Widget Manager v4.7

Release Notes

4.7 (2013-08-30):

  • added: group default widget support (thanks to Connecting Conservation)
  • added: show avatar and show timestamp options to content_by_tag widget
  • fixed: respect limit set in tagcloud widget settings

4.6 (2013-06-27):

  • added: content_by_tag widget also support bookmarks
  • added: content_by_tag widget has an optional search link
  • added: optional fixed widget height
  • changed: twitter_search widget now uses twitters new widget embed code
  • changed: rss widget uses new version of SimplePie library
  • fixed: memcache reset on widget settings save

4.5 (2013-05-06):

  • added: admin users search widget (also searches disabled/blocked/unvalidated users and by email)
  • fixed: incorrect has_widget check for favorites widget
  • fixed: some php notices

4.4 (2013-04-05):

  • added: experimental likes widget
  • changed: use system cache for some widget settings
  • removed: widget statistics in favor of advanced_statistics plugin
  • fixed: access options should not show up after adding a widget to dashboard
  • fixed: tags are stripped from dashboard title
  • fixed: slider output not closing anchor when using link
  • @cool-mates I wonder if the twitter widget is hidden or marked as "not to be added" on Administration/Configure/Widgets/Manage for the window you want it on?

  • There are several default group Widgets missing from the lightbox ... Activities, Discussion, Files ... any suggestions?


  • @BA are those feature enabled in the group (the group tool options in 'Edit Group')? Can you see a group menu item for it?At least activity should be available as a widget if the group allows it.

    If you only have widget manager, you will have almost no group widgets available as Widget Manager will only provide the ability to have widgets on groups. You need other plugins to provide you with the content widgets. Take a look at the group_tools, file_tools, blog_tools and pages_tools plugins for example. They provide the content related widgets.

  • Thanks for the reply ... I will take another look in more detail. I already installed all and the tools and then some. THANKS!


  • I´ve the same problem @BA, I can´t show in groups the files and forum widgets. I´ve already activated it in the edit group page, and I dont have file_tools or same and I can see the menú item al right column. In manage widgets admin page neither appears Files and Forum.

  • How to make FREE HTML widget to display twitter? I paste twitter HTML code in it and it ONLY work if I disable the HTMLawed plugin. And that plugin has critic alert which say "Running a site with this plugin disabled is extremely insecure. DO NOT DISABLE". Security first. So I believe him and not disable. I know HTMLawed not like the script twitter place in HTML code.

    So what are my options?

    I want to use it on AU_SETS (pinboards). Unfortunately it supports not yet the twitter widget of widget manager.

    Thank you for any help!

  • There is a plugin option to disable filtering for admins.

    It definitely is not a good idea to disable filtering for any non-trusted users.

  • thank you matt. I disabled htmlawed, added the twitter code to free html widget and afterwards enabled the htmlawed. Now I can see tweets on au_sets (pinboard). Is it still a security threat?

  • Hello, about my last post, I´m doing more tests and the admin section for manage widgets (../admin/widgets/manage) I think is malfunctioning for me, in the profile tab all my site widgets appears, but in the groups tab, File, Group Disscussion... or Maps (I´ve Sharemaps installed) are missed, so I cant manage or activate in my groups. If I disable Widget Manager for groups then I can enable Files, Groups Disscussion...

    Anyone can help me?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Helo,
    How can I disable for users to add/remove/edit the widgets?

  • @Marius under Widget Manager plugin settings, in Group section you must select Yes in the option "Only administrator can enable group widgets".  Url: _yoursite_/admin/plugin_settings/widget_manager

  • Hello,

    With this plugin, can i add a widget to the custom index?


  • I install it but it seems not work with my theme (elgg-aalborg_theme 1.8). Is it normal?

  • @stephane there is no need for a custom index plugin. If you configure widget manager to enabled index widgets (in the plugin settings) than widget manager will try to take over the index page and allows an administrator to configure widgets for the frontpage. However if a theme is also trying to take over the index page, then widget manager will not handle the index page or it could depend on plugin priority.

  • @Jeroen how can I configure the widget manager to enabled the index widget.

  • @stephane the first section of the widget manager plugin settings is about the index page.

  • Hi @Jeroen, can you help me with my lost widgets?. Problem explanation in my latest posts.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @Jeroen, thx. All is all right. I have done some mistakes when I install the plugin.

  • its not working for 1.9 is it also compatible for 1.9 version ?

  • I reply myself. I´ve solved the sharemaps plugin problem adding in start.php of the sharemaps plugin the parameter 'groups' in the line 47:

    elgg_register_widget_type('sharemaps', elgg_echo("sharemaps"), elgg_echo("sharemaps:widget:description"), 'groups');

  • @Jeroen thank you again for another great plugin.

    I choose to use Widget Manager as custom index, but I can't add the event calendar, and blog widgets to the index page.
    In the dashboard page they are their, but when I select add widget on the custom index they don't appear.

    How can I solve that? Thank you

  • Hi Jeroen,

    Thanks for this cool plugin, very useful !

    As well, I'm using the plugin as custom index. Unfortunatly, I can't see Group Memberships widget even this on can be added and is not hided in the dashboard configuration...

    Can you help me fixing this issue, many thanks;

    best regards,

  • @Artur @Mickael @Jeroem, the problem is generated in the definition of the widget in some plugins. Widget Manager omits the plugins that in their widget definition dont specify the last parameter. You can see my last post where I solve it.

    I reply myself. I´ve solved the sharemaps plugin problem adding in start.php of the sharemaps plugin the parameter 'groups' in the line 47:

    elgg_register_widget_type('sharemaps', elgg_echo("sharemaps"), elgg_echo("sharemaps:widget:description"), 'groups');

  • @Javier those plugins/widget omit that parameter as default behaviour is that they are registered for "all" contexts, but experience is that those widgets do not work in index or groups contexts as "all" in default elgg only adds a widget to the profile and dashboard.

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