Widget Manager v4.7

Release Notes

4.7 (2013-08-30):

  • added: group default widget support (thanks to Connecting Conservation)
  • added: show avatar and show timestamp options to content_by_tag widget
  • fixed: respect limit set in tagcloud widget settings

4.6 (2013-06-27):

  • added: content_by_tag widget also support bookmarks
  • added: content_by_tag widget has an optional search link
  • added: optional fixed widget height
  • changed: twitter_search widget now uses twitters new widget embed code
  • changed: rss widget uses new version of SimplePie library
  • fixed: memcache reset on widget settings save

4.5 (2013-05-06):

  • added: admin users search widget (also searches disabled/blocked/unvalidated users and by email)
  • fixed: incorrect has_widget check for favorites widget
  • fixed: some php notices

4.4 (2013-04-05):

  • added: experimental likes widget
  • changed: use system cache for some widget settings
  • removed: widget statistics in favor of advanced_statistics plugin
  • fixed: access options should not show up after adding a widget to dashboard
  • fixed: tags are stripped from dashboard title
  • fixed: slider output not closing anchor when using link
  • @javier my guess is you have an outdated version of the pages_tools plugin, as that plugin provides you with that widget. Please report it there if you still have the problem in the latest version of that plugin.

  • @Jeroem I dont have pages_tools plugin installed. If I disable widget management in the group, the problem dissapears. What can I do?. Thanks.

  • Elgg 1.8.18 - default fresh vanilla install with default core plugins.

    With some widgets like User Avatar, User Menu, User Details etc, Free Html etc the button "Add Widget" does not change to "You have already added this widget" even after the Widget has been added correctly to the page.

    Can you please suggest a quick (and dirty) fix for this?


  • @disha Try to replace WM at the bottom (Administration -> Plugins)

  • @RvR - same problem persists even if WM is at the bottom.
    The problem can be reproduced with default 1.8.18 Elgg install, default plugins and Widget Manager.
    Try activating User Avatar, User Menu, User Details etc or Free Html etc - the widgets gets added on the profile page alright, but still shows "Add Widget" instead of "already added".

  • @disha It's happened because these widgets have a 'true' array in them functions:

    elgg_register_widget_type("free_html", elgg_echo("widgets:free_html:title"), elgg_echo("widgets:free_html:description"), "groups,index,dashboard,profile", true);

    Just limit it: edit 'true' with 'false'


  • Hi RvR

    Thank you very much. This solves the problem. Thanks!!!

  • Isn't that intended behaviour so that you can add multiples of those widgets? Especially for a generic widget like the free HTML that is actually quite important.

  • indeed some widgets can be added multiple times to your page, so that is intended behaviour

  • How to import my css files in to free html?

    any example....it will be helpful for me....


  • Hello,

    I tried to solve my problem to put a blog widget in the index page, by copying the bookmarks widget in the widget_manager and changing everything that add bookmarks to blog, but didn't work.

    Can anyone give a solution for this?
    Thank you

  • Krischan 61 days ago

    @ UK, can't you just change the title in the "advanced" section?


    sorry for for 2 months late reply lool but no i can not edit the title in widget manager it says welcome on the community which does not sound correct it should be welcome to the community 

  • @Jeroem, please take a look to this post, maybe it can suggest you a small tweak for next releases of WM.


  • Hi, I need a HTML area within groups only for logged out users, and I think the Free HTML widget is a good solution, but, how can I add to group widgets the Logged out level access?, it is possible?.

    Please help me ;)  

  • I don't think it is currently possible with default Elgg to set a widget to be accessible to logged out users and not accessible to logged in members. You would probably need to define a new access setting to make that possible.



  • I'm pretty sure widget manager provides the 'logged out' access setting for index widgets

  • @Matt: I'm sorry but I think that's not fully correct. The widget manager plugin allows to define its index page to be used for logged-in or logged-out users or both. But it is always the same index page you are able to configure. For "logged-out only" the widgets that have access level "public" are shown only. For an index page visible both to logged-in and logged-out users only the widgets that are public are shown when logged out. But there's no way to prevent a widget to be shown ONLY when logged out.

    As I remember it's the Menu builder plugin that allows to define two different site menus for members logged in and people who are logged out.

  • For a group widget (group itself must be public of course) to be visible only to logged-out users you could create a little plugin that only provides this widget. In start.php of this plugin you would include in the init function

    if(!elgg_is_logged_in()) {

        elgg_register_widget_type('my_group_widget', 'Widget Title', 'Widget description', 'groups');


    and then create the view for this widget in your plugin in views/default/widgets/my_group_widget/. For the edit.php and content.php you can look at the widget code of the FreeHTML widget of the widget manager plugin and take a look at the widget views of other widgets (also within other plugins) to get it right.

  • @iionly @matt does have it fully correct. Widget Manager adds a "logged out users" access setting to be used on index widgets, but not on group widgets. Your example will not work as group owners can not place widgets this way (as they are logged in).

  • ...so the thing is more complex than I thought. And a group profile field for logged out users??

    Thanks for all for the replies :)

  • I have a new requirement where I want to add default widgets for existing users. How do I do that? If Admin adds a new widget or makes a new widget as default I want it to show up in the user's profile auto added without having him to click add widget. How can this be achieved.

  • @hanzolo

    I have not found a way to do that with profilemanager. I need to have default dashboard widgets. I can do that but it works only for new users. Any way we could have it for existing users.

  • Hi all,

    I want to use the multidashboard utility in widget manager for my users, but the default tab is allways using the same name, is it possible to edit the name of the tab?

    I've seen the tabbed_profile plugin already do this for groups and profiles (you can change name and position of the default tab), but not for dashboard, what can i change/do to get this?

  • Hello, anyone have any hint about how to change the number of the widgets columns on the profile page?
    The profile page has 3 columns of widgets: 1 to the left and 2 bellow the block with the profile details.

    I want to use only 2 columns: 1 to the left and 1 wide column instead 2, right bellow the block of the profile details. Or only 1 column with all widgets bellow the block with the profile details.

    In groups or custom index we can use wide size widgets so I imagine it could be possible use it on the members profiles, too.

    Thanks for your attention.

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