Widget Manager v5.0

Release Notes

  • added: widget collapsed state is remember for logged in users in the database
  • added: widget advanced setting to set default collapse state
  • added: widget advanced setting to set availability of collapse toggle button
  • added: custom more link for widgets
  • added: group forum topics added to content by tag widget
  • added: content by tag support multi tag search link if search_advanced is available
  • added: widget setting is showed in a lightbox
  • added: support for bookmark_tools link setting
  • added: extra css class to widget layout so there is more styling control
  • added: client side rss widget using Google Feed API
  • added: plugin setting to force use of group widgets
  • added: hooks to have widgets added/removed when related group tool option is toggled
  • added: admin action to update widgets on all groups to verify group tool option
  • added: single column layout
  • added: iframe widget
  • added: rss widget now has option to show feed contents in lightbox
  • added: per rss widget setting of feed timeout
  • added: content by tag widget now also has an exclusion list of tags
  • added: extra context pages now also support top row config
  • changed: hide header widget option also hides for admins
  • changed: free html widget now uses long text so there is an editor
  • changed: updated for Elgg 1.9
  • changed: split css views
  • changed: updated to Elgg coding standards
  • changed: replaced some language keys with core versions
  • changed: relocated widgets code
  • changed: plugin settings view only shows applicable
  • fixed: widgets created in groups get unusable access #25
  • fixed: ability to globally hide a widget on the widgets manage page
  • fixed: issue with extra minus sign in content by tag widget #31
  • deprecated: widgets url hook is no longer usable, use the entity url hook if you want to set widget title links
  • removed: widget url links for non core plugins (plugins should provide themselves)
  • How iframe works, anything i add from soundcloud to a regular website, nothing appears..

  • @whitetornado it could not have been simpeler... just enter the url of the page you want into the url field of the iframe widget and it should show up. Is by any chance your site https?? In that case you can't mix up http and https content on your page (or allow mixed content).

    Soundcloud also not works for me. It is possible that site does not allow being embedded as iframe. I tried it with http://nu.nl and it works fine

  • yep, site is https, means i can add only https sites? Even that is not showing up..

  • If you have a tool like firebug you can monitor the network traffic and see why the embeds are not working.

  • installed the super wired what embedded video and now also soundcloud so i am happy.

    Other thing, when i activate groupactivity widget and place the activity widget in the group, the group layout crashed and there is no css anymore only a blank page with no structure...

    Any idea how to solve this?

  • Maybe something is shown in the widget that does not support being shown in a widget? Do you have problems with the group activity page also? Or only in the group widget.

  • i'm upgrading the homepage_cms plugin here and have found that when i add a widget from the widget lightbox (with widget manager active) - the widgets are not being saved to the page. Matt and i are wondering if some aspect of widget manager that is relevant may have changed between elgg 1.8 and 1.9.. any idea?

  • @ura does it work without widget manager? Do you see javascript errors? Do you see the ajax call for adding the widget? Do you get a system message?

  • I see that Widget Manager comes bundled with a lot of helpful widgets, otherwise not available with core Elgg.
    Any plan to add Profile Widget that shows the Likes an user have contributed, and the Likes that she has received. An additional benefit will be if the Likes are filterable according to blogs, pictures and others.

  • the manifest for homepage_cms lists widget_manager as a requirement, so i didn't bother testing without it.

    i can see the ajax call / json is created / transmitted via the browser's network monitor - i am  not seeing any errors relating to that.

    there are no javascript errors that are relevant (there is a strange warning about fonts and OS2.. though this is not stopping other javascript functions from completing on the page).

    there is no system message being output in the UI.

    so basically, there is no clue as to what is occurring. =/

  • Hi @Jeroem, I´m having problems removing widgets in groups, for example if I add the Blog widget, and then  I remove it, when I edit the group the widget is enabled by itself. Sometimes it is duplicated in the group dashboard if I edit the group again. 

  • @Jeroem I´ve done more tests, the issue happens only with activity and blogs widgets.  

    I´ve disabled all 3rd party plugins except Group Tools and Blog Tools (I need it to add these widgets in groups).

    So I think is a incompatibility with these plugins. I´m with Elgg 1.9.8

  • In the 'Content by Tag' widget it would be great if there would be an option for the widget to display 'View more results' in the end. Similar than what is in the 'Group discussion' widget (View more discussions).

  • @darthvader there is the show search link (only applies if you filtered for a given tag). Show more would be nice but there is no "more" page for mixed content listings (blog AND files for example)

  • I'm not using search_advanced :(

    I've got seperate widgets for pages, files etc. in my group page (with the 'Content by Tag' widget). Looks like the default Elgg (but the boxes are sortable and collapsable). Works much better and looks a lot better. Maybe there could be an option for a custom link in the end where the user could insert the link for a "more" of their liking?

  • @darth part of the advanced options on every widget is the ability to add a custom 'more' link

  • @Jeroem Yes, actually I'm using the custom link to display 'more'. I'll try to tweak it so that it is displayed also below, after the results. It would be strange to have a 'View more pages' before the results so I have simply titled the widget Pages but it might not be obvious to click on the Pages link to get more pages (compared to view more pages link in the end).

  • Is there any plans to upgrade this plugin for 1.10?

  • @Sam did you try it on 1.10? Elgg should be backwards compatible, so plugins for 1.9 should also work on 1.10

  • Hi Jeroen,

    I get a pile of these using the Widget Manager on my site homepage/index... Deprecated in 1.9: Use -> instead of get()

    I'd like to modify the code, but know too little, so any clues please :-)


  • This is the offending code, but I can't work out how to fix it... can anyone help??

    Deprecated in 1.9: Use -> instead of get()

    $configured_slides = array();
      for ($i = 1; $i <= $max_slider_options; $i++) {
      $url = $widget->get("slider_" . $i . "_url");
      if (!empty($url)) {


    $text = $widget->get("slider_" . $i . "_text");


    $link = $widget->get("slider_" . $i . "_link");
      $direction = "";
      if ($slider_type != "flex_slider") {
    Here--->> $direction = $widget->get("slider_" . $i . "_direction");
      $configured_slides[] = array(
      "url" => $url,
      "text" => $text,
      "link" => $link,
      "direction" => $direction
  • Maybe this has been asked before, but does the index page now offer a more graceful dynamic resizing for small screen devices? I am using an asymmetric layout of the index widget under elgg 1.8 and this is really the only problem I have with it.

  • Is this plugin being updated for the latest versions of elgg

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