Site Access v2.2

Release Notes

Built to work with Elgg 1.5

Site Access readme can be found here.

Site Access Settings Overview and Configuration details here.


  • Allows for the administrator to approve/reject new user registration on the site
  • Provides finer grain control on activating an account vs validating emails
  • Sub-Menu options have been added to the user profile allowing you to activate a non activated user, Also allowing you to view friends a user has invited
  • Integrates with the "invitefriends" plugin built into elgg 1.5
  • Plugin setting to require that a user was invited with "invitefriends" to register
  • Integrated Coppa, also provides a setting to require coppa to register
  • Plugin setting to require a site password to register, this is definable from the plugin settings.
  • Integrates into the cron plugin and will notify you on a specified time interval if you have users that are waiting to be activated.
  • Will update the River Dashboard upon successful activation on the site
  • Allows for the user to activate their account via the email confirmation link
  • Plugin setting to allow for automatic account activation after account creation (This setting does not enforce email validation)
  • Intigrates walledgarden into the site, allowing you to enable or disable this feature. 
  • Provides an option to enable Wallrdgarden Debug Mode: Which prints out the URI that is being blocked by walledgarden.
  • Provides an access control list to specify which pages are allowed outside of walledgarden.
  • If the user changes his email address it will now send out another email confirmation link requesting them to validate there email address again.
  • Allows you  to browse non-activated users, banned users, users who haven't validated there email address.
  • Provides a page that allows you to customize the email templates that get sent to users for your site. Provides some built in macros to be used inside of the emails
  • Implements a captcha system on the login and registration page.  captcha is required to login after 3 invalid login attempts.  The captcha is site specific.


Screenshot of Site Access Users Page


Screenshot of Plugin Settings


Screenshot of Login Box



Install this plugin into your mod directory.

Goto -> Administration -> Tool Administration -> siteaccess -> enable


I suggest setting Site Access at the bottom of your plugin list so that it functions properly and loads last, for security measures.


make sure to goto settings and click save.  This is no longer necessary unless you want to change some of the options.

For feature requests and issues go here:

Start a thread in my group... Shellcode's Plugins

Anyone that has spent the time to update the language file please send them to me so I can include them in the release. Feel free to send any updates to my language file.. I am by no means a word smith.

Plugins Replaced: (Deactivate the following Plugins)

  • uservalidationbyemail
  • walledgarden
  • coppa

Incompatible Plugins:

loginbyemail  (Remove this plugin)

  • A possible bug in siteaccess plugin is when a user recieves an invitation to register using the invitefriend plugin and on the registration page the user fills it with an error (for example- the username is already taken), when submitting the form again (even though it's valid) the siteaccess module will report an error.


  • Hello!

    I'm new in the elgg and siteaccess plugin is just what I wanted. I have one big problem. Plugin "invite-friends" doesn't work. When I click on the save button, nothing happens, i don't get e-mail with invitation. This is very important option for me, because I am trying to make closed social network with invitations-only membership.

  • Sorry, here's the question: do I have to install some 3rd plugin to make this two work properly together, or are there any options or settings that I have to set or enable?

  • @shellcode. Great mod! I installed this one. Setup a few in settings. All went great.

    But I didn't see it at first. see image pls. bug












    If not logged in. The whole elgg page is loaded in the videos widget on the home page.
    I have installed a couple of plugins after siteaccess. I tried to disable some till I found it was siteaccess that did it. If disabled the home page loads the correct videos under the latest tab in the home page.

    Can you help me?


  • I have found that if I chose to disable the walled garden it fixes the problem i posted. I think the walled garden disables access to some pages in the site. I'm not quite sure what other thing it does though. Still really a newbie at this. Thanks.

  • when I log out I am taken to the index page but it says that I must be loggen in to view it. I would prefer users who log in not to see this... is it possible?  : )

  • @Shellcode:

    Following this thread I tried to add new field to the registration form. Adding a new field to the form worked. For example:

    $blog = get_input('b');

    $form_body .= "<label>" . elgg_echo('blog') . "<br />" . elgg_view('input/text' , array('internalname' => 'blog', 'class' => "general-textarea", 'value' => $blog)) . "</label><br />";

    Code above adds news field blog. My question is how to get after information entered into that field. I would like to have that information appear in the list of accounts to be activated.  You pointed to "user_view.php" file located in siteaccess/views/default/siteaccess. But what exactly has to be added? I tried with

    $info .= "<p><b>Blog:</b>".$vars['entity']->blog."</p>";

    but it did not work.

    Thanks a lot for the help.

  • Have just activated the site password, after filling in all the required fields, along with the correct site password, after pressing submit, it is showing a window asking me which user's password I am changing.

    This is no what I am expecting.  I can only assume this is a bug?

    Please advice if anyone has come across this before?

    Thanks in advance

  • Love the programe thank you for taking the time to make this.

  • Shellcode

    any reason why I'm getting the popup when I activate site password?  Anyone?

    A popup titled -> "Confirm Password Change", Please confirm which user you are changing the password for.

    Then it list all the users.



  • Found an issue with Site Access and elgg 1.6. Take a look at

    Look for posts via my name for details.

  • @Ron - this is really a core Elgg bug in disable_entity, and I have already added it to Trac. So far as I know, plugin authors need to do nothing about this as it is in core Elgg and therefore Curverider needs to fix it.

  • I too would like to know how to enable latest images, group icons...please! THey appear broken or blank when using siteaccess 2.2 and Elgg version 1.6.


  • Hi!

    I'm having some problems with the validation by e-mail.

    Some users can validate some others can't.

    Is this a plugin problem or can it be a old browser problem??

    Thanks! =D

  • Also having trouble with validation emails, including 1.6.1

  • I too am having this problem. Seems like new users are not able to vlaidate or register. ALso, new members are not passing ot the river. Getting a message saying that ' you don't have permission to view this item"

  • i setup elgg for the first time... had a few problems and overcame them.... one of the was that when users clicked on the validation link it would always fail to confirm.


    i am using elgg ver 1.6 (latest?)

    i tracked the problem down to actions/confirm.php   there was no user in the $user variable. after looking at another plugin i added these lies and it fixed it :

    goes after :' global $CONFIG;' (line 2)

        $access_status = access_get_show_hidden_status();

    goes before : 'forward();' (3rd last line ?)

    when i looked in the it says:

    This will be replaced.

    Do not use in plugins!


    hmm... huh!? ... well for now validation works. :S

  • Here is once more incompatible plugin

    Custom Profile Fields

  • I reported this don't work in 1.6 above. Kevin followed up saying "@Ron - this is really a core Elgg bug in disable_entity, and I have already added it to Trac. So far as I know, plugin authors need to do nothing about this as it is in core Elgg and therefore Curverider needs to fix it."

    So I thought maybe it would be fixed in 1.6.1. Nope, it still don't work, as has been reported by others.  Here's what  found.

    1) Registration goes just fine.

    2) User gets validation email.

    3) User Clicks to validate. User gets error message saying that email address is not registered.

    4) There is no mention of this user in SiteAccess. The user does not appear anywhere, in either SiteAccess or under Admin Users.

    If I look at the database table -- elggusers_entity, I find that the user is listed. And thus, unfortunatley, the users is out of luck and will never be able to register -- because even if you disable SiteAccess, when the user tries to register again he/she will get an error message saying the email address is already registered.

    What I've done to fix this is to go into the table and change the email address and the username for that user to junk. That way at least the user can then register after you disable SiteAccess.

    Since Kevin mentioned he reported this, I had hopes it would be fixed in 1.6.1, but hasn't been. SiteAccess, is of course, useless in 1.6 and above.

  • its not exactly useless... just neeeds a few tweaks... :s i have mine working fine. i'm adding a "resend email" link today. hopefully it will work fine.


    btw in my last post :

    access_show_hidden_entities($access_status); should go just before the ?> close tag not just before "forward();" as i previously said

  • I have just installed elgg 1.6.1 and siteaccess 2.2. I am just trying to start using it but the 'settings' link doesn't do anything, although it is displayed. Anyone have any idea why ? It's as if there is no href around the link.

  • Okay turns out it was because I had also installed the "theme_elgg_example" theme from

    I'll investigate more as to why this breaks things later. It also breaks the Tools drop down menu as well as the 'settings' link for Siteaccess 2.2

  • Having removed the theme, all the pages for SiteAccess work now but when trying to register I get the message 'The text entered did not match the image' from the captcha. It definitely does match the numbers in the captcha. There's no other error...... any ideas?

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