Simple Neutral Theme v1.0

Release Notes

This simple neutral theme is a stripped back default theme. It has a horizontal menu bar with links to the main sections.

The rounded boxes use the css3 border radius method - so will currently only be visible in webkit and mozilla-based browsers. (ie. Internet Explorer and Opera will have square corners).

Requirements: Elgg v1.1

Once installed to your /mod directory, go to Tool Administration, use the new up/down/top/bottom function to move the theme to the bottom of the plugin list (so that it loads last).

It contains skins for all the plugins in the elgg v1.1 full package.


elgg theme example

  • Hello Pete

    Thanks for the great theme, if I want to add to the Horizontal bar, which file to I modify?


  • The horizontal menu is contained in the #menu block in page_elements/header.php
    with the css rules for #menu in the main themes css file.

  • hello pete i am new to Elgg.

    Can you tell me how to install your theme which is just wonderfull.

    Right now i have elgg v1.1 with default theme which i suppose to change with your help.


  • @joythebest Copy the unzipped theme to /mod directory, go to Tool Administration, use the new up/down/top/bottom function to move the theme to the bottom of the plugin list (so that it loads last). Click the enable button.

  • can you tell me how did you remove the spotlight from your theme.......

    i need it soon

  • Pete, fantastic themes there. I like the colour scheme of this one in particular, and was modifying it for my own website. One question I have is the solid white strip at top of page which houses the network title in it, is very narrow. I wan't it to be deeper to accommodate an image I want to include - however I'm tweaking away with the CSS and cant find the area which governs this. I'm finding myself pushing body content down, but the white header strip stays consistenty at 50px.

    If you go to my site you'll see my logo image is 100 pixels in height, and runs down over the top of the solid grey bar and in to the body of the page. Any suggestions?

  • i'm having trouble installing themes.. i've followed your directions:  download, unzip, upload to /mod directory, set plug-in to bottom of list, enable.   I'm still stuck with the default theme.   ANy ideas what i'm doing wrong?

    thanks in advance, and sorry for the dumb question... total noob here..

  • hi pete

    I have seen your themes and very professional but i couldnt find anything on front page like blog posts latest bookmarks  new members etc.I mean on main page


  • Great theme! In IE the Navigation Bar covers the Tools dropdown menu (from the topbar) not allowing access to all of the items. Is there a way to fix this issue for IE?

  • Hi Ron, the IE toolbar menu issue is a known one, see

  • Thank you for the information and the theme.

  • Hello Pete,

    i wasn't able to turn on the spotlight from your theme - i altered your theme for and it works great

    can you please let me know how i can turn on the spotlight please.

    thank you for your time in advance and the theme of course


  • Hi ibondage, just reinstate

     <?php echo elgg_view('page_elements/spotlight', $vars); ?>

    in pageshell.php in the theme plugin (usually it goes just before the footer call). Also remember to include a spotlight file in page_elements - with your spotlight layout/contents.

    regards, Pete

  • Can i take any other themes and just place page_elements header file you got for the menu or is there any other functions to consider for the menu file you have !


    Thanks again

  • @waxxie - sure, that should be fine - as long as you also include the css for the top menu.

  • If you enable this theme and it doesn't kick in, clear your browser cache and reload.

  • Does anyone know if this theme work for elgg v1.2? if so how can i upload it to my site.   I put it on my mod folder and click enable on my site but i keep getting an error and the site dont work at all. except for that error page.  Can someone please help me out?  I am very new to elgg.

  • @jp Yep, this theme works fine with elgg v1.2. What error page do you get? Does your site work ok out of the box? In Tool Administration, did you use the up/down/top/bottom controls to move the theme to the bottom of the plugin list? and as Dan pointed out, clear your browser cache and reload if the theme doesn't display correctly.

  • Hi Peter Thank you for this beautifull plugin. It is really my favorit. I am having a hard time customizing the index page. Do you think you could creat a something like dave tosh " Custom index tutorial" for this theme.




  • @pete harris

    i tried to extract the zip file it ask me if i want to copy this folder without encryption?

    a problem is preventing this folder folder from being encrypted. 

    I extract it anyway and put it up to my site it was already in the bottom of the pluggin list so i did not click on the up and down buttons. 

  • Pete,

    I am unable to see your theme when tried to fire the URL onto my browser. I am seeing the same old theme (BLUE ONE) which comes by default when you installed the ELGG. I had installed ELGG1.2 and done exactly as you mentioned in this page. I cleared the caches but still unable to see your theme.

    Please guide me what I am doing wrong!



  • I don't know what the problem is, whenever I put a theme into a mod folder and press enable through the Admin  section, the layout changes, but it seems the CSS never seems to catch or something. No matter what theme I use it does this. Is there something else I have to do than what is said in the intructions on how to install them in the docs section?


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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