Widget Manager v4.3

Release Notes

  • added: favorites widget
  • added: updates widget titles without page refresh (thanks to Matt Beckett)
  • added: new 'simple' layout in content_by_tag widget
  • changed: freehtml is now contained within a div with elgg-output class (better styling)
  • changed: manifest requirements (needs to be after twitter and tagcloud plugins)
  • changed: Natural sorting of widgets (for example in add panel)
  • changed: content by tag widget now allows to show all site content from within a group
  • removed: index_file and group_files widgets moved to file_tools plugin
  • removed: unused language keys
  • removed: index_pages widget (moved to pages_tools plugin)
  • removed: widgets_pagesetup event trigger
  • fixed: support for old widget settings in index_activity widget
  • fixed: add panel keeps correct layout if no widget description is given
  • fixed: some layout issues when using IE7
  • fixed: no need for flooding apache error logs with the error message that a rss feed could not be found (SimplePie)
  • Is there a 'files' widget others are using which is recognized for groups?  For me the default one only gets listed for 'profile' and 'dashboard' but isn't listed for 'groups'.  I've re-ordered the plugins to no avail...anyone else have a suggestion for me because I really want 'files' in my groups?


  • Great plugin but I had a problem when I tried out the content by tags widget. I added some tags like cad design, CV, photo and pressed save. The page tried to refresh but would not load. I just got waiting for www and then the page could not be loaded. I could not get any pages to load. I then deleted the start.php file in widgets/content_by_tag and the site worked fine again. I tried uploading the start file a while later and the site would not load again. I have deleted the start.php again and everything works fine except for the Content By Tag widget of course.

    It is not a problem for me as I don't really need the widget but just thought you might like to know. It maybr a bug.     

  • Hi on my site I need your plug in to only show on the users profile page. Is there any way of being able to do this?

  • @clyde the files widget for groups is part of the file_tools plugin

    @johnny there is a known issue when having a lot of tags configured in combination with the AND setting which generates a terrible long running query

    @FusionOz sure, but default that is the situation. This plugin only replaces widget management on places that have them. Where are you seeing too much of this plugin?

  • I have got a strange error:

    I am using the tabbed profile plugin ( http://community.elgg.org/plugins/1115859/1.7/tabbed-profile ) to make a sort of index like page for each group. However on that page the image slider widget shows up only blank for non-logged in users. It is working fine for the regular group page and also for logged in users. Any idea what could be causing this?

    Besides that, it would be nice if the group and the profile page would also allow for hiding the widget title bar like it is possible on the index page.


  • Ahh, well... those tabbed pages didn't allow for a public view with a closed membership group which kind of defeated their purpose for me. I guess I will try something else.

  • @Jeroen Thanks for the reply. I mean the button which says "Add Widget" is displayed on nearly all elgg pages. so it may not be your plugin persay but there may be a way through your plugin to hide said button and only show it on the profile.


  • Any idea on why I can't get the twitter search to display, just shows a blank widget after entering a twitter search term i.e. #corgi

    I have set the twitter api 1.8.15 in admin panel and am able to log in with my twitter accounty.

    Widget manager is below the tag cloud and twitter api plugin but can seem to get this working.

    you help would be apreciated.

  • Twitter widget does not work anymore, after Twitter modified the API. Unfortunately.

    I don't know if Coldtrick intend to upgrade it to be compatible with Twitter or just drop, just like Elgg core team did. We had to move out twitter stuff to a wordpress site.

  • how do i get the the image slider to resize image to widget size...?

    also on free html under groups it doesn't allow me to post a script code but it does on the index widget?

  • @inca we did change something on the twitter widget, but only to make it easier to paste in your twitter widget code...

    @LT if it doesn't do it, you will have to do some css

    @LT pasting script into a site is only trusted on the index page, as only admins can do that (it is a setting of widget manager). On groups however it is not trusted because i don't trust regular group admins.

  • found a work around the group html widget.

    as for the image resizing it doesn't automatically resize to image as you would see once you login..!

  • Is there a way to have all of the the widget boxes closed when a user opens their page and only the friends widget open and appearing at the top of the widget list?

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