site and site access does not let it show on the front page. How can I fix this. I am using the custom index pluggin and i extended a view of the photo_cumulus to it. It worked fine under I enable the site access. ???????????  

  • I have the same "The text entered did not match the image" issue... Somebody please help... :(

  • I have just now installed siteaccess and my testuser get this message when i click the link from the confirmation email, "Your email address could not be verified.."

    I have disabled 'uservalidationbyemail'.
    The other two, walledgarden and coppa, I don't have.
    Site Access is at the bottom of my plugin list

    Could someone please tell what am i doing wrong here?
    Any help is appreciated!

    These r my settings:
    Registration Options
    Allow account activation via email? Yes

    Auto activate account? (does not enforce email validation) No

    Send join events to River Dashboard? No

    Require invitation to register? No Requires plugin "invitefriends"

    Require coppa to register? No

    Require site Password to register? No

  • Greetings all..Thank you for being an insightfukl open source contributer Shellcode!  This plugin promises to be a very useful enhancement to our ELGG installation.

    I have recently installed ELGG 1.6.1 and attempted to use the WalledGarden plugin.  Seeing various showstopper issues with that plugin I started looking for an alternative and was impressed with your described plugin as well as your prompt and courteous responsiveness on this and earlier threads, so I gave the plugin a try. 

    I did not get far as the first thing I went to look at was the "Site Access" Link on the ELGG Administration page.  The page came up blank.  When I looked at the Page Source to see if it was just a graphic issue I was shocked to see a BLANK file...It seemed that if there was no page I should have gotten my 404 Page Not Found message so I hopped on the host and looked for a file at the given link location "http://.../siteaccess/activate".  I have not been able to locate such a file anywhere within "http://.../mod/PLUGIN-siteaccess_v2.2" directory tree.

    Is this plugin incompatible with ELGG 1.6.1? 

    Did I introduce a problem by changing the name of the plugin directory? 

    Is there some kind of onetime activation process that I have overlooked?

    My apologies in advance if I have made some newbie blunder here.

    Grateful Regards,


  • @ni3 (and others) If you have the captcha plugin enabled, you need to disable it.  I read that somewhere else around here, and it did the trick for me.  Site Access uses its own captcha. Hope that helps :)

  • Now, for my own issue: I'm having the same issue as @elgguser, same settings and all.  I noticed it first because, when I would register as a user, I would be sent two confirmation e-mails.  I realized this was because, in addition to Site Access, I also had the uservalidationbyemail plugin installed.  The email from uservalidationbyemail worked, while the one from SiteAccess didn't.  I tried setting "allow account activation via email" to "No" in Site Access' settings, and keeping uservaildationbyemail enabled, as it's the one that's working. No dice.  I also tried disabling uservalidationbyemail, thinking there was some conflict with it and SiteAccess, and selecting "Yes" for "allow account activation via email" ... still no dice.

    What I've finally resorted to, (and hopefully just temporarily), is leaving uservalidationbyemail enabled, and commenting out the code *inside* of the two mail functions for SiteAccess.  That worked fine for me, but obviously isn't the most desireable solution.  So, if anyone else has anymore insights into this, I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

  • VibeDev, where did you comment out that code?

  • Are you using this version 2.2 or 2.4?  You are posting on an older version, are you 1.5 or 1.6.1.

  • Under 'Site Access - Emails Not Validated' there are still emails listed after you have manually verified any new subscribers and you are stuck with them in that ever growing list because clicking on 'delete' which you would think just deleted the entry will not do that - it deletes the user...

  • Not really on subject but I have not found any iinfromation else where, and site access has the right name for what I am loking to do. LOLz

    I would like to setup a plugin that would allow me to control which plugins/widiget each of my 3 member profiles can access.

    Allowing full access to a few widgets, then allowing some access to my 2 free memberships, then allowing access to other widgets only to paying members.

    Any Ideas?


  • I get a double image of my logged out main page when Walled Garden is activated. Any ideas on how to prevent this?

  • The captcha system is not functioning properly on the registration page. The box for entering the code shows up but the capcha code itself is not to be seen so I do not know what to enter in the box. I did disable the captcha plugin that comes with elgg. Site Access plugin is last in the plugin list. Coppa works fine. I am not using walledgarden yet. I am using 1.7. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • I'm probably all alone in this blunder,  I had like 8 users I had created,  the plug-in had them listed as, 'email not validated' -  I thought, no harm in pressing the delete key (thinking I was merely deleting the email validation message)

      WHAM!... I deleted all 8 people, their messages, their profiles, everything!..

    That delete key is a powerful beast!.. but in this case, "Shouldn't it have just deleted the validation email and not the entire account for each individual'?..

      I know, I know.. when it's not a bug, it's an "Undocumented Feature"

  • Love this plugin, have it working great with 1.6.1. The only issue I am having (not sure if it's related to this plugin or not) but my users can't seem to subscribe to RSS feeds. Is it possible the Wall Garden here is blocking that?

    Thanks for a great plugin!

  • I have happily used this plugin in our 1.5.2 installation with quite success (One of the more relevant problem being that OpenID users were granted access automatically and not trapped in the activation filter).

    We want to upgrade our installation to 1.7.3 but I have a couple of issues with this plug-in after the migration in our test environment:

    1.- ALL my users now appear as "waiting to be activated", but the activate link does not appear.

    2.- As reported above, the image with the number to enter is not displayed, just a vertical line.

    We will working on workarounds but I would like to know if the developer is thinking in releasing an updated version or if any other person knows about a good method of moderating account creation: we are getting lots of requests from spammers...


  • hi i've just been trying to register as a test user and I fill in all the details, then I click register I get an error message saying the it didn't match the text on the screen. I'm assuming that the number that is generated is the cause of this problem. Any ideas?


  • Hi folks

    I just added this as a quick hack in start.php to prevent spam from info and cn domains on a UK website. It's beneath:

      if (extension_loaded("gd")) {
            if (!siteaccess_validate_captcha()) {
            $error = true;

           // addition to deal with chinese + info email addresses

            $email = get_input('email') ;
            $pattern = '/(info|cn)$/'  ;

            if ( preg_match($pattern , $email) ) {
                  register_error('banned email address domain contact info@xxxxx to register') ;
                  $error = true;


    Obviously, it can be come a lot more sophisticated than this, but maybe it'll help others straightaway with spam registration.

  • This was a good plugin but it is a pity it hasn;t been upgraded to suit the latest versions of elgg.

  • I also have the same problem as hmathias does.

    Elgg 1.7.4. Captcha does not work when this plugin is active...

    --- hmathias said ---

    hi i've just been trying to register as a test user and I fill in all the details, then I click register I get an error message saying the it didn't match the text on the screen. I'm assuming that the number that is generated is the cause of this problem. Any ideas?



    help ? 



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