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Release Notes

Updated theme to Elgg v1.5 It requires Elgg version 1.5. If you are still running Elgg v1.2 please use the previous version of this theme.

It also includes css overrides for all the Elgg full-package plugins (blog, categories, custom_index, external pages, file, groups, members, notifications, profile, thewire, twitter etc.).

Once unzipped and copied to your /mod directory, log-in as Admin, go to Tool Administration, and use the controls to move the theme plugin to the bottom of the plugin list (so that it loads last). Making a change to the plugin list order will force the sites cache to be updated - so the new theme is displayed (or you can run upgrade.php to rebuild the sites cache). If you are editing a themes css - turn off Simplecache in Elggs admin area - so you can see your css changes with a browser refresh.

Note - the rounded boxes use the css3 border radius method - so will currently only be visible in webkit and mozilla-based browsers. (ie. Internet Explorer and Opera will have square corners).


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  • Thank you for the update. Pete, what is the best way to remove the menu from this plugin.


  • @ash, simply comment out (or remove) the #menu block of markup from header_contents.php in the theme plugin.

  • Great theme, thank you for the work.  I have a question, I can't seem to override the elgg_topbar.php file when i added it to the page_elements folder of this theme.. it still displays the default elgg_topbar.php file from the default skin.  Is there anything I need to change to make this theme read the new topbar? 

  • @shogun, you might need to run upgrade.php (or just toggle the theme on/off) for elgg to see the new elgg_topbar, especially if you added it to the theme bundle for the first time. Also turn off Simplecache when working on themes - that way your new css can be seen with just a page reload.

  • weird my bad, I always work with simplecache off when im skinning, but i swear i couldn't get the new topbar file to work.. I ran upgrade and its displaying properly lol thanks for the tip.

  • Thanks, Pete. I did an all new install of 1.5 (not an upgrade) and then added your theme next, but the site comes up with square cornered areas, not the rounded areas shown in your screen shot. I have the cache off, refreshed it, ran upgrade.php, logged out and back in but sqaure corners persist. So, I did a second install in another server folder, and that replicated the first behavior. I'm running IE8 so perhaps that is a suspect, but I'll let you know when I figure out why my site is so bloody square.

  • Answered my own question by reading the release notes for the old version for 1.2, which state that IE will show square not rounded corners. You may wish to include that in your comments for this 1.5 version, too?

  • Pete you are amazing! to put it metaphorically you are really helping the fledgling community brid here hatch the elgg.

    I have been playing around with themes and atempting to merge somefeatures of one theme with others. i was wondering if you could give a hint as to how you made the white page to become transparent, and if it is transparent or just colored to match the backround?  this may be a stupid question, but i am a struggling to learn.


    thanx a lot


  • This template is excellent!

    I just can't find out where it keeps its css data. I have tried /mod/theme_simpleneutral/views/default/css.php but without luck. I have also tried /views/default/css.php (this is default one that should be overwritten by previous one). I have even searched all of directory css's from simpleneutral folder, but without luck.

    Any help is appreciated :)

  • Great Work Pete!

    I like the Green Rounded Theme. I tried to use it with a new 1.5 elgg installation. It seemed to work, but top bar is somewhat messy. Could you give me a tip what to change? Or can I make a green one out of this theme?

    Bye Frank

  • Have anyone found solution to rounded corners on ie?

  • @vladeta
    Yeah, the solution for IE, is using rounded corner images... .gif or .png.. and i dont think anyone wants to cut those out and do the css for it lol Other solution is, switch to FF

  • I m wondering how can i add the spotlight and spotlight public on the website?

  • hello ! somebody can help me?

  • does anyone else have an issue where when you minimise/collapse a widget the area actually goes to the left first(content area gets smaller) and then pulls up ?? and vice versa when you expand it

  • Hoping someone can help me with an RTL problem in ie6 and 7.  Members' profile pics appear only after clicking on page.

    Can be seen here:

  • Hi! Congratulations for your work!

    I have a question: What's the best way to erase the Title Bar with the site name on white background between elgg topbar and menu topbar?   Thnks!

  • Thanks for the theme.  I finally got it to refresh and show on my site, looks great!  I have a questions, basically, how do I get the black menu bar to have menu items?  I have tools installed, like blog, groups, pages, etc, they are there from the "Tools" drop down of the topbar, but moving down the screen, i have the white space with my site name, then the black menu bar, but it is empty.  Nothing is edited or commented out of the header file.  any ideas would be appreciated.


  • To return the Spotlight to this theme just reinstate

     <?php echo elgg_view('page_elements/spotlight', $vars); ?>

    in pageshell.php in the theme plugin (usually it goes just before the footer call). Also remember to include a spotlight file in page_elements - with your spotlight layout/contents.

    (This answer was found by doing a site search - it was answered by Pete on a previous version of this theme plugin).

  • Hey Pete i can see you are a great coder on the elgg engine i want to help people like u do in the community cos i have some few time to spend so please let me know the various parts of the engine to know how to create plugins and themes i was reading the documentation but i dont understand it so just let me in and let me help others with my time

  • Any known bugs with IE8?

    I have IE8 at home and when I click on HOME from the toolbar I get an error about not being able

    to connect to the database.  This error does not happen on IE7 (at work)

  • I'm just trying to figure out how to have the footer ride the bottom of the page.  I'm more than a bit useless when it comes to this.  I'm guessing it's in pageshell.php, but I just don't know how to handle it.


  • This actually looks like a Safari/Webkit thing.  Any help cleaning/fixing the code?


  • There are some minor problems while working with elgg 1.6.1.

  • Seems to work well with 1.7. We haven't noticed any problems yet.


  • Category: Themes
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 20447
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