Widget Manager v4.7

Release Notes

4.7 (2013-08-30):

  • added: group default widget support (thanks to Connecting Conservation)
  • added: show avatar and show timestamp options to content_by_tag widget
  • fixed: respect limit set in tagcloud widget settings

4.6 (2013-06-27):

  • added: content_by_tag widget also support bookmarks
  • added: content_by_tag widget has an optional search link
  • added: optional fixed widget height
  • changed: twitter_search widget now uses twitters new widget embed code
  • changed: rss widget uses new version of SimplePie library
  • fixed: memcache reset on widget settings save

4.5 (2013-05-06):

  • added: admin users search widget (also searches disabled/blocked/unvalidated users and by email)
  • fixed: incorrect has_widget check for favorites widget
  • fixed: some php notices

4.4 (2013-04-05):

  • added: experimental likes widget
  • changed: use system cache for some widget settings
  • removed: widget statistics in favor of advanced_statistics plugin
  • fixed: access options should not show up after adding a widget to dashboard
  • fixed: tags are stripped from dashboard title
  • fixed: slider output not closing anchor when using link
  • Hi there

    I try to show the "Add widget button" inside a group, but I prove a bunch of options from the settings and I get nothing. What steps I need to follow to get it? I have seen this url http://blog.arvixe.com/how-to-manage-all-widgets-in-elgg-1-8/ and in one picture I saw that the button is, like I said, inside a group. How I can reach it?

    The version that I'm using is 4.7, thanks!

  • Hi Nestor,

    if you enabled group widgets in the settings of the widget manager plugin, you can enable widget management per group when you edit a group.

  • Thanks very much this is great! I know you can use this plugin to block certain widgets from being added; does anybody know: is there a way to make a widget default on a user's profile, and block the widget from being removed?

    Much appreciated!

  • @justin you can manage default widgets on a profile, there you can also "pin" them. Pinned widgets can't be removed.

  • @jeroen

    Thank you! Works!

    I just had a thought, and wonder if it's possible; can this plugin work in tandem with the profile manager, so that I can pin a widget on a specific profile type?

    Thanks very much!

  • @jeroen

    Ok well thanks anyway! Very useful plugin!

  • Hello my friend. Github installed the last updated version of the widget manager plugin updated by Mr. Jerome. 
    When configuring the plugin to organize widgets on the website's homepage noticed that the widgets related to plugins pages, blogs, files, etc. not appear in the list to configure for custom index page and the page of the plugin groups. Wedgets of the plugins mentioned in dashboard and profile appears correctly. 
    Widgets that do not appear in the list of other important configuration are very to the site and also to the group page. 
    Do we have a configuration problem or the widget manager plugin was built this way. You can enable the widgets plugin elgg in the frontpage of the site and on the group page? 
    Can you give us an example of how to properly set up (Extra contexts widget) option at the time was unable to run this option. 
    I appreciate the help, this plugin is very important to my community Elgg 1.9.2. Thank you.

  • Hello, Now I could understand how to insert the widget of the core elgg plugins. Is working correctly, I now have the widget pages and blogs running perfectly on frontpage of the site and in groups. Widget Manager is a brilliant plugin for Elgg. 
    Can you give us an example of how to properly set up (Extra contexts widget) option at the time was unable to run this option. Thanks.

  • @marco you should be aware the plugin is not released for 1.9 officially, but it should work. Widget Manager is not the plugin providing a lot of widgets. So if you, for example, need blog widgets (for index or group context), you need an additional plugin like blog_tools.

    Regarding the extra contexts; they are new pages. For example if you configure "my_landing_page" as an extra context, you can go to yoursite.com/my_landing_page to see a widget layout.

  • Hello !! Now I understand how to configure (Extra widgets contexts) option .It working properly. Widgets Manager is a wonderful plugin. I wait for the update to install elgg1.9.2 the definitive site. Thanks for the help, good job.

  • Hi all, Is there a way to display a widget (like HTML widget) retracted by default?. What file must I tweak?

    Any coding suggestion is welcome!

    @jeroem, may be it can be a good widgets setting option for next release...

  • @javier this is possible in the Elgg 1.9 version of Widget Manager (currently only available on github), so it will be in the new release.

  • @Jeroem I´ve Elgg 1.8, can you tell me the file that handles this option in the 1.9 version?, I´ll try to copy-paste to my WM 4.7 version ;) 

    Thank you.

  • @javier take a look at this file views/default/object/widget.php in the plugin.

    copy past will not work

  • When I try to add any content to my favorites, Elgg gives an error "The action file for favorite/toggle was not found.". The 'community favorites' is enabled in the dashboard widgets.

    But I guess the feature ain't ready yet because I'm using the newest Github version of Widget Manager and Elgg 1.9.4

  • The manager works under profile and dashboard but in groups, what settings i try, its only visible by administrator and not by members.


  • @Jeroen, 

    The group function is only for admin? See settings http://screenpresso.com/=80hrb 
    but under a group as member i can not choose widget manager, but as admin i can...

  • Using Widget Managewr master with fresh and plain install of Elgg 1.9.4
    Widget display ( for example in Profile Page) is not obeying the widget admin settings "Choose a widget layout"
    Even if one or two-columns are chosen the display is always 3 column

  • Basically, I am trying to get a 30% left 40% middle and 30% right column OR 30% left 70% rest - but am unable to do even if I try the various settings. Can someone help?

  • Inconsistent results with Elgg 1.9.5 and Widget Manager master at github

    Fresh vanilla install of Elgg 1.9.5
    Install latest Widget Manager Master
    Visit elgg/admin/appearance/default_widgets - add some widget, drag some to alter positions
    Now visit the Profile page of Admin - it appears blank
    Now pin some widgets via elgg/admin/appearance/default_widgets, drag some, unpin, pin etc
    Profile page now do show widgets as intended

    Thus the install and first experience is inconsitent. If its not indicator of any major problem, then maybe its okay.

    "Choose a widget layout" is not working - things are getting saved but not showing up as saved.

  • "Enable Widget Manager for groups" is not working. Enabling widgets break the groups page - loss of theme, links etc

  • is could be really useful for elgg 2.2. Will the OP update any further? 

    THANKS for your work!

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