Widget Manager v4.3

Release Notes

  • added: favorites widget
  • added: updates widget titles without page refresh (thanks to Matt Beckett)
  • added: new 'simple' layout in content_by_tag widget
  • changed: freehtml is now contained within a div with elgg-output class (better styling)
  • changed: manifest requirements (needs to be after twitter and tagcloud plugins)
  • changed: Natural sorting of widgets (for example in add panel)
  • changed: content by tag widget now allows to show all site content from within a group
  • removed: index_file and group_files widgets moved to file_tools plugin
  • removed: unused language keys
  • removed: index_pages widget (moved to pages_tools plugin)
  • removed: widgets_pagesetup event trigger
  • fixed: support for old widget settings in index_activity widget
  • fixed: add panel keeps correct layout if no widget description is given
  • fixed: some layout issues when using IE7
  • fixed: no need for flooding apache error logs with the error message that a rss feed could not be found (SimplePie)
  • Is there way to reorder group information using Widget Manager?

  • Hello Jeroen

    Great plugin!

    I just had a question. I am using Elgg 1.8.12 and it looks to me that the changes I make from the admin account are not taking effect on the new user profiles.

    For example using the administration settings, If I change the name of one of the widgets or pin it so it can stay permanent, those changes do not take any effect on the actual profiles.

    Thanks you.


  • Thank you for this plug-in, Jeroen!  Have enjoyed figuring it out and using it.  Have run in to a problem that I have researched and can't find a clear answer to the problem.  We have found that we can use Widget Manager to control/move everything but Group Discussion, Group Files and Group Activity.  Those three objects don't appear in the Widget Managers list.  Is there another plug-in we have to add to have access to these groups?  Is there a way to move them in Widget Manager that we don't know about?  If not, can we have Widget Manager and Group Discussion, Group Files and Group Activity on the same group page (have not been able to figure that one out)?  Does Group Tools and/or Group Files give us the capabilities?  Wish I could have figured this out on my own, but couldn't seem to nail it down.

    Thank you for your assistance.

  • widget manager will not work with groups for me.  Widgets that I add to a group are not visiable and other group admin's can't add widgets to their group?  Has anybody has this issue?



  • anyone know of any language packs for these and other main coldtrick plugins? (french, german and others?)

  • @Jeroen  Thank u for marveleous plugin. I see Twitter_Search widget work no more. I upgrade to elgg 1.8.15 but Twitter_Serch widget still not work. Maybe the same reason in release notes of elgg 1.8.15. Do you plans to upgrade widget manager to support new twitter for twitter search widget? Thank u.

  • Hmmmm, "Twitter Search" widget works now. I dont know what problem it was...... Sorry false alarm. Maybe it worked not because of a problem on twitter site...

  • @den the twitter search widget has no relation with the twitter plugin from Elgg.

  • @Jeroen That is great. thank U!

  • Hi jeroen,


    how I can add new widgets to the group wigdet funktion?

    for example I use the HyperForum and would need a widget for that.

    Please help me with that it would make the forum a very nice look in the Groups.


    Best regards,


  • @pala group widgets are not default Elgg behaviour, so you will encounter a number of plugins that do not support group widgets and therefore are missing the functionality. Hopefully group widgets will become part of a future version of Elgg. You could contact the plugin author to add group widget support to their plugin. It is not that hard.

  • Can't get any widgets to show anywhere. What am I doing wrong?

  • adc


    @TonySW: try clicking the add widget button on profile and dashboards. a lightbox should open. next click the blue add widget button next to your widget choice. the widget will be added to the page. you an then close the lightbox or add more widgets to the page.

    @Jeroen: awesome plugin! thanks.

  • adc

    where is the iframe tag to insert a url in a dashboard tab please? i require to change the background color of the iframes and impose auto scrolling.

  • My image slider works fine with the default photos but they have no height when I add new ones by url.  Nothing I do seems to change that.  Any suggestions?

  • For those with the same problem I finally figured it out.  The 'image url' DOES NOT WORK!  You have to open the photo, right click on it and 'copy shortcut'.  Paste the shortcut in the image blank and it works fine!  I suggest any updates of this mod should change the input lines from 'image url' to 'image shortcut'.

  • @clyde what is the difference between an image url and a image shortcut in your opinion?

  • I never reallized they were different @Jeroen but, for example http://www.lifesmates.com/photos/image/451/doctor-mew (from the address bar)

    does not work but

    http://www.lifesmates.com/photos/thumbnail/451/large/ from copy shortcut) does.

  • I'm using 1.8.16 and have all working great now except:  only the admin can add widgets to groups and group owners can't see the widgets or add any (I get the 'we could not...' in red). 

    Home page and profile widgets are all good but not the group ones.  Any suggestions?


  • This was asked (and not answered) over 3 months ago:

    Widgets that I add to a group are not visiable and other group admin's can't add widgets to their group?  Has anybody had this issue?

    Did anyone have this problem and find the solution?

  • @clyde i'm guessing the default access level of your site is on private. This could cause the issue.

  • @Jeroen  No...default access is 'public' for everything except the profile page which is 'friends'.  I've been through every setting and just can't find the cause.  Any other thoughts? or can anyone who had this problem tell me what the cause was?

  • I finally got this to work properly (by re-ordering the plugins repeatedly) with one exception...the 'files' widget isn't listed for groups.  It's there for the profiles and dashboard but not for groups.  I tried moving the 'file' plugin around to no avail.  Any suggestions please?

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