Widget Manager v4.3

Release Notes

  • added: favorites widget
  • added: updates widget titles without page refresh (thanks to Matt Beckett)
  • added: new 'simple' layout in content_by_tag widget
  • changed: freehtml is now contained within a div with elgg-output class (better styling)
  • changed: manifest requirements (needs to be after twitter and tagcloud plugins)
  • changed: Natural sorting of widgets (for example in add panel)
  • changed: content by tag widget now allows to show all site content from within a group
  • removed: index_file and group_files widgets moved to file_tools plugin
  • removed: unused language keys
  • removed: index_pages widget (moved to pages_tools plugin)
  • removed: widgets_pagesetup event trigger
  • fixed: support for old widget settings in index_activity widget
  • fixed: add panel keeps correct layout if no widget description is given
  • fixed: some layout issues when using IE7
  • fixed: no need for flooding apache error logs with the error message that a rss feed could not be found (SimplePie)
  • I can't find "favorites widget"..? :)

  • It readable name is Community Favorites and is only available on your dashboard.

  • looks great and like a lot of work, cool! just wanted to say that I actually can't use it because in the group widgets, the pages section seems to be messed up with tasks, it showed no pages but an "add task" link.

    maybe it would be cool if the plugin would just wrap what is shown on the group pages anyway and make it moveable, don't know if that's possible. just thinking that for example I've got the Elggpadd plugin installed and you probably wouldn't show the pads in your pages widget.

  • @sehlax personally i wished it could work like that but that is not the case. The group profile modules do not have a structure that makes the code usable in widgets. Best would be if core would drop profile modules and als switch to group widgets :)

  • @ Jeroen Dalsem: as an admin I want to be able to set the widgets for the users on my site.  I don't want them to be able to add their own widgets.  Does this application accomplish this task?

  • thanks for this jeroen :)
    i was just configuring it for use on elgg 1.8.8 and noticed that the tidypics and izap videos widgets are not supported in groups.. is that correct? or did i miss an option somewhere? 

  • Not sure what the problem may we. We use tidypics and izap videos in groups.

  • ok, thanks ron; i've played with moving the plugin order around.. no change yet, the tidypics and izap videos widgets simply are not in the list of plugins that can be added. they do appear in groups if i disable plugin manager.. they are not visible in the admin page for widget management for groups, nor in the actual group widget adding panels.

  • I'm sorry. Wait - ura soul. I have "Enable Widget Manager For Groups" set to "NO". First, just as you, we see that Tidypics and izap videos are not in the list to add to group -- for us, it was even as important that we were able to use Discussions in groups. And there was no way to set Discussions in groups. It too was missing. It was suggested to me that the Group Tools on the elgg site isn't up to date and that I should try the github version. But, since it's our policy to only use the most current "blessed" version of any plugin, we only use those that appear in the elgg community. We therefore do not use Widget Manager for Groups. So, I'm sorry, I led you astray in my prior message. To us, it appears that the Group Tools is ready for prime time.

  • @ron and @ura : the tidypics widget and the izapvideos widgets are no longer part of widget manager or group tools. We won't support widgets for third party plugins. We hope those plugins will eventually provide index and group widget support in their own code. Maybe you could ask them to support the widget manager index and group widgets features.

  • @Jeroen: I understand BUT, might it not be a good business, or user support, decision to go where the audience is? OK, I understand that you would not want to support ALL plugins, but those that are popular and supported would make good sense to help spread the good word about your plugins. Tidypics has 58407 recommendations, iZapVideo has 23326 and Widget Manager has 8525.

    I know for now we are using Widget Manager (not groups widget cause we can't) and we somehow continue to use Tidypics and iZapVideo (maybe we are not suppose to be able to but somehow we are) -- but in the future, if they disappear from Widget Manager completely, we will have to stop using Widget Manager. And that would be SAD!  But we need to go where we have the biggest need and that's tidypics and izap videos, as it appears do many other users too.

    My guess is, and I don't know nothin', is that if you are not willing to support their plugins, that us asking them to support yours won't fly.

  • re above, I guess fibbed, I find that video and tidy pic is not available in either Widget Manager Dashboard or Groups. But, under Profile, I see, Latest Photos, Photo Albums, Latest videos, My videos. May I please ask that if these are no longer supported by Widget Manager why they are selectable under Profile? Thank you.

  • @ron supporting the most popular plugins makes sense, but is also a pitfall. A lot of communities don't use izap or tidypics and then the widget manager is still providing the code. The intention is that widget manager only should provide the framework and widgets should come from other sources (like plugins). Thats the reason why we moved out a lot of widget to plugins like group_tools, blog_tools, pages_tools and file_tools. Those plugins that provide the feature (like photos or videos) should provide the various presentations (like widgets). Supporting widgets in widget_manager for those plugins forces me to update widgets(or at least check if the still work) and constantly release new versions of widget_manager.

    The widgets widgetmanager currently provides are not plugin related, but even those i do not want in the widget manager plugin. I'm even preparing them to be removed from the widget manager. Still don't know where to move them :)

    Did you by the way ask the other developers to support group and index widgets? Technically it is very simple.

  • @ron just read the other comment; the availability of the widgets on the different contexts are controlled by the plugin providing them. Those plugins register the various widgets to a context like 'profile', 'dashboard' or 'index' and 'group'. The widget code for profile widgets not always (mostly not) works on groups or index, so some of the plugins were made to work on index and group context. We do not do that any more. But if the plugin says it works on profile, widget manager will believe that.


  • @ Jeroen thank you for your explanation. I'm only a user, not an elgg developer, so I can only trust that all you guys and gals know what you are doing in the best way for you and for the community. It makes sense what you say, or at least the best that I can understand it, but from a user perspective, it seems to be more work than is needed. We get widget manager and then we got to hunt around and find the tools that make it work, and if the they don't work then we gotta coax other developers to make them work. It's all a pain and a waste of time.

    I enjoy investing in good support and things that help us move our businesses forward in the most effective manner, that is why I am a member of the ismayil's hype network. It's the best and he's the best. It would be great if there was such a service for your plugins that would support your whole network, so we didn't have to chase down what we need to make it all work. Maybe you should talk with Ismayil and see if ya'll can work together. Both you guys have good stuff, together, supported well, you could have great and the very best stuff. Just my 2 cents. THANKS AGAIN!!

  • @Jeroen Can this great plugin be used just for it's widgets & other controls without being used as the login or homepage itself?  I'm still new to elgg and am trying to learn before activating (what a concept).

    Thanks! Donna

  • Congrats for a great work!!

    But seems like widget for group profile is not working.. It works for admin user but not working for a normal user.

    I was just checking the core files and found

    function elgg_create_widget($owner_guid, $handler, $context, $access_id = null) {
        if (empty($owner_guid) || empty($handler) || !elgg_is_widget_type($handler)) {
            return false;

        $owner = get_entity($owner_guid);
        if (!$owner) {
            echo 'ggg';exit;
            return false;

        $widget = new ElggWidget;
        $widget->owner_guid = $owner_guid;
        $widget->container_guid = $owner_guid; // @todo - will this work for group widgets
        if (isset($access_id)) {
            $widget->access_id = $access_id;
        } else {
            $widget->access_id = get_default_access();

        if (!$widget->save()) {
            return false;

        // private settings cannot be set until ElggWidget saved
        $widget->handler = $handler;
        $widget->context = $context;

        return $widget->getGUID();

    I guess it not done for a group. but question arrised why it works for admin user but not for a normal user?



  • Hi Jeroen,

    Amazing work as always.  This widget manager was working great, but now all of a sudden, anytime i click on "add widget", nothing happens.  Both on the index and the dashboard areas.

    Any suggestions?

  • Hello, I try to use image slider widget of this excellent plugin. I placed my images on the root/var/www/myimages directory (that I created in linux. Directory is on the level as localhost and elgg data directory). How should I give the address in the image slider fields? How should I refer to this directory? Thanks.

  • Hi, how I can hide the Activity widget for my site and users wall

    I'm a newbie and I need help please, Thanks

  • @LEee what did "all of a sudden" change? Probably a javascript issue.

    @selen you need to use urls to point to the images. So probably the easiest would be to place the images inside the elgg folder and link to www.yoursite.com/images_folder/image.jpg or something

    @omi21 you can do that with the settings in /admin/widgets/manage

  • Great plugin! Thank you.

  • Very nice, easy to use, gets the job done.

    I like the 'free html' feature, but is there also a way to add javascripts, im trying to add a box for google+ badge to link my site to my google+ page.

  • @itskim javascript is due to security reasons not allowed. There is however one exception possible. The freehtml widget on the frontpage can be excluded from filtering (in the widget manager plugin settings). That should allow you to add the javascript to the frontpage.

  • Jeroen - I did what you said and excluded the filtering, and added the code, which would be similiar to this:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="https://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js"></script&gt;
    <g:plus href="https://plus.google.com/"></g:plus&gt;

    And it did not display anything in the box. Any reason why it would be blank?

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