Feed reader remixed v1.7

Release Notes

Slight code adjust to include 1.7 Security token changes, delete function now works again.

  • Reason for such a big jump in release numbers, is so my plugin matches the elgg release it works with, so you know at a glance you've got the correct version.

  • Hey munkee, Your plugin installed just fine. I added a few feeds too. But, I do not see any content of the feeds. Is there a time period after which the reader polls the feeds?

  • Hi Tom, you need to apply for a google API key to make this module work. Once you have it, insert it into 'feed settings' under the plugin on the 'Tool Administration' menu.

    I guessing you havent done this, info is all in the 'readme.txt' in the zip file.

    get back to me if you have it still isnt working.

  • Hi Munkee, Google api key was inserted as a second step (immediately after enabling the plugin from the tools administration)

    When I go to the navigation/tools/Feeds I get a blank page (content area). I can add and delete feeds just fine. But cannot view all or individual feeds content at all.

  • Disabled the plugin - deleted folder from mod - downloaded your plugin again - uploaded it again - enabled it again - got the google api key again - set it settings again - went to tools/rss feeds - same issue - no content is showing.

    btw - I am using latest version of Elgg/Centos Linux OS/Dedicated Server

  • Tom, I've emailed you another version to try ... not sure why the one you downloaded isnt working

    I'm using Latest Elgg/Redhat unix

    I know you cant use feeds for displaying internal elgg rss feeds, only works on external ones like :


  • Thanks Munkee.

    As per the rss feeds, I am using the ones from external blogs and google news.

    I installed the version that you sent me - still no luck. I have sent you the site info if you want to take a look at it.

  • Great plugin Munkee. Thanks.

  • Hi Munkee,

    In a separate install, I installed each plugin one after the other - followed by an upgrade run. Your plugin works fine on this install. I am going to thoroughly check in the previous install what the issue is.

    Once again thanks for your plugin. I am going to put some work in this plugin. Once I add the needed functionality I will share it back with you.

  • This is a great plugin, thank you!  I would like to organize the feeds, preferably alphabetically.  How would I go about doing this?

  • Hi Munkee,

    Thank you very much for published this great plugin.It's working find.i 've a kind request,could you pls able to upgrade the functionalities like viewing aggregator(the contents) and republishing feeds to blog post.

    thanks again.

  • This is indeed one of the nicest RSS/feed plugins around here. Unfortunately what I need is to add RSS/feeds to groups, not so much to people.

    I'll study it in detail to see if we can adapt it :)



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