Widget Manager v6.2.1

Release Notes


  • fixed: php notice when page already routed


  • changed: content_by_tag widget now preloads owners and containers
  • changed: do not include container object in results content_by_tag
  • changed: moved event functions to class files
  • changed: moved pagehandler functions to class functions
  • changed: moved pagesetup actions to separate class functions
  • changed: moved plugin hooks into the init function
  • changed: moved router hooks to class functions
  • changed: moved some more hooks to class functions
  • changed: moved the widget_manager_update_widget registration in init
  • changed: moved various hooks to class functions
  • changed: split widget_manager_init into multiple init functions
  • changed: use translatable short month/day in slim view content_by_tag
  • fixed: correctly get widget collapse state due to event order change
  • fixed: declare elgg/widgets js dependancy to prevent timing issues


  • added: dashboard entity URLs can now be filtered
  • fixed: MultiDashboard::save() no longer sets attributes
  • fixed: only show edit icon if dashboard is editable
  • fixed: do not crash the loader if there are no private settings
  • fixed: moved elgg-widgets sortable modifications to system init event


  • fixed: widget cache was not resetting correctly on cache flush
  • The buggix that was referred to in the old posting was made in release v7.0.1 that hasn't been released here (neither any newer releases since then either). Use the latest version of Widget Manager from https://github.com/ColdTrick/widget_manager/releases.

  • Already tried also the latest release 8.3 ... but have always the same error: "impossible to add your widget"

    :-(  what's wrong ? I'm so sad, only miss this thing to finish my site. :-( 

    How can I do ? 

  • Have you simply replaced the widget_manager plugin folder when installing the 8.3 release (or rather are you doing it this way for all plugins) or have you first disabled the plugin, then replaced the folder (and not only copying the new version over the old) and then enabled the plugin again? If you haven't enabled/disabled the plugin have you at least flushed the cache of Elgg via the option in the admin area? If you haven't done it the right way, the new version hasn't been fully operational effectively, because the old version's files cached by Elgg would still have been used. So, I would suggest to try again. Maybe best would be to also re-create the extra page after you have upgraded to the 8.3 version just to be on the safe side.

  • Ok now I have uninstalled Elgg and re-installed new, so now I'm going to re-install all plugins , also the Widget Manager 8.3.

    thanks you, i'll tell you if it will work now.

  • Do you know if there is any incompatibility with other plugin, maybe there is some conflicts with one of the other plugins installed. Maybe ? I don't know why it gave me that error. :-( 

  • I can't say neither yes nor no regarding a possible incompatibility with other plugins causing the problem. I think it's unlikely but maybe another plugin causes the issue and if this is the case you can find out yourself by temporarily disabling all other 3rd party plugins apart from Widget Manager and Widget Pack. If it still doesn't work the problem is caused by something else. If it works then, you would only need to re-enable the plugins one at a time to find out which one causes the problem. You should also check the server error log (with logging enabled in the advanced settings of Elgg) and the webconsole of the browser for any errors logged at the time you try to add a widget.

  • Nothing, I changed way, I'm using Anypage for creating new pages and insert some script html with Rss Feed. Now I have what I would. Thanks a lot ! 

Jeroen Dalsem

Owner of ColdTrick IT Solutions, developing social networking sites for the dutch market


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